Make magic in the first 10 min. of circle



You are a powerful being. A magnet for miracles. A force of nature.

But you know there is more. You can feel it in your Soul. Something is off. Life is good but you want more. You need more. You crave more.

You’re ready to unravel the mysteries of your Heart and listen with playful curiosity to what is possible. To decipher the gentle calling of your Soul.

If only someone was there to translate the whispers for you.

To convert your heartbeats into a transformative business and translate your heart’s desires into an actionable plan so you have more money, more time, and more impact in the world.

And what if all of that was easy?

Pure, simple, and fun – so natural and in the flow that it feels magical.

What if your business came together the same way?

There is a way to surrender into what your heart wants and what the world needs.

A way to turn that into a journey that brings you more money than you thought possible, with the freedom to enjoy it and a system that allows you to be calm while living wild and free from anywhere in the world, with confidence and clarity and ease.

That’s what I do.

When we work together, privately and intimately, you feel heard and held. Grounded and open. Aligned and free. Calm and wild.

And always playful.



About Sora


Transformative business coach, world traveler, seeker of playful living, soul-opening magician, holder of women’s circles, lover of feminine rituals, teacher, sister, wild, calm, and free. Sora is dedicated to helping women change-makers create impactful businesses and live passionate lives. She lovingly guides women to reconnect with their inner voice and trust their intuition. If you are ready to reclaim your power and reveal to the world your heart’s desires, Sora is ready to stand by your side. Read more here.