Sacred Business Tip: money, crowdfunding, mindset

Hello Gorgeous!

I think we should start Biz Tip Fridays, what do you think? Today's sacred biz tip is focused on helping you move outside of your own limited construct on what you think is possible. I believe that 80% of business growth is based on your mindset and wow do we keep ourselves small.

Hop into the Sacred Business Facebook Community and listen as I share the following...

1. womxn business owners fears around asking for money

2. the importance of knowing your numbers and forecasting

3. the power of crowdfunding

4. honoring the great work that is required when you step up and out


Call To Action: 

I've listed some questions that you can sit with. I believe that having a curious mind and finding your own answers help you strengthen your badass Wildly Successful Entrepreneur muscle. So, if you choose to say yes to this mission, I encourage you to answer the below questions.

Do you know where your business is stuck? 

Do you know what it will take to find grace and flow?

  • Does this require re-examining your business model, shifting your mindset, receiving some energetic clearing, receiving support from your mentors and coaches, uniting with sisters to dive into collaboration and leadership?

How much money do you need? 

  • How much revenue are you bringing in?

  • What are your expenses?

  • If you were magically given the opportunity to receive a certain amount of money - how much would it be and why? What would you specifically use the money for? (Remember, this needs to directly impact your business and not just your personal growth.)

Enter the Sacred Business Community on Facebook and let me know your Reflections to my Inquires.

4 types of Business Owners - Which one are you?

Healers, coaches, spiritual womxn leaders and entrepreneurs, do you fall into one of these categories?

The avid student of all things magic.
You sign up for another energy course, yoga course, magic course, tarot course hoping that this will create more value within your work. You spend all of your money on this but it still doesn’t shift the internal belief that you are worthy of creating a thriving business.

The hesitant service provider.
You currently are working in your business. Your head is down and you are looking to grow your clientele without placing any loving focus on your business. There is a part of you that doesn’t believe you can grow your business and scale it to create more space and time within your life. You are in the whirlwind of the minute details that breathing into a bigger vision feels impossible. You still consider yourself a service provider rather than a business owner or an entrepreneur.

The proud worker.
Your ego feeds on knowing that you are working your ass off. You love knowing that you hustle, working hard in order to play hard. Your to-do lists are a mile long, your schedule is packed, you know exactly what to do because it’s on your spreadsheet, and nothing is going to get in the way including sleep. And yet all the movement isn’t creating much growth and it’s super frustrating.

The solopreneur.
You are doing it all alone. You are taking all the self-development courses, working in your business, and hustling. The problem is, you feel all alone in this process. So when it comes to applying everything you have learned, you are unsure of yourself. Bouncing ideas off another or reviewing what has worked or hasn’t worked is a solo process.

I see you! And I believe in you. You are a rockstar who is leading the way for other soulful, conscious businesses. My invitation is to consider not going through this on your own. Find other badass entrepreneurs and begin exploring the following questions…Let’s get real with ourselves and shift out of story into truth.


Questions for the Avid Student

  1. Are you allowing compliments from others to truly land or do you dismiss them? 

  2. If you were no longer looking for validation from others to tell you you are doing a great job, what would need to shift within yourself so that when you acknowledge your work is potent, you believe it?

  3. Who are you? And why is that more than enough. 


Questions for the Service Provider

  1. Do you believe growth is possible, meaning more revenue, more space, and more time outside of your business? 

  2. Can you see how your business is scalable, shifting into a growth mindset? 

  3. Imagine sharing your medicine and being of service rather constantly in service, what would that mean for your life? 


Questions for the Proud Worker

  1. What would it look like to slow down, creating space for all areas of your life? 

  2. What emotions, thoughts, and feelings are you running away from?

  3. What does your intuition and the soul of your business desperately want you to know? 


Questions for the Solopreneur

  1. Are you being vulnerable and sharing honestly what is happening within your business?

  2. Are you cultivating deep connections and creating a sacred circle of sister entrepreneurs?

  3. What support do you need right now? 

Breathe. Call a sister. And begin exploring the above questions. Rather than reflecting alone, what if you were to do this with another divine human being - together.

Let’s continue this conversation in the newly formed Sacred Business Community Facebook Group. Together Sisters Support Sisters to Rise Up + Accelerate.

Enter the Sacred Business Community FB Group

“I’ve outgrown my list. They aren’t my ideal clients. “ - Stop casting them aside like they are nothing.

I’m feeling such sacred rage for my fellow sisters who do all the work, attend all the things, share your offerings, and love the shit out of you, and what they get in return is an energetic slap in the face because they are “no longer your ideal client.”

What the f*!

// You are not better than the people who take the time to read your emails, your blog posts, listen to your podcast, watch your videos, and sign up for every free experience you provide.
// You are not so far along in your life that you get to toss out people like they are trash.
// You are not so much more enlightened that you get to look down on those that do not get your concepts or speak your language.
// You are not sovereign when you separate yourself from those that don’t look like you, act like you, eat like you, vote like you, live like you, or have the same faith as you.

And then you call yourself a leader helping other womxn with soulful, feminine leadership? AAAAHHH.

Sisters, I lay down my sword and open my palms and with tears ask that we stop this madness. It creates competition, hierarchy, and separation.

And I get it. Everything out there tells us that if we desire to “grow” our business, we need to increase our prices, call in people who have the resources to pay, and build a community with people who get it. And so you convince yourself of all the reasons why those on your list are no longer of value, why you need to start again, and why energetically closing yourself off is the loving thing to do for yourself.

I call bullshit. I call it because I’ve done this before.

>>> What if we didn’t look elsewhere but we deepened our ability to hold a space for more? We can invite more womxn to enter our space and commune.
>>> What if we took the stand that we don’t leave a sister behind but that a sister has the right to leave and it’s her choice?
>>> What if we didn’t shift to speak, teach, offer only the things that we think will bring in more potential clients who can pay but rather we show up as ourselves and serve.
>>> What if we stopped being so exclusive and began to be inclusive - open to new ideas, thoughts, and feelings that are not our own so that we can stretch ourselves?
>>> What if we listened to our community and created options that felt like a sacred exchange in love, time, money, and experiences?

Your list is not a number.
Each and every number is connected to a name. That name is a human being who is a daughter, a mother, a sister, a divine soul. That person has feelings, aspirations, wounds, thoughts, and great gifts. And you know what - if you give them time, you give them space, you give them resources, you believe in them, and you trust their process - they will meet you as an equally powerful sister.

*** I am a spiritual business coach and I love working on business. And, I believe there is a different way to do things. The way I see business working is different than the “tried and true ways”, and the reason for these old ways is because everyone chooses to buy into it. Your purchasing power is the reason for the perpetuating cycle. If you say no to this way of doing business by supporting others who aren’t playing this game, then we break the cycle. When you show up as a business owner saying no to these old ways of working then you are disrupting the system.

I’ve picked up my sword again, will you pick up yours? It’s time to change the playing field.

Sister Rise Up
I challenge you to consider doing business differently. Let’s take old concepts and bring new life into them that is soulful, divinely feminine, relational, and supportive.

Join me for Sister Rise Up
A 90-day Business Accelerator
Begins June 10th
Enrollment ends June 7th.
Register Now

Sister Rise Up Business Accelerator is just that, a movement that causes your business to develop more quickly. This 90-day journey isn't about frantically getting shit done and placing pressure on you to focus on your business with hyper-speed. Rather, this is a sacred container where our collective energy creates inspiration which is the catalyst for personal healing, responsible action, aligned vision, and projects clarity.

No sister is left behind in this circle, we all RISE UP.

Group experience includes:

  • Weekly Intimate Sister Circles - best day + time will be decided as a group because your time matters

  • Monthly Business Jams - laser coaching from me, day + time will be confirmed after receiving input from the group

  • Motivation Monday - a weekly starting point for you and your work

  • Sacred Accountability - honoring your spiritual practice and business intentions weekly

  • Sacred 21-Day Business Practice - to help you hone in on areas that you deeply desire to grow into

  • Individual Support -coaching, guidance, information, and feedback tailored to you

Creating Intentional Connection + Unapologetic Invitations

It’s time to f*in remember who you are. Your business cannot thrive unless you, as an entrepreneur, are ready to embrace your medicine and share it freely.

// Your medicine rumbles from the belly of the Mother.

// Your medicine awakens the fiery dragon who do not apologize for creating thunderous shifts in the atmosphere.

// Your medicine is responsible for the pulsating cracks in this dimension for it desires to take shape and form in liminal spaces.

// Your medicine awakens other people’s medicine, which triggers a massive shift that does not form planetary alignment first, but planetary excavation and destruction.

// Your medicine crystallizes as miracles through the sounds of new souls entering into their human experiences.

// Your medicine captures the last breath of those who are ready to pass as a way to honor their soul’s journey.

// Your medicine breaks through the hard-formed plaque that has built a layer of protection from years of challenges but ultimately no longer is needed for you have found liberation in your profound understanding of your sovereign divinity.

// Your medicine whispers with all sentient beings and converses with all those from lifetimes before us and lifetimes after us and we do this for we have f*in we shatter the concept of time.

This is important sisters.

YOU are a badass entrepreneur and spiritual womxn leader. Your medicine is steeped in a deep knowing that occurs when you dedicate yourself to your spiritual practice.


It is required of you to be consistent in your intentional connection and invitation. The online business space is different than it was 5 years ago.

  • You must show up and be ready to connect heart-to-heart.

  • You must show up and be ready to openly share your services unapologetically.

I want to see you boldly express yourself, your medicine, how it takes shape into an offering, know the name of your programs clearly, and be a stand for your work.

Your business can only continue if you…

  1. are open to meeting new people online and offline.

  2. be fully present with your community as if you were in sacred circle, seeing the whole and the individuals that make the whole.

  3. realize there are ways to deepen your connection and your relationship by stretching yourself and your capacity as an advocate for community.

  4. really listen to the needs of your sisters.

  5. soulfully invite people to explore the possibility of working with you.

  6. receive as many heartfelt NOs to receive 1 YES.

  7. watch as your potential clients cross the threshold to becoming a paying client.

I ask that you remember your medicine. Share knowledge and useful information openly and as sacred reciprocity; the act of honoring Mother Earth.

Your gifts should far exceed your price - meaning you must believe all that you share, freely and within your offerings, far exceeds the amount you are asking for. Give first and insist your potential clients and current clients notice how your medicine can help them in ways that holding onto money cannot.

Dear ones, how many of you are shying away from the invitation as a weekly intentional business practice? How many of you are doing other busy work, lying to yourself that the set up is more important than receiving clients and money? How many of you are holding your medicine back?

>>> It’s time to stop that shit.
>>> It’s time to unleash your medicine, embodying the fiery dragon warrior that you are.

I am Sora Surya No.

I am a truth-teller, here to remind spiritual womxn leaders they have an equitable place in entrepreneurship. If you cannot feel it, let me be clear, my Sacred Business Mastermind is like no other experience. It is as much as a gift to you as it is to me when we make a soul contract to be in sacred space for 6 months. You will be rocked and find your powerful center from it. We begin in June. Please head over here and fill out your application.

If you are looking to speak with someone who has gone through this, our alumni are on call, meaning they are open to connecting with you and sharing their own experience and answering any questions you have. I am here as well. Simply respond to this email and let us know.

What I am Learning About Transformational Launches

Sacred Business Mastermind Orientation Month has been a blast and there are some great learnings that I have uncovered from this experience so far and it’s only been a little over a week. I have 27 womxn plus 6 alumni holding space in the group and it’s been incredible.

Being of service and letting go of the outcome.
My dear sister and friend, Kristina Shands, brought an idea she has been working on to me and I was a full-hearted yes to exploring this further with her. What if we launched, meaning shared our offering, in a way that was led by support and love rather than scarcity and fear? This is how Sacred Business Mastermind Orientation (O-Month) was created.

I would not rely on convincing my community through fear and lack tactics why they should join me on a sacred journey through the Sacred Business Mastermind. Instead, we were going to hold a powerful mastermind experience for any sister who felt called. The sacred exchange for this month would be - you need to be ALL in. These womxn are asked to carve out a good amount of time to be a part of this.

Here is the thing about free things - people do not take it seriously and it f’in hurts when that happens. You find yourself wondering why you should even bother giving all of yourself when others won’t take you nor themselves seriously through a sacred experience. And then your own fears and insecurities begin to bubble up.

I chose to do things differently since doing the same thing over and over again when it isn’t working is simply madness.

I chose to consider an offering that wasn’t free but rather a sister would be required to exchange my time, wisdom, and space holding for their time, devotion, and commitment to showing up in the group. And you know what - they are!

27 women have been a yes to being ALL in. They show up for calls, post in the Facebook group, take action each week, and are so freaking aware of themselves, it’s easy to coach them. The entire experience creates so much joy in me.

Lastly, the reason I love this so much is that I am being asked to let go of the outcome and rather see each of the sisters taking leaps and bounds for and with their business. I see the changes where there is more beauty, abundance, grace, connection, and inspiration in their lives.

Devotional Commitment
I spend 4 hours a week on live calls with the O-Month Masterminders which is actually more than in the 6-month Sacred Business Mastermind. Don’t you worry, in the full experience, you aren’t required to show up every week for 4 hours. This was my way of gauging people’s commitment to an experience that required no money exchange. I also spend about 2-3 hours creating FB Lives, considering what information the sisters may need based on their questions, replying to comments, and holding space.

Prior to joining, the womxn were asked to read through the O-Month vow and commit to the expectations I had. I then asked them to share their vows in the FB group with clear guidelines. Each week, the sisters receive an email reminding them of the live calls and a recap of the videos they may desire to watch that I have created in the FB group. I believe there is a wealth of information that is provided and a consistent way for them to not feel lost in the group.

Space Holders
I have 6 alumni who are actively participating in O-Month while also holding space alongside with me. I do not believe I need to do it alone nor am I expected to. Giving the past Sacred Business Mastermind sisters and brother the opportunity to hold leadership roles within the group has been beautiful. I love watching them be so involved and deeply committed to seeing the growth of each individual sister in the group.

The best part of this is, they get to ask me additional questions about soulful leadership. We have conversations about holding space in intimate sister circles, what they believe my expectations are, and what I would do in certain situations. How else will we learn from each other and shift the paradigm of leadership if we aren't having these conversations and real-life experiences?

Time to See Ourselves as Business Owners + Entrepreneurs
I believe in action. We are healers, coaches, and creatives but we forget that we are business owners. As badass entrepreneurs, it’s time to take ownership of how we connect or disconnect with our business. When or if we ever had a full-time job, interned, went to school, or took care of others - you know that you show up to your workplace. You don’t shirk your responsibilities and you are there for the allocated hours that were designated to you. So why do we think this is different for us as healers? For some reason we associate healing or coaching with a more loose, abstract look at our business rather than considering ourselves Founders, CFOs, CEOs, and CDO’s.

We are chief financial officers, chief executive officers, and chief design officers. We are producers, creatives, copywriters, community managers, marketing specialists, content creators, designers, and business managers. Since we are either solopreneurs or a small business, most of these lie on us.

Do you see how we are BADASS?!

It’s time to acknowledge this and realize we have an equitable place in the mainstream world of business.

So in Sacred Business Mastermind O-Month, I ask sisters to share every week one question they are walking with and 3 action steps they are taking each day. We hold each other accountable and shit is getting done!

Energy Healing
Every week, I show up as a business strategy alchemist and a medicine woman. This means that the way in which I coach may be slightly different than other business coaches. I believe in understanding the energy of your question or where you are stuck before we dive into strategy and action plans. I also believe that you will know what to do next once we identify what is actually happening internally. Sisters show up each week for these live sessions and it’s incredible to watch the impeccable space holding of the group. Whether a womxn is in the hot seat or not - receiving coaching - every single sister is present and moves through the experience as if it were her own. The healing one sister receives ripples through the group. I am honored to hold this sacred space with the O-Month masterminders for every one of them are self-aware, radically responsible, and take ownership of their challenges. I love them fiercely.

Me in my Humanness
This is what transformational launches, or sacred invitations look like.

Do I worry that next month no one will desire to say yes to the 6-month Sacred Business Mastermind and pay for the experience - sometimes. My humanness does move through doubt, I am not going to lie. I am human. At the same time, do I love what I am co-creating with the O-Month masterminders? Hell Y E S.

And the more I am present, the more I remember how masterful I am. I’m not a newbie and the place in which we are holding each other is next level. I am next level and I celebrate that.

There is Still Time
If you are interested in the Sacred Business Mastermind but O-Month feels a bit overwhelming, let me ease some of the anxiety. Sacred Business Mastermind is longer, it’s 6-months so the time we spend together feels more spacious.

As a group we find a time that works for most sisters. You do not need to worry that you’ll miss a boatload of live calls because as a small group, we can be flexible. To learn more about the 6-month experience that begins in June, please head over here and fill out your application.

If you are looking to speak with someone who has gone through this, our alumni are on call, meaning they are open to connecting with you and sharing their own experience and answering any questions you have. I am here as well. Simply respond to this email and let us know.

If you are curious about stepping into Orientation Month where there is no monetary exchange but time and heart exchange, you may still do that. Click here.

Don’t Use the Universe as Your Excuse

My Aries, fiery warrior priestess is coming through me today. So please be aware that this may trigger the F* out of you.

Let’s get real and cut the crap. The Universe may not be the one speaking through you but rather the part of you that doesn’t desire to take responsibility may be the one speaking up.

This sister is tired. Tired and sick of our spiritual community using the Universe as an excuse to release all responsibility. The Universe has a plan and provides endless ways to help you on your sacred path and yet we take this for granted and use the Universe as an excuse to do whatever we f’in want without any deep acknowledgement that it’s causing disruption to our community and to ourselves.

Example 1.
Yes, I am committed to taking action today so that I may show my dedication to my dream. Oh wait, the Universe is telling me that I need to go under the covers and sleep. The card I pulled also stated I was to rest and restore so I must take the advice of my oracle card. And I forgot to tell you that I’m a severe introvert.

Example 2.
I feel a deep pull to work with this coach/healer. I’ve emailed her. Oh wait, I’ve now emailed her 4-5 times in the past two years about working with her. I trust that the timing hasn’t been aligned and the Universe is telling me to wait. I’ll disregard the email and wait for another opportunity. I trust the Universe will call me back and everything will work magically.

Example 3.
I have so much to say around “x” and I could write pages about it. This is my article submission to a well-known online magazine, yes! Oh wait, I need to do more inner work. So I just had 5 healing sessions, spoke to my pendulum, muscle-tested, and realized that there is soooo much that needs to be done internally. Wait, I forgot what I was even wanting to share. I guess it wasn’t important and besides, there are people out there way more informed and spiritual who are speaking their truth so no one missed my share anyway.

Enough. With fierce love, I say enough.

The Universe totally has our back and our heart but what if we stopped using the Universe, Goddess, God, Great Spirit as our excuse to not step into our power and commit to change and evolution? What if we took the time to do our work and notice when it’s true and when it’s bullshit? That is courage.

Claim Sovereign Individuation please. As human beings, we are gifted with one immense power and that is CHOICE. This means that we don’t give away our power to even the Divine. The Universe will whisper suggestions and we get to choose yes, no, or another path entirely. To lose yourself in the vortex of mindless devotion is what we are horrified by when we see it in other beings or communities that are different than us. So why do we get to do it while we rage against others and tell them they are wrong for believing in their own faith? Are we not being hypocritical? Why is it right for us and wrong for “them”?

So how do stay in Sovereign Individuation?

Step 1: Discern what is really going on and what is your truth. Step into your shadow world and notice if you are using the Universe to bypass the thing you don’t want to see in yourself.

Step 2: Be aware of your blindspots and where you are not taking responsibility. Do you not respect other people’s time? Are you constantly hiding? Do you say one thing but do something entirely different? Are you shaming others for areas that you are tangled in without realizing it. Do you feel passionate about your work, complain about it being hard, but spend more of your time procrastinating?

Step 3: Circle with close sisters. We aren’t designed to go about life and life’s lessons alone. Having a close group of people that you trust and who honor you deeply helps us discern when we are living our truth and when we are in misalignment. The circle of sisters that help call bullshit and tell us when we are not in integrity can feel painful but also liberating. Remember that this group of friends are sacred and are clearly doing their own inner work.

Step 4: Know that you’ll mess up. We are human after all and our lesson on this planet is to learn from our misalignments. We will lie, bypass, resist, be out of integrity, hide, blame, shame, and numb. It’s about whether we stay in those states or choose to move through them with grace and compassion.

Together, I believe we can do better. We do not need to be better for our soul’s essence is divine, sacred and good. But in our humanness, we can always clear our shit and be a yes to engaging with life and be in life with more intentional presence.

This is something we will be activating in Sacred Business Mastermind Orientation. During O-Month, each sister will be initiated into the fiery portals where we will meet yourself. And I am graced to be your witness, your guide, and your sister.

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Sacred Business Mastermind Orientation
Cost-free month long mastermind experience
Begins May 6
Fill out this short 3 question application

The sacred exchange will be your time, your commitment, your presence, your courage.

I love you.