Ep 23: You are Worthy with Charlotte Elea


Does that feel hard to let in fully? Society tells us never to be boastful and think we are the best. Our parents may have taught us to be humble and therefore shy away from any sense that we have significant powers to share with others. And our wounds have cut deep into our belief system that we may not have value or less than so many others out there in the world.

Charlotte Elea is devoted to shifting this in every person she comes across through her book, To Be Worthy.  Our wounds are our gifts, and we speak about this and so much more on today’s podcast. 

You are worthy. 

You have a worthy business.

So as you listen to Charlotte and I share, notice how you have been holding yourself back in your work. It’s time, as we prepare for the new year, to consider whether or not it’s time to release these fears and step into the fullness of yourself and let nothing get in your way. 

Charlotte Elea

Charlotte Eléa is the author of the book, To Be Worthy, and an expert in emotional self-healing. She is an intuitive guide and mentor to soulful women who are ready to know who they really are and awaken their healing gifts. She is passionate about leading women to the discovery that they may take the painful, difficult, and wounded parts of themselves and transform them into frickin’ gold.

She has a background in clinical psychotherapy and has been a student of her intuition for over 20 years. She has developed unique approaches to self-healing and self-discovery through her own experiences of deep transformation and healing. She lives in La Crescenta, California, with her wife and dog.

 website | facebook

Ep 22: Traits of a Wildly Successful Entrepreneur

An entrepreneur is defined as a person who creates a business and operates a business while taking on greater than normal financial risks. 

This. Is. You.

And if you haven’t heard this in a while - YOU ARE AMAZING! 

It takes courage to have no idea what the outcome will be and sit with the discomfort of the unknown while taking intentional action every day. Sometimes you are led by your intuition, and other times you are making decisions based on data and facts. I am in awe of you.

Entrepreneur enjoys having control, but controlling the outcome is rarely possible. That is why cultivating 15 traits can help you be fiercely committed to your vision and, therefore, allows you to ride the frequently of a Wildly Successful Entrepreneur.

Listen to today’s Sacred Business Episode and I’ll tell you all about it!

15 Traits of a Wildly Successful Entrepreneur

  1. filled with desire and passion

  2. thrive on uncertainty

  3. determined and resilient

  4. sovereign spiritual womxn

  5. confident and courageous

  6. values the sacred masculine and the bottom line 

  7. creative thinker and brilliant problem solver 

  8. value deep connection 

  9. sees opportunities everywhere

  10. love business concepts and receiving support

  11. finds stillness 

  12. open to playing everyday 

  13. introspective, reflective

  14. devoted to sacred practices 

  15. celebrate me, my work, and my team on a regular basis 

It’s your turn

It’s your turn to share with me how these traits have impacted your life and business and which ones you desire to cultivate further. Head over to the Sacred Business Community Facebook Group and continue the conversation.

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As a woman entrepreneur, I move through the world based on feelings, connection, and gut instinct. Analysis, logic, and reasoning are what support this primary way of being. 

Of the 12.3 million women-owned businesses, many seek to develop and grow their business through collaboration and soulful business strategies. But nearly all business trainings are not created for a spiritual womxn entrepreneur. As a part of the $9.9 billion self-development industry, I want to change that.

As a business coach, I fill a gap, helping coaches + healers grow within their market. I merge business with self-regulation skills, empowering women to claim their equitable place in entrepreneurship.

Reach out and connect with me to achieve clarity in your business or if you desire to support spiritual womxn entrepreneurs. Let’s find out which traits you weave into your life with ease and which are a bit harder to incorporate. 

Ep 21: Stepping into entrepreneurship with Emilie Gomez

Just because corporations make up a large portion of the job market, does not mean it is your only option. If your desire is burning to shift your career toward divine entrepreneurship, or perhaps you already have and are seeking insights, listen in to hear Emilie’s journey and get some tips on best practices. 

Themes We Cover…

  • Corporate World

  • The Mastermind

  • Best Practices

  • Hiring

This week on Sacred Business Podcast I speak with former Priestess Mistress Minder, current Sacred Business Masterminder, close sister, and member of Team Sacred, Emilie Gomez. Emilie is a healer and coach for spiritual entrepreneurs as well as a tech professional though more like a wizard. During this episode, we will discuss Emilie’s transition from a corporate world she no longer desired to be in into her work as a spiritual entrepreneur. 

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Emilie Gomez

Emilie is not your usual tech whizz. She loves crystals, oracle cards, and all things spiritual, and, more importantly, she speaks your language! She’s a coach and priestess devoted to being in service to woman-identified coaches, healers and spiritual entrepreneurs and also happens to be a tech goddess!

After 13 years in the corporate world as a process improvement specialist and IT analyst, and 8 years running her own coaching and healing business, she’s now using her skills to support heart-centered woman-identified entrepreneurs in creating businesses that flow seamlessly and grow with ease.

  • Emilie is also a certified life coach, yoga teacher, reiki practitioner, and crystal healer.

  • She was born and raised in France and now lives in Sydney, Australia, which has been her home for almost 14 years.

  • She’s a mum to 2 rescue bunnies, Odin & Frea, and she is grateful for the opportunity to do something she loves! 

Website | Instagram | Facebook

Sacred Business Community

Are you desiring to learn more about business practices, growth mindset, and connecting with other healers, coaches, and spiritual womxn leaders? I invite you to head over to the Sacred Business Community Facebook Group. Let’s continue the conversation there. 

Sacred Business Podcast Ep 20: Maiden to Mother with Sarah Durham Wilson

This week on Sacred Business Podcast I speak with the honest weaver of words, creatrix and new friend, Sarah Durham Wilson. 

Do you feel the insecurity, inner fears, the wounding from the patriarchy, and the enormous amount of rage that is calling to be expressed? Womxn can feel trapped in the Maiden phase within themselves and within their business and Sarah helps us step into the phase of the Mother. Oh how she embraces us fiercely - the way an earth warrior would.

Sacred Conversation Around…

  • Weaving Words

  • Maiden to Mother 

  • Fears

  • Being ‘Pretty’

This episode is not to be missed as you dive into the darkness of our own inner complexities and begin to unwind them through Sarah’s transmissions. Listen as she shares with us her own journey and expresses her love for the Mother that resides in us all. 


Sarah Durham Wilson

Sarah Durham Wilson Is a Womxn’s Writer And Leader. Once a rock journalist in New York City & L.A., her Saturn Return viscerally ended one life and began another: one devoted wholly to Feminine Wisdom. A teacher & retreat leader, she's journeyed thousands of women through witch awakenings onto the Priestess Path. She now is devoted to leading the collective Wounded Maiden Feminine across the archetypal bridge to Healthy Mother.


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Sacred Business Podcast Ep 19: Calling Yourself to Yourself with Lisa Kotz

This week on Sacred Business Podcast I speak with Lisa Kotz, a nurse, holistic healer, and womb work specialist. During our time together we navigate the sacred womb space of stillness where we connect with each other and with ourselves. No matter if we have a womb or how we choose to utilize it, we as human beings all originate from the womb of the creator, the Goddess. And when entering it - great energy and power can be found. 

02:50- Lisa Joins
09:23- Dropping In
24:50- Being Grounded
29:50- The Mother

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Lisa Kotz

Lisa Kotz is a priestess, healer, teacher and devotee of the sacred feminine. She helps others heal and connect the divine with the physical through womb work, the teaching of conscious body connection and the cultivation of relationship with Gaia and cycles of the cosmos.

Lisa combines her practice of the Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal Therapy, almost two decades of nursing experience, her certification as a Holistic Health Coach (Institute for Integrative Nutrition) and her medicine as an intuitive energy healer to work 1:1 with those desiring to embody true health on all levels.

She lives in the Hunter Valley in Australia and loves to explore the world with like-minded beings when given half the chance! When she's not with clients or traveling you can usually find her on a cozy couch with a book and a mug of vanilla-chamomile tea. Find out more about Lisa's work at www.insidetheprism.com

Sacred Business Podcast Ep 18: Outside Our Limitations with Vanessa Codorniu

On this week’s episode, Vanessa Codorniu and I speak from our hearts about a concept we as human beings cannot seem to escape: validation. The hierarchical structure of our system has programmed us to demand validation. This can often make us feel limited and small in our worth whether this is from getting into college, to applying for a job, to walking as a priestess. 

We should never feel small just because we do not check the boxes of what the old, archaic system says we must do in order to be considered worthy. Listen along as Vanessa and I speak through systemic limitations as a womxn and as a priestess. 

SBP Quote Ep 18 Vanessa Codorniu.png

Vanessa Codorniu

Vanessa Codorniu, CHT RMT, With more than 10,000 psychic intuitive sessions & with hundreds of students in the US, Europe and Latin America, Vanessa is an acclaimed psychic intuitive, clinical hypnotherapist and Soul Business mentor. Vanessa priestesses by holding space for inclusivity, diversity and wholeness in her life and practice by weaving the arts of hypnosis, akashic records, astrology, energy work and coaching with ceremony, ritual and circling.

Vanessa is the founder of Intuitive Leverage™ ~ an 8 week intuition boot camp that gives structure to the invisible so you can make your sensitivity your greatest advantage in life & business! As a 3rd generation intuitive medium, this Argentine-American started doing readings at 16, became a professional intuitive at 22 and now guides seekers to break through ancestral patterns and fears, connect to the practical power of their intuition so they can serve the world with their soul gifts.

Vanessa is proud of her eight years as an empowerment facilitator for future young women leaders at the Bella Abzug Young Women's Leadership Institute, located in NYC.

As of 2019, Vanessa has been guiding or co-facilitating healing circles for two decades and is thrilled to be expanding to retreats on her 20th anniversary! For fun, you can find Vanessa telling stories with her partner at Untitled Harrisburg, chilling with her cats, Zander and Che or playing one on the Harrisburg Improv Theater stage! www.vanessacodorniu.com


Recently, I’ve been exploring the concept of systems. From a tangible point of view, I’ve been looking at how form and function create a system. On an energetic level noticing how interconnected everything is and wherein that intersection has one designed mechanisms that bring optimal magic and others that break down and bring disruption. 

A signature creates an identity and distinguishes us, setting us apart from someone else. This leaves a mark, a quality that impressed on another so that they remember your essence. The goal is to leave a strong and everlasting impression that you serve in a way that is specific to your gifts. 

When we put Signature + System together - can you see how potent this is for your clients? 

As a healer, I love looking at your systems. You have a system for money, for love, for your business, for calling in clients, etc. You have systems for everything! Within that system, some mechanisms are working well and others look more like a creation from a Dr. Seuss book, and at any second it can come crashing down. You are overexerting yourself, and it does not feel graceful at all. 

As a business coach, I love looking at your systems that honor your medicine. How do you share your specific gifts in a way that allows others to go on an exhilarating journey with you and feel grounded at the same time? 

The best part of a Signature System is that it doesn’t have to be unyielding, rigid, unadaptable, uncompromising, dogmatic, and oppressive.

Signature System can create a cellular network that allows others to grow new pathways to support their development. New pathways, in a new network, creates a new language, that is then rewired into a person’s programming, so that they are now living in a world vastly different than the way they were prior to working with you.  

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Sacred Business Podcast Ep 16: Soulful Sales Script

How often do you feel so excited that someone is interested in working with you and immediately your heart falls to your stomach as you begin to worry about whether they will say yes. You feel the turmoil of wondering if they can afford your prices, if you’ll fumble on the call, if you’ll get across the value, if they will say yes, and the thoughts go on and on. By the time you are sitting there about to hop on this call you can feel desperation and expectation seeping through you.

This is not the way to have an exploratory call, dear one. Breathe. 

Having a call where you get to hold space for a divine being who is desiring support is a sacred experience. It takes a lot of courage for someone to reach out and say they are in need of help. Therefore, let’s breakdown and understand the value of having soulful sales conversations and why a script can make your life so much easier.

A human begin, who is seeking something, a solution to a problem they currently have. In the midst of this, they tendering are looking for a coach or mentor, an expert who may in fact be able to help them through this feeling of confusion. 

The fact that they have gone to your website and scheduled a call with you is HUGE! 

So let’s set you up so this experience feels sacred to both your potential client and you. 

Listen to today’s Sacred Business Podcast and learn how to craft your Soulful Sales Script and feel magically present on your discover calls.

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