Sacred Business Podcast Ep 15: Simply Interpret, Stay Sacred Practice with Elle North

This week on Sacred Business Podcast we hear from Elle North, one of my Sacred Business team members and a dear sister. Elle is a brilliant graphic designer whose work is intertwined with the Tarot and all things mystical. On this episode, Elle will speak on sacred moments; what they mean to her, the ways in which they correlate with her business, and how to create those much needed sacred moments day to day.

02:20- Feeling Elle
08:26- Doing So Much
12:30- Sisterhood
17:00- Being multi-dimensional
21:00- Tarot Practice

As business womxn, we do so much every single day! Our work is important, but if we do not take the time to pause, to breathe, we risk becoming ungrounded and losing touch with the sacredness of ourselves and our businesses. Take a moment to pause and experience sacredness during this episode, as Elle guides you through a very special Tarot card pulling.

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Stay Sacred Practice: Simply Interpret

Pull a card from any Tarot or Oracle deck you desire and practice receiving divine information.  Trust the card will unbury hidden wisdom as you drop into the card’s image, going on a soulful deep dive that shifts, morphs, and surprises your inner pallet. How are you interpreting this card? What is your intuition saying?

Elle North
Elle North is a graphic designer whose work is deeply intertwined with the Tarot and all things mystical.

Elle's way of showing up as a designer + teacher stems from her training as an educator, and a personal practice of integrating tarot, mythology, inner reflection, and ancestral connection into her daily life.  

As someone who began playing with website design in 1997, Elle weaves her passions together in her offerings of 1:1 web design and supporting entrepreneurs in creating their own websites.  


Your Sacred Action
Pull a card and interpret its meaning. Take a screenshot of you and put in on your InstaStories. Make sure to tag me @sorasuryano with the hashtag #sacredbusinesspodcast.

If you’d like, use this InstaStory Image and add your personal photo. All you have to do is upload the image onto your instastories, click the camera button, take a picture of you or your card and voila, you are all set!

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Sacred Business Podcast Ep 14: Feminine Flow in Biz with Jolinda Johnson

This week on Sacred Business Podcast I am joined by our Sacred Business Mastermind Guest Mentor Jolinda Johnson, an award winning health coach, business womxn, and mother. 

As entrepreneurs and business womxn we are the face and driving force of our business, and with that can come a great deal of stress. Jolinda will walk us through the forms of stress we may experience, the effects they have on our bodies, minds, and businesses, and how we can create sustainable solutions to deal with the effects. As business womxn we’ve got a lot going on! Creating sustainable, long-term solutions that work with your schedule can be a struggle for sure, so listen in to receive some guidance on how to create and stick with solutions that will work for you.

If you enjoyed this and desire to learn more from Jolinda’s profound teachings, please join us in Sacred Business Mastermind where we dive deeper into her sacred wisdom. 

1:00 Intro to Jolinda
2:55 Stress
12:15 Sustainable self-care
17:40 Hormones to know
22:00 Diet
31:00  Not enough time

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Jolinda Johnson
Jolinda Johnson is a Women's Health Coach who helps female coaches, creatives, and entrepreneurs master their hormones so they can master their lives.  She combines her experience as a Certified Life Coach (Beautiful You Life Coaching Academy) and a Certified Holistic Health Coach (Institute of Integrative Nutrition) to support her clients in fulfilling their unique missions with sustainable energy, mental clarity, and feminine flow.

She has been featured on the cover of Inspired Coach magazine and was nominated for the Beautiful You Life Coaching Academy CEO Shine Award in 2017.  

While born and raised in Detroit, Michigan she has called Barcelona, Spain her home for nearly a decade.  In addition to coaching, she is a single mom to a four-year-old son and is grateful every day that she finally figured out what it means to be happy and live life on her own terms.

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Head on over to Instagram and take a photo of you feeling stressed. Come on sister, it happens at least once a day for us healers and coaches. Pop your image on Instastories and tag me, @sorasuryano with the hashtag #sacredbusinesspodcast.

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Creating a Partnership with Your Business - Make a Vow. SBP Ep 12

This week on Sacred Business Podcast I keep it short and sweet. Open your heart, your soul, and you ears. It’s time to be in deep partnership with your business. 

Choosing to take time for reflection is key in any prospering relationship; your business is no different! Take time now to open yourself to beginning that process on Episode 12 of Sacred Business Podcast.

SBP Quote Ep 12 Sora Making a Vow.png

0:59- Begin Discussing Eric
3:00- Traditional Path
3:40- Working everyday
4:53- Less traditional path
5:25- The Vow 
6:10- Seeking counsel
8:05- Invitation to strategy session

Make a vow.

On this sacred day, 
I <name> vow to honor your sovereignty <business name>
For one year and one day
I promise to be in sacred union with you
Listening to your needs and desires 
Witnessing your growth
Supporting our collective vision
While ensuring that those who we serve feel loved and seen

For one year and one day
I shall not forget that we are in this together
And that we shall forge our own path
Being guided by my intuition and your sacred contract with me

For one year and one day
We shall watch our relationship grow
Our business grow
Creating beauty and abundance with grace

So mote it be.

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Start, Grow, Scale - What does this mean for your business? SBP Ep 11

A client asked last week, “What is the difference between working in your business versus working on your business?”

I find that most of us get sucked into working IN your business. Meaning you are trying to keep up with day-to-day tasks. This includes community engagement, social media, newsletters, client calls, visibility, and spiritual practices. 

The area that we tend not to dismiss or move away from are vision, long-term business growth strategies, market research, capturing your community’s desires, finances, systems, and structure. 

When the sacred container is built, with a strong foundation, your creations flow gracefully with ease and all parts of you begin to thrive. 

Therefore, I invite you to consider listening to today’s podcast and lean into yourself. Take a breather and firstly notice where you are in your business.

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SBP Ep 10: Shed Light On Your Business with Josette LeBlanc

This week on the Sacred Business Podcast, Josette LeBlanc and I hold a transformational space for her to embrace her medicine. As an inspiring womxn, mother, coach, and soul strategist, she opens herself to guidance on her transitioning business path. Walk with us as we delve into divine feminine energy and converse about career transitions - fully stepping into our goals and articulating our spirituality, and so much more.

Drop in and work through the energy field as we tap into the essence of her spirit and business. On this journey, illuminate our discussion so to shed light onto your own business questions, as well as personal + spiritual questions you may be sitting with. Choose to shed this light and you may be surprised by all that you may discover, sisters. We all have so much to learn from our fellow business womxn.

Let’s drop in together.

I invite you to listen carefully to this episode. Here are a couple of ways you can listen:

  1. Listen as you would listen to any podcasts and notice what questions, hesitations, triggers, or matches you have.

  2. Listen as a healer - tracking what I see in her energetic field.

  3. Place yourself in Josette’s shoes and begin to notice shifts in your energetic field, just by bearing witness to her healing session you’ll find there are areas within you that also move and shift.

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2:50- Superheros
5:15- Josette’s current challenge w/ transitioning careers
7:35- Sora creates space
10: 25- Josette’s teaching
14:15- Josette’s current work
27:30- Out-of-the-box ideas
33:00- In-person group experiences

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Josette LeBlanc is a coach, soul strategist, and sacred circle facilitator. She helps women find the clarity and confidence they need to put their work out in the world. Understanding how important and impactful this expression of their soul is, she helps them create intuitive online and offline spaces where they can shine. Josette is a Beautiful You Coaching Academy certified coach and lives in the scenic South Korean countryside with her little one and husband.

Website | Instagram | Facebook

SBP Ep 9: Guest Rebecca Campbell + Soul Connection

On this week’s episode of the Sacred Business Podcast we connect with Rebecca Campbell, a best-selling author and devotional artist for all things soul. This week we will not ease into our connection, we will descend steadfastly into making powerful choices, trusting our healing counsel, and finding our creative pathway in entrepreneurship.

Give an ear to Rebecca as she speaks of her journey to expansion through exploring her soul. Join us, sisters, in listening to your soul’s whispers, allowing them to carry your life + business into its full potential, and accepting their guidance, subtle but inviolable.

I love that word. Inviolable. It’s a powerful word meaning divine, holy, sacred, and unbreakable.

Shall we drop in and listen to how we are encouraged to be courageous and make a holy promise to follow the guidance of your soul?

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0:52- Introducing Rebecca
1:45- Making Powerful Choice
7:20- Accepting Supportive Council
16:50- Making Connections as Entrepreneurs (weaving ideas)
23:13- Feelings Creating Paths to Expansions
32:45- Last Shares by Rebecca

SBP Quote Ep 9 Rebecca Campbell.png

Rebecca Campbell is a writer and devotional artist who leads activating workshops internationally, giving people an experience of their soul. She is the bestselling author of numerous books and oracle decks, including Light Is the New Black and the Work Your Light Oracle, and the creator of the Rise Sister Rise Membership. Through all of Rebecca's creations she encourages people all over the world to spend more time with their soul.

Rebecca experienced her first awakening as a young teenager and has been studying the intuitive mystic arts ever since. Through her work, Rebecca guides us to connect to the Inner Temple within and to turn our soul’s whispers into grounded action. Rebecca’s work is connected to ancient lineages she has studied and trained in, including Mother God, Bhakti Yoga, shamanism and Priestess Paths (Avalonian and Magdalene). Her work is activating and initiatory.

Featured in Vogue, Stylist, Red, Cleo and the Style column of the Sunday Times, Rebecca has also been recognized as one of the ‘Top 100 Women of Spirit’ by the Brahama Kumaris.

Website | Instagram | Facebook

SBP Ep 8: Calibrating Energy In with Energy Out with Aracelys Roman

Working the energetics of what is creating disruption within ourselves, and therefore reflected in our business, can be tricky. Most of the time it’s not apparent and our beautiful ego gets nervous when we are intentionally placing a spotlight on the thing that our ego does not want us to see.

So what happens? Our mind tries to share, using verbal cues to misdirect us - but I see you, brilliant mind, I see you.

This is what happened with Aracelys for the first portion of our intuitive business coaching session. Without her realizing it, her energy body was tensing up, feeling unsafe with the possibility that something below her consciousness was going to rise up. So we took some time to settle, creating a safe container, and then watched as she dropped in. The profound magic that occurs is worth wading through the waters with us.

It was so beautiful. My heart met hers under the water of the divine feminine and together we swam into illumination.

I invite you to listen in on our business healing session.

I invite you to listen carefully to this episode. Here are a couple of ways you can listen:

  1. Listen as you would listen to any podcasts and notice what questions, hesitations, triggers, or matches you have.

  2. Listen as a healer - tracking what I see in her energetic field.

  3. Place yourself in Aracelys’ shoes and begin to notice shifts in your energetic field. Just by bearing witness to her healing session you’ll find there are areas within you that also move and shift.

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0:36 Meet Aracelys
8:06 Opening with a Prayer
11:31 The First Layer
14:43 Feeling Stuck
18:58 Releasing Guilt
21:29 We go under the surface
29:38 Calibration happens now
33:47 Knowing her next steps

SBP Quote Ep 8 Aracelys Roman.png

Aracelys Roman is the founder of Emerge & Bloom and a certified Mindset Coach specialized in Optimism and Resilience for heart-centered women in transitions. Aracelys knows firsthand that every disheartening circumstance offers an opportunity for growth and transformation. Through her holistic coaching programs, she assists others to discover the hidden gifts of transitions. Her work is all about expanding the capacity to turn breakdowns into breakthroughs. She is bilingual in English and Spanish.

Website | Instagram | Facebook

SBP Ep 7: Guest Jill Prescott + Truth Telling

Jill and I connected in Bali and we’ve been in sacred talks since then. I remember sitting in a workshop Jill facilitated and her dynamic presence and no bullshit attitude made me feel right at home.

Jill is a wayshower of truth and has inspired me to tell my truth without holding back. Drop in with us and listen as she shares her story, her becoming, and her mission. It’s time for us to really look at the uncomfortable layers and seek understanding.

I invite you to pop in your headphones if you’d like so no one else in the room can hear our soulful conversation for there are some explicit words that are shared as we openly share.

Let the truth telling begin.

iTunes | Stitcher | Spreaker | Soundcloud | YouTube

1:12 - Introducing Jill, Spiritual Badass
6:59 - When you don’t know the truth
10:58 - Relationship truths
21:09 - The rule-breaker
26:40 - You aren’t obligated to share your truth publicly
32:11 - We are at a tipping point

SBP Quote Ep 7 Jill Scott.png

Jill Prescott is a Spiritual BadAss.
She has both feet planted firmly on this earth and in this life while remaining connected to Source Energy through the practices of meditation and intuition. She believes we are all creators, capable of moving through this life with grace and Love, and that our painful experiences can be our greatest gifts when you do the work.

She is an international speaker and facilitator, published author, and intuitive guide. As a true Leo Fire Sign, she seeks many outlets for her gifts and finds much joy in offering guidance in a multitude of ways.

Jill has gone through the fire, willingly and otherwise, many times in her years so far this lifetime. This has brought her to a place of deep regard for the sacredness of the spiritual path and infuses this reverence into all she does. She regularly instigates conversations via video and the written word on topics related to navigating this life as a soul in human form.

Jill believes that each of us is powerful and deeply loved. She is here to bear witness to your personal evolution and will stand firm in her commitment to your capacity to do the work. Yes, she truly is a Spiritual BadAss.

Website | Instagram | Facebook
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