SBP Ep 9: Guest Rebecca Campbell + Soul Connection

On this week’s episode of the Sacred Business Podcast we connect with Rebecca Campbell, a best-selling author and devotional artist for all things soul. This week we will not ease into our connection, we will descend steadfastly into making powerful choices, trusting our healing counsel, and finding our creative pathway in entrepreneurship.

Give an ear to Rebecca as she speaks of her journey to expansion through exploring her soul. Join us, sisters, in listening to your soul’s whispers, allowing them to carry your life + business into its full potential, and accepting their guidance, subtle but inviolable.

I love that word. Inviolable. It’s a powerful word meaning divine, holy, sacred, and unbreakable.

Shall we drop in and listen to how we are encouraged to be courageous and make a holy promise to follow the guidance of your soul?

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0:52- Introducing Rebecca
1:45- Making Powerful Choice
7:20- Accepting Supportive Council
16:50- Making Connections as Entrepreneurs (weaving ideas)
23:13- Feelings Creating Paths to Expansions
32:45- Last Shares by Rebecca

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Rebecca Campbell is a writer and devotional artist who leads activating workshops internationally, giving people an experience of their soul. She is the bestselling author of numerous books and oracle decks, including Light Is the New Black and the Work Your Light Oracle, and the creator of the Rise Sister Rise Membership. Through all of Rebecca's creations she encourages people all over the world to spend more time with their soul.

Rebecca experienced her first awakening as a young teenager and has been studying the intuitive mystic arts ever since. Through her work, Rebecca guides us to connect to the Inner Temple within and to turn our soul’s whispers into grounded action. Rebecca’s work is connected to ancient lineages she has studied and trained in, including Mother God, Bhakti Yoga, shamanism and Priestess Paths (Avalonian and Magdalene). Her work is activating and initiatory.

Featured in Vogue, Stylist, Red, Cleo and the Style column of the Sunday Times, Rebecca has also been recognized as one of the ‘Top 100 Women of Spirit’ by the Brahama Kumaris.

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Priestess TV Episode 4: Ella Noah Bancroft and Yhi Creation

Let us take a moment to pay our respects to the traditional owners of the land upon which Julie and Sora are filming their series of Priestess TV here in Byron Bay - the Bundjalung Arakwal People.

On today’s episode our guest, Ella Noah Bancroft, begins by describing a vivid picture capturing her childhood experience which helps us ground into her values and beliefs.

Ella is captivating so we invite you to lay on Mother Earth, close your eyes, and listen.

Listen to Ella describe the sacred word Yhi and why she believes the Sun is a divine feminine Goddess. Explore her reasoning for having not only a fashion company but a social enterprise that protects the environment from pollution. Ella is committed to starting conversations through her t-shirts; for example, how beginning a conversation around “Decolonize to Survive” may help not only save our lives but allow us to thrive. Throughout this interview she also weaves in her love for her mother, womxn, and the power of initiations.

Let’s watch, shall we?


Ella Noah Bancroft is an Australian born artist, conscious events organiser, mc, social entrepreneur, mentor and founder of the sustainable clothing brand “Yhi'. She is a poetic feminist whose passion in protecting the earth fuels her projects. Ella has a no BS approach to life and is determined to live with integrity and striving to tell the truth. She is passionate about re-wilding the world and the feminine force and is a certified Yoga and Tantra practitioner. Ella is deeply passionate about conscious consumption, ethical fashion and community development.

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SBP Ep 8: Calibrating Energy In with Energy Out with Aracelys Roman

Working the energetics of what is creating disruption within ourselves, and therefore reflected in our business, can be tricky. Most of the time it’s not apparent and our beautiful ego gets nervous when we are intentionally placing a spotlight on the thing that our ego does not want us to see.

So what happens? Our mind tries to share, using verbal cues to misdirect us - but I see you, brilliant mind, I see you.

This is what happened with Aracelys for the first portion of our intuitive business coaching session. Without her realizing it, her energy body was tensing up, feeling unsafe with the possibility that something below her consciousness was going to rise up. So we took some time to settle, creating a safe container, and then watched as she dropped in. The profound magic that occurs is worth wading through the waters with us.

It was so beautiful. My heart met hers under the water of the divine feminine and together we swam into illumination.

I invite you to listen in on our business healing session.

I invite you to listen carefully to this episode. Here are a couple of ways you can listen:

  1. Listen as you would listen to any podcasts and notice what questions, hesitations, triggers, or matches you have.

  2. Listen as a healer - tracking what I see in her energetic field.

  3. Place yourself in Aracelys’ shoes and begin to notice shifts in your energetic field. Just by bearing witness to her healing session you’ll find there are areas within you that also move and shift.

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0:36 Meet Aracelys
8:06 Opening with a Prayer
11:31 The First Layer
14:43 Feeling Stuck
18:58 Releasing Guilt
21:29 We go under the surface
29:38 Calibration happens now
33:47 Knowing her next steps

SBP Quote Ep 8 Aracelys Roman.png

Aracelys Roman is the founder of Emerge & Bloom and a certified Mindset Coach specialized in Optimism and Resilience for heart-centered women in transitions. Aracelys knows firsthand that every disheartening circumstance offers an opportunity for growth and transformation. Through her holistic coaching programs, she assists others to discover the hidden gifts of transitions. Her work is all about expanding the capacity to turn breakdowns into breakthroughs. She is bilingual in English and Spanish.

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Priestess TV Episode 3: Finding Your Guiding Goddess

Hello gorgeous!

The Goddesses are here with us today, do you feel them?

I must take a moment to thank Michaela Duvoux for her wonderful question. She asks, “How do you find your guiding Goddess?

Goddesses and their archetypal energy have lovingly reminded me that I am never alone. Today, I invite you to celebrate the goddess within while also exploring three tips to help you drop in with your Goddess guide.


Three tips I cover on Priestess TV are…
1. Guiding Goddess Tip #1 - Use a divination tool
2. Guiding Goddess Tip #2 - Go on a journey with me.
3. Guiding Goddess Tip #3 - Show me a sign!

After watching this week’s episode, which Goddess has showed herself to you? Julie and I would LOVE to know.

And remember...if you loved the episode, we invite you to subscribe toPriestess TV. And if you would like to deepen your Priestess path further, please join us at where you can undertake a beautiful and soulful journey of your own as a Priestess, with us as your guides.

Thank you for being with us for this episode of Priestess TV!

“I’ve outgrown my list. They aren’t my ideal clients. “ - Stop casting them aside like they are nothing.

I’m feeling such sacred rage for my fellow sisters who do all the work, attend all the things, share your offerings, and love the shit out of you, and what they get in return is an energetic slap in the face because they are “no longer your ideal client.”

What the f*!

// You are not better than the people who take the time to read your emails, your blog posts, listen to your podcast, watch your videos, and sign up for every free experience you provide.
// You are not so far along in your life that you get to toss out people like they are trash.
// You are not so much more enlightened that you get to look down on those that do not get your concepts or speak your language.
// You are not sovereign when you separate yourself from those that don’t look like you, act like you, eat like you, vote like you, live like you, or have the same faith as you.

And then you call yourself a leader helping other womxn with soulful, feminine leadership? AAAAHHH.

Sisters, I lay down my sword and open my palms and with tears ask that we stop this madness. It creates competition, hierarchy, and separation.

And I get it. Everything out there tells us that if we desire to “grow” our business, we need to increase our prices, call in people who have the resources to pay, and build a community with people who get it. And so you convince yourself of all the reasons why those on your list are no longer of value, why you need to start again, and why energetically closing yourself off is the loving thing to do for yourself.

I call bullshit. I call it because I’ve done this before.

>>> What if we didn’t look elsewhere but we deepened our ability to hold a space for more? We can invite more womxn to enter our space and commune.
>>> What if we took the stand that we don’t leave a sister behind but that a sister has the right to leave and it’s her choice?
>>> What if we didn’t shift to speak, teach, offer only the things that we think will bring in more potential clients who can pay but rather we show up as ourselves and serve.
>>> What if we stopped being so exclusive and began to be inclusive - open to new ideas, thoughts, and feelings that are not our own so that we can stretch ourselves?
>>> What if we listened to our community and created options that felt like a sacred exchange in love, time, money, and experiences?

Your list is not a number.
Each and every number is connected to a name. That name is a human being who is a daughter, a mother, a sister, a divine soul. That person has feelings, aspirations, wounds, thoughts, and great gifts. And you know what - if you give them time, you give them space, you give them resources, you believe in them, and you trust their process - they will meet you as an equally powerful sister.

*** I am a spiritual business coach and I love working on business. And, I believe there is a different way to do things. The way I see business working is different than the “tried and true ways”, and the reason for these old ways is because everyone chooses to buy into it. Your purchasing power is the reason for the perpetuating cycle. If you say no to this way of doing business by supporting others who aren’t playing this game, then we break the cycle. When you show up as a business owner saying no to these old ways of working then you are disrupting the system.

I’ve picked up my sword again, will you pick up yours? It’s time to change the playing field.

Sister Rise Up
I challenge you to consider doing business differently. Let’s take old concepts and bring new life into them that is soulful, divinely feminine, relational, and supportive.

Join me for Sister Rise Up
A 90-day Business Accelerator
Begins June 10th
Enrollment ends June 7th.
Register Now

Sister Rise Up Business Accelerator is just that, a movement that causes your business to develop more quickly. This 90-day journey isn't about frantically getting shit done and placing pressure on you to focus on your business with hyper-speed. Rather, this is a sacred container where our collective energy creates inspiration which is the catalyst for personal healing, responsible action, aligned vision, and projects clarity.

No sister is left behind in this circle, we all RISE UP.

Group experience includes:

  • Weekly Intimate Sister Circles - best day + time will be decided as a group because your time matters

  • Monthly Business Jams - laser coaching from me, day + time will be confirmed after receiving input from the group

  • Motivation Monday - a weekly starting point for you and your work

  • Sacred Accountability - honoring your spiritual practice and business intentions weekly

  • Sacred 21-Day Business Practice - to help you hone in on areas that you deeply desire to grow into

  • Individual Support -coaching, guidance, information, and feedback tailored to you

SBP Ep 7: Guest Jill Prescott + Truth Telling

Jill and I connected in Bali and we’ve been in sacred talks since then. I remember sitting in a workshop Jill facilitated and her dynamic presence and no bullshit attitude made me feel right at home.

Jill is a wayshower of truth and has inspired me to tell my truth without holding back. Drop in with us and listen as she shares her story, her becoming, and her mission. It’s time for us to really look at the uncomfortable layers and seek understanding.

I invite you to pop in your headphones if you’d like so no one else in the room can hear our soulful conversation for there are some explicit words that are shared as we openly share.

Let the truth telling begin.

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1:12 - Introducing Jill, Spiritual Badass
6:59 - When you don’t know the truth
10:58 - Relationship truths
21:09 - The rule-breaker
26:40 - You aren’t obligated to share your truth publicly
32:11 - We are at a tipping point

SBP Quote Ep 7 Jill Scott.png

Jill Prescott is a Spiritual BadAss.
She has both feet planted firmly on this earth and in this life while remaining connected to Source Energy through the practices of meditation and intuition. She believes we are all creators, capable of moving through this life with grace and Love, and that our painful experiences can be our greatest gifts when you do the work.

She is an international speaker and facilitator, published author, and intuitive guide. As a true Leo Fire Sign, she seeks many outlets for her gifts and finds much joy in offering guidance in a multitude of ways.

Jill has gone through the fire, willingly and otherwise, many times in her years so far this lifetime. This has brought her to a place of deep regard for the sacredness of the spiritual path and infuses this reverence into all she does. She regularly instigates conversations via video and the written word on topics related to navigating this life as a soul in human form.

Jill believes that each of us is powerful and deeply loved. She is here to bear witness to your personal evolution and will stand firm in her commitment to your capacity to do the work. Yes, she truly is a Spiritual BadAss.

Website | Instagram | Facebook
Ted Talk

SBP Ep 6: Sharing Your Medicine, Reflections After Last Week's Episode with Robin

Last week we held space while Robin Kimbrel Wiggs began to truly feel her medicine on an energetic level. It was extraordinary to see her gifts revealing themselves right in front of our eyes. Her quiet strength, her crystal space, her heart’s ability to hold. Robin’s presence gives all beings permission to rest into the divine.

When we connect with our medicine, we often feel as if it isn’t enough. It feels too simple, too easy. And yet it is potent and so needed, so if we move away from our headspace and stop resisting, we can find alignment and watch our business take on some serious magically shifts.

Now, sitting and witnessing someone get coached in this sacred way is powerful AND I believe in providing you with ideas that you can play with.

Listen to today’s podcast and hear my suggestions.

SBP Quote Ep 6 Sora.png

Practical Magic…

  • Allowing clients to be held as part of her sessions

  • Monthly Virtual Sacred Holding Gatherings

  • New Website Optin: Sacred Holding Meditation + Ritual

  • Craft + Share Your Message

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You have the power to create ANYTHING. You are able to bring forth beauty, abundance and grace in your business and life every day while living a life that is wild, free & calm. You are worthy divine sister!

Creating Intentional Connection + Unapologetic Invitations

It’s time to f*in remember who you are. Your business cannot thrive unless you, as an entrepreneur, are ready to embrace your medicine and share it freely.

// Your medicine rumbles from the belly of the Mother.

// Your medicine awakens the fiery dragon who do not apologize for creating thunderous shifts in the atmosphere.

// Your medicine is responsible for the pulsating cracks in this dimension for it desires to take shape and form in liminal spaces.

// Your medicine awakens other people’s medicine, which triggers a massive shift that does not form planetary alignment first, but planetary excavation and destruction.

// Your medicine crystallizes as miracles through the sounds of new souls entering into their human experiences.

// Your medicine captures the last breath of those who are ready to pass as a way to honor their soul’s journey.

// Your medicine breaks through the hard-formed plaque that has built a layer of protection from years of challenges but ultimately no longer is needed for you have found liberation in your profound understanding of your sovereign divinity.

// Your medicine whispers with all sentient beings and converses with all those from lifetimes before us and lifetimes after us and we do this for we have f*in we shatter the concept of time.

This is important sisters.

YOU are a badass entrepreneur and spiritual womxn leader. Your medicine is steeped in a deep knowing that occurs when you dedicate yourself to your spiritual practice.


It is required of you to be consistent in your intentional connection and invitation. The online business space is different than it was 5 years ago.

  • You must show up and be ready to connect heart-to-heart.

  • You must show up and be ready to openly share your services unapologetically.

I want to see you boldly express yourself, your medicine, how it takes shape into an offering, know the name of your programs clearly, and be a stand for your work.

Your business can only continue if you…

  1. are open to meeting new people online and offline.

  2. be fully present with your community as if you were in sacred circle, seeing the whole and the individuals that make the whole.

  3. realize there are ways to deepen your connection and your relationship by stretching yourself and your capacity as an advocate for community.

  4. really listen to the needs of your sisters.

  5. soulfully invite people to explore the possibility of working with you.

  6. receive as many heartfelt NOs to receive 1 YES.

  7. watch as your potential clients cross the threshold to becoming a paying client.

I ask that you remember your medicine. Share knowledge and useful information openly and as sacred reciprocity; the act of honoring Mother Earth.

Your gifts should far exceed your price - meaning you must believe all that you share, freely and within your offerings, far exceeds the amount you are asking for. Give first and insist your potential clients and current clients notice how your medicine can help them in ways that holding onto money cannot.

Dear ones, how many of you are shying away from the invitation as a weekly intentional business practice? How many of you are doing other busy work, lying to yourself that the set up is more important than receiving clients and money? How many of you are holding your medicine back?

>>> It’s time to stop that shit.
>>> It’s time to unleash your medicine, embodying the fiery dragon warrior that you are.

I am Sora Surya No.

I am a truth-teller, here to remind spiritual womxn leaders they have an equitable place in entrepreneurship. If you cannot feel it, let me be clear, my Sacred Business Mastermind is like no other experience. It is as much as a gift to you as it is to me when we make a soul contract to be in sacred space for 6 months. You will be rocked and find your powerful center from it. We begin in June. Please head over here and fill out your application.

If you are looking to speak with someone who has gone through this, our alumni are on call, meaning they are open to connecting with you and sharing their own experience and answering any questions you have. I am here as well. Simply respond to this email and let us know.