Be the womxn that guides others to powerfully step into their soul work by embracing your Sacred Circle ritualist, ceremonialist, and facilitator self. This online course will enhance your knowledge around space holding while also give you the tools necessary to begin offering circle work.


Wash it away, sister.

All that you "should" be doing, all the busyness, the anxiety and overwhelm.

Release it to the Universe.

All that you believe about what it takes to be successful, all the hustle, the having to do it alone.

Submerge yourself in the truth.

All you desire, all you dream of and everything you yearn for - it is all within reach.

Surrender to the ancient wisdom of circle, felt in your bones, that whispers, 
it’s not supposed to be this hard.


What if you had a deep knowing that your business is destined to succeed?

What if your inevitable success was the result of harnessing the power of sisterhood
and the magic of women’s circles?

What if you could create transformative experiences for yourself and others that
felt more like play and brought your soul to life?


Are you ready to:

  • Bring women together in sacred circle?
  • Learn to create powerful rituals and practices to tap into the ability to manifest what you desire in life?
  • Believe in your intuitive powers so you can more deeply serve clients?
  • Enhance the work you are doing in the world so you may have a bigger impact?
  • Heal any wounds you have around being in intimate space with other women and feel held in sisterhood?

It’s time, sister, to own your spiritual side and embrace the parts of you hidden for too long. Our ancestors fought for this day, for us to bring all of our resources and gifts to the world so we can transform the energy into one of healing and light.

You can feel your soul desiring to unleash the true essence of you. 

You have witnessed the play and gentleness of magic. 

You are remembering that it is your birthright to use you the ancient wisdom of the divine feminine in your business through your services and sacred experiences. 

You are ready to claim that you are a modern day medicine woman, light weaver, mystic, and sorceress. 

You are invited to join a sacred community of sisters to deepen your knowledge of space holding and using the medicine of circle to step into soulful feminine leadership.


Sora holds space beautifully, both in person and virtually. She is present, focused and clear in all she touches with her spiritual dynamite. I found the online course to be well-structured and easy to follow. It gives you a blueprint to work with , as well as inspiration to add your own unique touches. Working with Sora has allowed me to bring more sacred rituals into my own circles and the spaces I hold for women. After nearly a decade in this field I find Sora's approach fresh, modern and authentic. I believe it's the way to bring sacred circle work into the mainstream. 

-Claudia Spahr


Sora is a gentle soul with a fire for truth and magic. She ignites women through play, passion, curiosity, and the divine feminine. She is a gifted guide for women who are curious about themselves and the unknown around magic and the feminine divine. Sora tends to their edges with care, compassion, joy and mystery. 

- Amy Tatsumi


Sacred Circle Foundations

Online Space Holding Training for Circles & Business

  • Course begins upon registration.
  • Virtual web portal will include all modules with videos and in-depth circle rituals + practices.

This is more than a training
This is a valuable resource you can refer to over and over again.
Dip into the well of knowledge and inspiration when you need it.
We will always be here for you, sister.


Sora Surya No is a soulful Priestess of the Divine. A conscious curator of women's hears and space, especially in sacred circle. Sora has a uniquely special way of making every woman who comes in contact with her feel that she is the true creatrix of her world. A gifted space holder, business maven and visionary. Sora will guide you to find your true magic within and powerfully use that to create or grow your business to the soul heights and depths you are dreaming of. 

-Julie Parker

How would it feel to know you are standing fully in your power as a badass entrepreneur?

  • You embrace all of your gifts, including your mystical side.
  • You proudly show up in your full truth and allow yourself to be seen.
  • You feel confident in holding women’s circles or incorporating circles in your offerings.
  • You relate to your business in a whole different way.
  • You notice your leadership skills feel more grounded, loving and magical.

This Sacred Circle Foundation is for you if...
    you desire to craft personal rituals
    you are committed to deepening relationships with other sisters
    you weave time to be fully present for the work
    you desire to deepen your relationship with your muse
    you yearn to create circle and need encouragement and guidance
    you are unclear as to what your own unique circle medicine looks like

This Sacred Circle Foundation is not for you if...
    you are not ready to meet your soul medicine on this circle journey
    you do not desire to craft your own unique sacred rituals
    you are unwilling to create time to do the circle work
    you are unable to commit to your own circle practice
    you cannot be fully present

Step into your righteous passage, sister.

The Sacred Circle Foundation is the first part of the Sacred Circle Path. The first invitation to deepen into the impact of circle work and connect with a sisterhood of bold change makers.

Module 1: How to open space

Module 2: Exploring different circle practices

Module 3: Deepen into the magic of circle through rituals

Module 4: How to close circle

Module 5: How to create circles locally and virtually

Module 6: Team building, collaboration and honoring your community through circle medicine

Module 7: Rituals to create more magic in your business

Module 8: Journal practice to create more beauty, abundance and grace
Receive bonus gifts from me just for signing up

All of below presents are my way of expressing my gratitude for your willingness to be part of this journey.

Sacred Mandala Coloring Book
Soul craft nourishes your intuition and supports the creative process. Enjoy this gorgeous coloring book.

Sacred Circle 21-Pillars Notecard
Receive in the mail a gorgeous notecard with the Sacred Circle 21-Pillars as a reference tool.

Sacred Circle Foundation Ritual Guide
Collectively we shall drop in and open our training space with a ritual. A beautiful guide will be shared with you before our first gathering.

Sacred Circle Checklist
Desire to know what you need to bring with you when holding a circle or crafting sacred space? Here is a checklist for you.

Our guest sisters have generously gifted you with sacred presents to support you on the SACRED CIRCLE PATH. May you feel loved, abundant, beautiful, and sacred. When you enroll in Sacred Circle Foundation, you shall receive all of the below bonus practices as part of your course.


Lunar Abundance Moon Chart

10 Minute Morning Ritual


Naughty or Nourishment: Breaking the Cycle of Self Sabotage


The Words of My Womb

Crown Chakra Exploration

Right Brain Entrepreneur Guiding Principles

Sacred Daily Checklist & Planner

Gypsy Generation Guide

Guided Soul Temple Ritual & Meditation


Sacred Circle Foundation was, in a word, life-changing for me. I had gathered in circle with Sora several times prior to registering for the Foundation, and knew when I saw the offering that it was something I needed… I just had no idea what profound shifts awaited inside. As I watched the videos and read the messages, I felt myself grounding into a new awareness, a different model for growth, community, and healing than any I’d previously known. By the time I reached Pillar 21, I was feeling the power of circle medicine change the way I approached my work and my life: more integrative, more communal, more magical in a deeply heart-led way. I am more confident and secure in my business and more connected than ever to the divine feminine potential within myself.  Circle medicine is powerful, and Sora’s Sacred Circle Foundation is a sacred portal through which that beauty, magic, and power flows.

-Rachel Adams


Sora divinely illuminates potent wisdom and action steps which in turn open cosmic portals of opportunity and expansion into realms beyond what you thought was possible. Sora has the ability to intuitively feel into your essence, your intentions, your desires, and your business and guide you from a deeply grounded place towards creating the kind of life and work you desire. She meets you where you are energetically and shows you what is possible and guides you on a path of deep up-leveling. In an empowering way, Sora leads by example in how she runs her business as an expression of circle, and in how she has truly shifted the paradigm in how she shows up as a leader, as a sacred space holder, and as a friend. Sora has truly taught me the power of sisterhood in the way that she shows up with such love, devotion, and joy in our relationship and in circle.

- Elle North


Dear soul sister,

I love you. I love everything about you. I love the exterior beauty that resides for the world to see. I love the interior layers that you openly share with only your close friends and family members. I love the hidden rooms that are tucked away in the most deep, complex layers of your system that not many (including yourself) have been invited to explore. I love the little boxes of treasures that lie within those rooms that unlock the truest gems that are part of your soul.

Will you allow myself and the other sisters in Sacred Circle Foundation to witness you taking the beautiful steps in unlocking all of yourself, holding sacred space for women in your tribe, and deepen your connection with your business? 

Will you be open to seeing and experiencing the miracles that occur when you say a deep YES to healing, service, gratitude, and sisterhood? 

I see you. I feel you. I love you.