Sacred Business Podcast Ep 13: Simple Inhale, a Stay Sacred Practice with Julie Parker

This week on Sacred Business Podcast, coach, public speaker, magazine editor, and published author, Julie Parker joins me. My dear sister and fellow business womxn, Julie, speaks with us about priestessing in this modern world and staying sacred as an entrepreneur. Additionally, we will end with a call-to-action so that you may join us in performing one of Julie’s favorite divine acts.

0:58 Staying sacred
2:40 What does sacred mean
7:10 Julies vision
13:30 Sisterhood
21:09 Todays sacred task - smell

Stay Sacred Practice: Simply Inhale

Deepening further into our sense of smell as a powerful igniter, set an intention today as you inhale any heavenly aroma of your choice.  Inhale not only the stimulating scent, but the feeling you desire to embody as well. MAG-IC.  

Julie Parker

Julie Parker is a modern day priestess with a focus on her Celtic, Balkan, Iberian and Greek lineage. She is committed to contributing to a world where qualities of intuition, presence, nurturing, spiritual exploration, social justice and service are honoured. Julie is currently undertaking intensive training to become a Priestess of the Magdalene. 

Julie is also the Founder of The Beautiful You Coaching Academy where she passionately trains and supports heart centered people to become life coaches. The Editor in Chief of Inspired COACH Magazine, a published author, podcast host and in-demand speaker, Julie has inspired thousands of people on stages all over the world and is the recipient of numerous leadership and women’s business awards. Julie lives in Melbourne with her husband, stepdaughter and two much loved adopted cats.

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Your Sacred Action

Head over to the Sacred Business Community on Facebook, take a screenshot of the podcast image and share with me what transpired.  We cannot wait to breathe your sacredness in!

Sora No

Sora Surya No is a transformative business coach, intuitive mentor, international retreat leader, inspirational speaker, fire igniter, heart whisperer, nomadic entrepreneur, and world traveler.


As the creator of the Intuitive Soul and Business Mapping™ and holder of worldwide Radiant Women's Circle Intensives, Sora blends formal education and real world experience with mystical transformation, ritualistic practices, inner reflection, and deepening community to help passionate entrepreneurs integrate feminine energy into their business so they can lead a life that is wild, free, and calm.

Sora’s unique approach brings her clients a resounding level of clarity around how they are being called upon to serve in the world, who their ideal customers are and how to reach them, ways to build a worldwide community that they can leverage for support and partnership, uncovering the fears stalling success and developing rituals for how to work through those blocks, practices for healing the whole self and not just their business, learning how they can use magic everyday for what they would like to create for themselves, how to ask and receive exactly what the Heart desires, and how to run a successful business from anywhere in the world.