Lessons from 2018

It’s now the middle of January and you may have read several newsletters, blogs, and social media posts about people’s review of their year. It may have felt wonderful to do so or it may have felt unsettled as you compared your year with theirs.

Would you indulge me for a couple of minutes as I reflect over my own year? This relates to you as a Priestess and as a badass entrepreneur so bare with me if you desire to create something BIG this year.

Concept: FAMILY

As I look back at 2018 I notice the entire journey was about family. Truly understanding what that is which I have to say, even as an adult it felt elusive. Not having been raised in a big family and encouraged to be ridiculously independent, I felt awkward with rooting into my notions of family. What I realized was, my thoughts around family weren’t my own and I was being asked to define what family meant to me.


Jan:  The Goddess Road Trip.

I headed on an epic 3-week road trip around Australia with Jade, Johanna, Jule, Sammie, and Tahlee. I love being on the constant move, seeing new places, meeting new people, and doing my work remotely. But this wasn’t a new uncovering. Four years prior to this experience, I was nomadic for 2 years. It brought back a lot of memories and helped me love this part of myself while also making room for a new type of life. I was shedding the single Sora to create space for the Sora who is in a relationship. This all came to fruition from sisters coming together over chai at a metaphysical store kidding around about a road trip.

Gather potent womxn together and you can make anything happen!

Feb: Sacred Circles + Speaking on Stage.

Two Sacred Circle LIVE trainings were held in Melbourne and I was blessed to have met some extraordinary women. Many who I continue to connect with or mentor in some capacity now. It had been five years of holding circles and I was feeling cracked up in acknowledgement of how I went from a 2-person circle to a 28-women circle training. Thank the Goddess.

I have a recurring dream, a desire that is so big that it fills my heart everytime I manifest it. Me, on stage with a head mic, speaking, dancing, sharing, and circling with beautiful people. That is a dream that I find myself calling to come true ALL the time. I am incredibly grateful that Yvette invited me to share the stage with exceptional speakers at Soulpreneur.

Let’s be real. If I can do it, so can you!

Mar: Eric proposed.

He brought me back to where we had our first date,. After an hour of talking he nervously bent down on one knee, Sofia (our dog) right by his side and asked if I would join Sofia and him and create a sacred family. Watching him express his love and feeling his deep devotion to me broke my heart open. Showing me how much I have grown in self love and in relationships. You see, prior to this, when I was nomadic, I spent two years diving deep into healing areas of love and worthiness.

If you are desiring partnership, it can be available for you as well.

Apr: I turned 40.

The big 4-o, and I couldn’t wait. Some may cringe at the idea of “getting older” but I believe that years of experience liberate me from any internal shackles I placed around my greatness. The more life I live the more I don’t give an F what others think. Based on my astrological chart, everything changes and I become clear around my life’s path. I was a YES for this.

My parents held an engagement party for Eric and I. Until that point, I realized I had still harbored feelings of shame for my Korean heritage. I could not let go of the embarrassment I had as a kid with parents who immigrated to the states. I shunned my culture and refused to honor my ancestors. I was being called to confront myself and embrace being Korean. It was the only way that Eric and I could devote ourselves in creating a new family, one where my bloodline would now change from being indigenous to Korea. That was a huge deal.

So, we went full out. We showed Eric Flushing, a Korean engagement, the craziness of my parents, all the while laughing and thoroughly enjoying ourselves. Granted eating Korean food until out bellies were exploding with satisfaction made it so worth it!

Be a YES for life. Get excited about your new year around the sun and the moon. Honor who you are and where you have come from.  

May: I got married! I had two sacred ceremonies

We did marriage our way - different and uniquely us. I knew our wedding day months before Eric proposed based on our astrological charts. We placed it on our calendar a year ago. A week before the wedding, we had a sacred ceremony where we shared our personal vows, what we were letting go of and what we were calling in as a couple in front of our dear friend and a mentor of mine. We raised to the heavens and asked our allies to support us in this. A week later our family and my best friend with her family came to town. All 14 guests, 5 of them being children, gathered and we celebrated the joining of two families - well actually three since my best friend is family as well!.

Do life your way. That includes your business.

Jun: A month of personal rest, reflection, and sacred circle.

I spent this month with my husband and rooting in. Noticing subtle changes in us becoming more receptive to considering the future. We navigated what we desired in the next couple of years and slowly let it settle without needing to take any action around it.

Eric then dropped me off in the mountains of Georgia where 11 of my closest girlfriends and two alchemical chefs held a Sacred Gathering, a blessingway in celebration of my marriage. I was initiated and asked to cross the threshold, sharing my intimate desires aloud and witnessing my witches and sorceresses magnify the blessings, sharing their prayers so that Pachamama and Father Sky heard it clearly.

Remember to rest, reflect, and sit in sacred circle so that you may gently form new pathways.

Jul: Embracing my medicine

I headed back to Australia where I was invited to facilitate at a peer-mastermind retreat. I had only met the women once but again, sisterhood nourishes me. As soon as I landed, I felt I was being embraced by Goddesses. They were beautiful, brilliant women who were so gifted. Prior to landing in Australia, I was given the message by my guides to unleash my medicine. Share the allies that I work with and release any fears that I will be shunned for it.

In addition, 14 women entered Priestess Temple Mistressmind, a 14-month journey held by Julie and myself. We were giddy with excitement as we fell in love with each sister. I felt myself truly settle into the energy of a Priestess. My PMM sisters are family.

Let all of you out of the closet. Share your potency with courage.

Aug: Last Sacred Circle LIVE Training.

I knew as I was returning to Australia that this would be my last circle training there. For some reason, my intuition told me that Australia was my second home but I would be needing to create space so that I could evolve my business. It was bittersweet to hold my last Foundation and Ceremony training. Because I come alive when being in circle with sisters, I wondered if there was a way to continue but I would receive a visceral NO everytime I tried to negotiate with the Great Mother. She was adamant that I listen to her and trust the unknown path. But this work had defined who I was. It was easy and I knew what to do. That was my justification but I knew better. I was whining because I was scared. Sometimes we are asked to take a leap of faith and believe in the magic of the Universe. Remember to listen when the most important family member, the Great Mother, shares something with you.

You and your business will continue to grow and expand when you take those leaps into the void. Miracle creations are birthed in this way.

Sept: I let go and new opportunities arose.

Julie and I decided to create Priestess Temple School. We dove deep with our Priestess Mistressmind sisters on retreat. When you are doing such deep healing work, it’s powerful to be in a sacred community where you have fellow womxn also going through their own process. I believe in growing together. Julie is family. Pure and true. I would move mountains for her. Our mutual respect and adoration for the gifts that are our souls, allows us to play together in this dynamic way.

Grow, expand, and be nourished by sisterhood. Your inner self and your business will thank you for it.

Oct: Emerald Dragon Tablet.

I sat deeply in communication with La Madre. Listening to her wisdom as the vines of wisdom took hold and showed me that I am the stars. My inner system is what connects me to the star nations. The medicine of the jungle sung to me the great songs of my ancestors and my dragon from my mother’s lineage revealed herself. Everything in my life led to this particular moment - the plant medicine reaching in and exposing what was hidden, the magnitude of my magic. And so, as with all new creations, a birth took place. I was granted a cosmic map to support Priestess Entrepreneurs, it is the Emerald Dragon Tablet.

Be patient while sitting in the unknown for if you wait long enough, powerful messages, tools, and allies will show up to change everything. Clarity is gifted to you.

Nov: And it begins. I am the Dragon Priestess who serves Priestess Entrepreneurs.

I spent most of November deeply in medicine ceremonies and connecting with the Emerald Dragon Tablet. I was shown that the new paradigm of business will be of co-creation, collaboration, and collective community growth. And so I played with that. I allowed the tablet to show me the vision, the next steps, the guides, the clients, etc. The beautiful part is - it all came together with grace. Seamless and effortless while placing intentional energy in the work I did. I was carried by the divine. And for the good work I have done, Archangel MIchael blessed the tablet so others may work with it as a healing and safe tool.

Stay the course and you will work in a state of divine flow.

Dec: Commitment and upleveling.

Remember how in Oct I was given the message that business growth would happen through collaboration and co-creation with a thriving community? It was not lost on me and December was cleared so that I can shift my business for this to be the foundation of everything.

Priestess Temple School, an online course to help womxn claim their sovereignty and Priestessmind, a free online community where Priestess Entrepreneurs feel supported to grow their business, came to be. I am here to be of service, going deep rather than trying to please the masses by growing wide. I’m clear about who I am and humbly serve those that resonate with the work.

When you are ready, unapologetically offer your services clearly, reaching only those that are open to receiving your support, offering, or product. There are 7.7 billion people in the world and you don’t have to serve all of them - it’s most likely not your job to do so. Find your path and embrace it.

Sora No

Sora Surya No is a transformative business coach, intuitive mentor, international retreat leader, inspirational speaker, fire igniter, heart whisperer, nomadic entrepreneur, and world traveler.


As the creator of the Intuitive Soul and Business Mapping™ and holder of worldwide Radiant Women's Circle Intensives, Sora blends formal education and real world experience with mystical transformation, ritualistic practices, inner reflection, and deepening community to help passionate entrepreneurs integrate feminine energy into their business so they can lead a life that is wild, free, and calm.

Sora’s unique approach brings her clients a resounding level of clarity around how they are being called upon to serve in the world, who their ideal customers are and how to reach them, ways to build a worldwide community that they can leverage for support and partnership, uncovering the fears stalling success and developing rituals for how to work through those blocks, practices for healing the whole self and not just their business, learning how they can use magic everyday for what they would like to create for themselves, how to ask and receive exactly what the Heart desires, and how to run a successful business from anywhere in the world.

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