Lessons in gratitude from a weekend of celebration

This week I had the opportunity to watch my best friend parent with so much fierce love. She desires her children to grow up feeling an immense sense of gratitude. To notice what they have rather than only seeing what they don’t have or what they lack. It’s beautiful to watch my dear friend establish firm boundaries and sacred practices to help her children be mindful human beings.

Ayni, divine reciprocity, learning how to give thanks first before ever asking anything in return is a concept in the Andean tradition that I have been learning the subtleties of for over a year now.

Giving thanks before ever asking for anything in return. An idea that my father is deeply invested in. He and my mother have lost it all, I mean lost homes, buildings, businesses, family members  - they know what losing everything feels like.

And yet, they are constantly practicing the art of gratitude. It’s not an easy practice to truly feel blessed and acknowledge that life is more than what mainstream society deems as abundance Their shift in perspective happened when they called in community. They cultivated a large soul family where they can lean into while also being active members, understanding how to receive and how to give.

This past week my parents invited their close friends, their soul family, to a party celebrating the engagement of their daughter and soon-to-be son-in-law.

I didn’t realize this but about 80% of the people who attended had no idea what they were going to. They thought it was going to be an intimate dinner with just my parents. My dad didn’t want them to bring gifts or feel obligated to give us anything. Instead, he desired to create an experience where he had the opportunity to say “Thank you.”

Thank you for being there when life was tough.
Thank you for being there to bring more joy into their lives.
Thank you for being the ones they could share their fears and their desires.
Thank you for being family when their own family turned away from them.

As Eric and I begin to form our own energetic container for our family, I am learning so much from my parents regarding beauty, abundance, and grace.

In celebration of our time together, Eric created this little photo montage that captures a fun photoshoot we did as a family.

We are both wearing traditional Korean clothes called Hambok.

May you enjoy a little peek into the love we are co-creating as a family.

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