SoraTV Episode 15: Goddess Story Part 2 - Rage + Release

Moving Through Rage Like a Goddess

Let’s pick up from the last SoraTV, shall we? Here’s a quick recap of the goddess Isis.

Isis is the giver of life and the goddess of magic, an immense alchemist, and sorceress. She is a lover of life and divine union and a great mother to all. She fell in love with her brother, Osiris, and together, they were the most powerful couple. And her other brother, Set, was incredibly jealous; so jealous that he killed Osiris, put him in a box, and then threw him into the ocean where he was buried in between a tree, rooted down deep into Mother Earth.

But, here is the thing that made Isis so powerful, because she was one of the most powerful gods and goddesses in the entire realm.

Before all this happened, Isis was communing with Ra, the god of all gods. He was so powerful that the only thing that would allow anyone to be able to overpower him was to know his secret name, and he wasn’t about to share it.

Isis somehow managed to get a little bit of Ra’s saliva and, using her magical powers, she mixed his saliva with mud to conjure a snake. That snake bit Ra, making him very ill.

This was all part of Isis’ plan. As he suffered, he called upon Isis, as the healer of their realm, to ask for her help.

Isis coyly told Ra that she didn’t know if she could help, as the snakebite was very powerful, and that he might have to live with the intense pain. Ra begged for help until finally, she let him know the only way she would concoct a potion to help with the pain was if he shared his secret name.

Ra was suffering just as he, of all gods, made so many others suffer, because, you see, Ra didn’t use his power with integrity, with humility and divine light. Here he was suffering in this karmic way, and asking for support without wanting to divulge anything to help him do so.

Finally, he broke down and whispered his secret name. Isis created the concoction and healed him, which she could've done without it because she was quite clever.

The masculine energy and feminine energy powers were coming into divine balance.

If at any moment, Ra did anything out of alignment or tried to cause suffering to others, Isis would remind him she knew his name, providing a sense of reciprocity with the earth itself, assuring there was never only just suffering, but there will always be someone there to help humankind.

I share this part to point out that Isis shows us women that we are clever and resourceful. We don’t have to be manipulative, but we can be smart to ensure we are always in alignment, always being for the best good of all, and that we are here to honor integrity and love.

We make sure that if someone is doing something that is not in the best interest of others, that we can stand up and say no, that is wrong and I will stand up for what is right.

Now, back to the story. When Isis heard her beloved was killed and nowhere to be found, and her brother was not sharing any information as to where to find him, she lost it. She unrobed, cut her hair, and raged, not at anyone, but she allowed her emotions to come forth.

After she did that, she felt clear. She had moved through the cycle of rage and was committed to finding her beloved. She spent years searching all over for him.

The story isn’t complete. I’ll share even more about Isis in the next SoraTV.

For now, do you give yourself the ability to rage? Do you give yourself the time to feel the fullest of all of your emotions?

Or do you put them to the side; put them in a room and lock the door? Do you say everything is fine, that everything is in divine light and timing, and so you will move forward, when honestly, within you, everything is crashing and burning?

If so, Isis is sharing that one of the best tools to use is to acknowledge your emotions and to allow them to move through to their fullest capacity.

Do you need to cut your hair? Do it.
Do you need to burn your clothes and run around the woods naked? Do it.
Do you need to take a dishrag and hit your couch so you can get out that anger? Do it.
Do you need to just scream? Do it

Here is a process you can use to release your rage:

  • Give yourself permission to feel your emotions fully. No judging yourself or your feelings. No wondering what others will think. No feeling guilty for feeling this way. Honor where you are without buying into the story that spiritual, enlightened, or awakened people always feel love and light.

  • Allow yourself to surrender into the waves of emotions. Welcome them in, ride them through, and watch them drift away.
  • Remember there is a cycle, and part of embracing your voice is not allowing it to close or shut down. Only accepting and sharing part of who you are isn’t helping anyone, especially not yourself. Closing yourself off from feeling the full range of emotions only limits how deeply you are able to feel all emotions - not just the ones you don’t want to feel.
  • Scream. Scream loud and long. Be willing to make sounds that scare you.
  • Shake it out. Move your body. Release the emotional energy that has built up inside of you.
  • Sing. Sing out loud. Out and loud. Something silly or inspirational. Give your voice back its power.
  • Ground in. Get back to center, align with your soul, and release it all back to the Universe.


How do you release your rage? Move through the exercise above and post your thoughts, insights, a-has, and/or reflections over in our Sacred Circle Facebook Community.

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