Sora TV Episode 22: From Sister Fear to Sister Love

Second grade was pretty amazing in so many ways. I loved my classmates, enjoyed a sweet crush, and had special moments with my mother and father. During this time I also had a best friend whom I adored. I loved her to pieces for she was family, she was a soul sister.

As a child you may not fully understand everything that is happening around you but I did feel that my dear friend was going through a lot and there was feelings she had no idea how to express.

Slowly our sacred time together were woven with whispers of anger, attacking me emotionally; but it was subtle.

Then it happened. We were together, she was enraged, and she slapped me. The physical, mental, and emotional abuse did not stop there.

This core wounding shifted how I saw myself. I was the one who was going to take over the world prior to this experience. I was vibrant, flirtatious, and full of laughter.

But as this betrayal was happening, I started to get quieter and quieter to the point where I started to not speak much. I was so traumatized that for a number of years I was incredibly shy and fearful of everything. I was afraid of other people. I was afraid of other people yelling at me.

At that time there was also still a lot racial comments geared towards me. Adults would yell at me as a little child. I just thought that people were really scary.

So my voice started to shake anytime I spoke.

I would not raise my hand in class. I would spend hours and hours on my own and my saving grace was using my body to move as a dancer even when I was really small.

What does that have to do with me now?

I'm here, a believer of sisterhood, of having loving spaces and deep connections with other women. And I really believe those childhood experiences helped me come to the place of being of deep service.

When I was in my 20s, I realized I still was very weary of other women. I didn't have a lot of female friends; most of my friends were male because I felt really safe in that container. It meant I didn't have to be fully seen or share much of my emotions. I couldn't even tap into them. I didn't know who I was or what I wanted.

When I became an entrepreneur, I realized it can be very scary but also really lonely. I didn't want to be in my solitude because that wasn't going to actually help my business thrive.

So I joined a high-level mastermind. Fourteen women I did not know came together and I fell deeply in love; they saw me. I could not run. I was deeply invested in this loving relationship and I began to learn what it looked like and felt like to be in sisterhood.

That's why I hold sacred space with women's circles.

That's why I have deep love of my mastermind groups with dear, dear women who support one another and are committed to sisterhood.

That's why I hold space for women entrepreneurs who are here to be of service to other women and to the planet itself.

If I did not have that experience when I was younger, I could not be where I am now as a true proponent for it.

And so have I forgiven that sister? Absolutely.
Are we best friends now? No.
Do I desire a relationship with her now? No, I am complete.

And yet I send her off with such loving grace knowing that whatever it is that she was going through was what she was going through, and the person that she decided to take it out on was myself because there was no other outlet.

That’s the other thing about sisterhood that, now as an adult, I get to really be a stand for - taking radical self responsibility of ourselves and saying, “You know what? Even though those things happened before, I was a victim, I was a bully, I was a perpetrator.”

I can look back and say I am so sorry. Clear it, forgive myself, say the ho'oponopono prayer of I am so sorry, I love you, please forgive me, thank you. And then come to this place now where that no longer defines me.

This is who I am and, for that reason, I get to be of great service and use my tools and practices to understand and shift so my sisters can help other people do the same.

That is how we shall change this world.

It is a deep honor to be with all of you, continuously sharing with you the intimate experiences I've had.

May you find a group of sisters to do the same.

May you find a way to be in women's circle where you can be guided and nourished and feel like you can surrender into the embrace of other women, as well as stand tall with confidence in working through your own challenges and your places of strength and healing.

May your life be filled with beauty, abundance, and grace as you live a life that is wild, free, and calm because you know that you are worthy of it.


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