Sora TV Episode 3: make a bold decision to change

The Art of Decision Making Part 3

This is when you actually decide that where you are now is no longer acceptable and you have to make a change. You don’t have to be certain with what that will look like, but you know in your heart you can’t stay here - you are being called to step into another space and the time in right now to take action.

There's a shift that happens from a place within your energetic body that signals to the Universe there's no way of going back, that you are committed to making a change. That there is something greater and bigger than you available outside of what is happening right now.

That fuel ignites something within your belly. You're igniting your life force within you, whereas before, you were pretty much suffocating and dying internally. You ignite the life force within your belly. You light up that fire, either through utter despair, utter frustration, or utter anger. (These aren’t emotions to avoid or ignore. Use them to activate your transformation.)

The good stuff happens once you commit.

Tapping into that energy and remembering what that looks like, and then uncovering the steps for yourself. What happens is, the invitation for you is to look at where you were before, where you were after, and then, what were the steps you took in between?

I can't really help you until you commit. I can give you strategy, right? I can give you exercises, but you're not actually going to see the growth in where you want to go with me until you make a commitment with me.

A soul commitment is saying a yes with all of the energy and of your being.

So, today, on Sora TV, I walk you step-by-step through making a soul commitment to get you where you want to be - in business and life.

  1. Ask yourself, “How did I get myself here?” This simple questions helps you unlock the beliefs holding you back. Identifying these pivotal pieces leads to the invitation to make a commitment to change.
  2. Get clear with yourself on what no longer works and what you may be stepping into, even though you may have no idea where it's going to take you. Feel it within your body and in your system. Say it out loud, and then remember, from your past experiences, the energy of taking steps forward. Call up this feeling when you need to recommit to your desires.
  3. Decide to move forward. Repeat this motto throughout your day, “There’s no turning back. I have to move forward.
  4. Share your commitment with your sisters. Share it often. Be bold in your declaration. Allow them to hold space for your transformation, as well as hold you accountable for staying true to your commitment. Feel free to post your commitment in our Sacred Circle Path Facebook community.

Sora No

Sora Surya No is a transformative business coach, intuitive mentor, international retreat leader, inspirational speaker, fire igniter, heart whisperer, nomadic entrepreneur, and world traveler.


As the creator of the Intuitive Soul and Business Mapping™ and holder of worldwide Radiant Women's Circle Intensives, Sora blends formal education and real world experience with mystical transformation, ritualistic practices, inner reflection, and deepening community to help passionate entrepreneurs integrate feminine energy into their business so they can lead a life that is wild, free, and calm.

Sora’s unique approach brings her clients a resounding level of clarity around how they are being called upon to serve in the world, who their ideal customers are and how to reach them, ways to build a worldwide community that they can leverage for support and partnership, uncovering the fears stalling success and developing rituals for how to work through those blocks, practices for healing the whole self and not just their business, learning how they can use magic everyday for what they would like to create for themselves, how to ask and receive exactly what the Heart desires, and how to run a successful business from anywhere in the world.

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