Yule & Winter Solstice Ritual


Dear Soul Family, Do you feel it? Do you feel challenges being brought forth? Do you feel like you have been through a rite of passage, an initiation? The deep knowledge that these are moments in our lives when we can voice our truth, set boundaries, learn from our undoings and reclaim our power?

Are you desiring to say, “stop taking advantage of my love.”

Are you desiring to say, “I will take the actions that feel in alignment with me and stop trying to please everyone.”

Are you desiring to say, “no.”

Are you desiring to say, “yes.”


Sister, I feel you. I am in this with you.

It is time. The new year is ahead of us so I invite you to let go of the old and bring forth the new. Celebrate your life and the miracles that occurred this year and invite the new year to bring forth even more magic with gratitude and faith.

This Sunday is Yule which coincides with the Winter Solstice here in the Northern Hemisphere. It is the magical moment when we celebrate the longest night of the year. We move through the darkness knowing that from this point on our days become longer. The Sun makes his way back to us and the spring is soon around the corner. The light that is within us is bursting to radiate. It is the time to honor the Goddesses that move through the world of darkness and the light, the Goddesses that move through different stages within ourselves.

It is here we honor the the Gods - Ra, Apollo and Surya. We honor the Goddesses - The Triple Goddesses (Maiden, Mother & Crone), Gaea, Demeter, Isis, Diana, and Artemis.


Yule / Winter Solstice

Sunday, December 21, 2014



Ritual Ingredients

Smudge bundle

Palo Santo

5 Gold Candles

Essential Oil - Frankinscense

Crystals - bloodstone, garnet, ruby, onyx, obsidian, azurite, quartz

Cinnamon, cloves, apples, honey, nutmeg, dates, ginger

Star anise, cinnamon and pine cone on a wooden background


Yule / Winter Solstice Ritual




Clear your space and yourself with a smudge bundle, palo santo, full moon sacred water, or a selenite wand.

Picture your space weaving through three dimensions. The outer being a winter forest, the middle layer being a fire lit cabin, while the inner layer being Mother Earth’s womb.



Close your eyes.

Enter your very own sacred forest. Notice the details of this forest as the snow dances and falls from the heavens. Watch the snowflakes choose the ferns of a tree singing a song that only the forest can hear and deeply appreciate.

In the distance you notice smoke rising up from what looks like a log cabin. You walk towards it until you reach the door. You are excited to go in, being warmed by the fire, knowing that behind the door are winter sweets, nourishing drinks, a fireplace, and the hearth of your soul.

You enter. You look around and feel completely at home. Right by the fireplace on the floor is a mug filled with apple cider, a cinnamon stick, cloves, and star anise. Chestnuts are being roasted and the fireplace is decorated with evergreen, holly, pine, sage, cedar, mistletoe, and gold pillar candles. You enjoy your warm drink and take one last look at the fireplace before you leave.

You continue to walk down the forest until you find an old, beautiful, sacred, huge tree. You enter through a small opening and are transported into the center of Mother Earth, her womb. It is dark yet safe. It is here that you can feel your own inner power and wisdom. She guides you to listen to the answers that lie within.

You thank Mother Earth and exit the tree. You walk past the cabin giving thanks to your soul. You walk through the forest giving thanks to life as well as death.


Come back to the present moment.

Take a deep breath in.

Take a deep breath out.


Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

You bow in reverence.




I cast this magick circle

creating a sacred space that binds

those that have come before me

with the elements of earth

I call upon above

I call upon below

to center me within this circle


Opening Space Blessing

I celebrate and give thanks to the full year.

The wheel of the year has completed its cycle once more.

The nights that drew longer and longer comes to an end

as I acknowledge that today is the longest night of our year.


During this time I drop into remembering my challenges;

the times when I felt dark, sad, murky and alone.

There is a knowing that from that place I transformed into a lotus -

gifted with light, life, beauty and power.


I honor the sun as the light returns to me once more.

As the wheel begins a new cycle, I begin my next journey

with a new sense of strength and clarity.




It is time to reflect and celebrate.

What challenges did I experience this year?

What were the learnings?

What can I celebrate?

When looking back, what have I accomplished?

How does that make me feel?

How do I desire to feel in the new year?

What do I desire to experience and manifest in the new year?

What may I give thanks for?




Light four additional candles to honor the four directions - North, East, South and West.

Light incense - honey, cinnamon or cloves


Create a crystal grid with bloodstone, garnet, ruby, onyx, obsidian, azurite, and quartz


Create a wreath or make a holly crown, adding poinsettia.

Essential Oil

Anoint yourself with Frankincense.


Brew tea made with apples, nutmeg, cinnamon, cloves, dates, and ginger.

Alter Creation

Add the colors of red, gold, white, yellow, orange and green.

Place items that represent fertility such as antlers.

Honor your alter with representations of the Gods and Goddesses.

Gods - Ra, Apollo and Surya.

Goddesses - The Triple Goddesses, Gaea, Demeter, Isis, Diana, and Artemis.


On this night, the longest night of the year

I trust the birth of the new dawn

bringing new light into the world and into my life.


On this night I honor the Maiden that resides within me.

She becomes the Mother and then the Crone.

All experiences in my life weave through these stages

as it prepares me for the next cycle of my own evolution.


I honor the Mother Goddesses and the Fire Gods.

I invite you into my circle

showing me my path and guiding me with your light.


I feel the deep knowing.

I feel my power.

I feel my love.

I feel my desire to serve.

I feel my boundaries.

I feel my freedom.

I feel the wild within me.

I feel the life force flowing through me.


The wheel has turned and I call upon the light to bring back

the warmth into my life.

I welcome your return.

Your energy that gives me the inspiration to create and

take my dreams into the shape of action.


As the wheel turns I acknowledge those that have come before me.

My ancestors. My mother’s mother and my father’s father.

I honor their life, their wisdom and the truths they have passed down to me.

I let go of their challenges and stories that no longer serve me.


I honor the cycle of birth, life, death and rebirth.

I honor the forest, the sanctuary, the womb of Mother Earth.

I thank the gods and goddesses for their wisdom.

I ask for blessings for the living energies on this earth.

I send my prayer to Father Sky and Mother Earth.

Let it be heard.

So it is.



State your gratitudes.


Close Circle

May the circle not be broken as the new year turns. May I fully live in this present moment. May the Universe hear my soul’s callings and be gifted with magic & miracles.

So it is.

sales_circle_small4 Circle Closed



If you enjoyed this ritual please share it with your sisters. I would also love to hear from you so please leave a comment below sharing your experience of your Yule & Winter Solstice ritual.




Sora No

Sora Surya No is a transformative business coach, intuitive mentor, international retreat leader, inspirational speaker, fire igniter, heart whisperer, nomadic entrepreneur, and world traveler.


As the creator of the Intuitive Soul and Business Mapping™ and holder of worldwide Radiant Women's Circle Intensives, Sora blends formal education and real world experience with mystical transformation, ritualistic practices, inner reflection, and deepening community to help passionate entrepreneurs integrate feminine energy into their business so they can lead a life that is wild, free, and calm.

Sora’s unique approach brings her clients a resounding level of clarity around how they are being called upon to serve in the world, who their ideal customers are and how to reach them, ways to build a worldwide community that they can leverage for support and partnership, uncovering the fears stalling success and developing rituals for how to work through those blocks, practices for healing the whole self and not just their business, learning how they can use magic everyday for what they would like to create for themselves, how to ask and receive exactly what the Heart desires, and how to run a successful business from anywhere in the world.

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