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Divine Priestess,

My name is Sora Surya No.

I am the holder of circles and leader of soul journeys.

I believe in the Magic of Circle and the Power of Sisterhood.

  • I believe that circles create a safe place for you to be heard and witnessed, empowered and energized. Where you feel completely supported to express yourself in every way possible without judgement or shame.
  • I believe that there is endless power in a community that holds intentions for you and creates the space for you to grow into the leader you truly are.

  • I believe circle creates a safe space for individuals to learn how to be conscious, soulful, intentional human beings.

  • I believe circles give you a place to be heard and witnessed which in return allows all beings to feel empowered and responsible for themselves and this planet.

  • I believe that circle is a cosmic shape that brings form to the mysteries of the ethereal world.

  • I believe circle takes what seems impossible and shows you unlimited amount of possibilities.

Do you believe in the Magic of Circle?

If so, are you ready to hold circle trainings around the world?

If you are, it would be an honor to not only watch you confidently hold circle trainings,
but also touch the hearts of people all over the world.

With love and devotion,

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