I believe in the art of storytelling.

I believe in crafting sacred ceremonies to remind every woman that she is a priestess and a sorceress.

I believe in guiding women through experiences that not only touch their souls but activate something within them that initiates greatness.


One of my favorite activities as a sacred space holder is to crafts intimate and magical experiences for soulful, feminine leaders. I absolutely love connecting with other women and have spoken about sister wounds, magic, energy, intuition, emotion & physical trauma, the power of women’s circles, and the sacredness of rituals & ceremonies.  


Are you looking to add a guest sister to your group program, mastermind, workshop, or retreat?


It would be an honor to connect if you are interested in me


The magical and Divine Sora creates a space at retreats is deep, safe, expansive, and profoundly healing.  She helps participants give themselves permission to dive deeply into that which most scares them and to face that which they have been avoiding, leading to the most powerful transformation possible. Sora knows how to cultivate a space that is both sacred and fun, which makes spirituality and magic so enjoyable.  She also helps everyone feel welcome, so we are all one big family, each person feeling valued and included for their own unique gifts and essence.

She is both fire and water, a catalyst and a nurturer, a sweet safe resting point, and a dance party in motion. She is an expert in the area of retreats, amongst other things, and knows how to guide each participant Home to themselves and their True Power.  Retreats with Sora are miraculous.

-Cora, Life and Spiritual Coach.


"Sora's presence in a room is undeniable, no matter what the circumstances may be, but put her in front of an audience and her power is palpable. She commands attention not through brute force but through her ability to read a room within an instant and deliver what is needed. Sora can effortlessly guide an entire audience through a journey of magic and ritual, while creating a space for anyone to come along for the ride...regardless of how familiar you may be with her kind of work. When Sora presents her work, she embodies this idea of stepping into her POWER, while simultaneously inviting her audience to do the same. Sora is magic. It's as simple as that."

-Jenn, Leadership + Impact Coach