Women coming together in circle is a powerful experience
to witness and participate in.  

Book Sora to hold a ceremony, a circle, facilitate a workshop, speak, or lead women through dance and song.


My name is Sora Surya No and I am a circle facilitator and space holder. I lead women, men, and children through sacred experiences based on the idea of circles, rituals, and ceremonies. The intention behind the community circle is for people to remember that they are wise, intuitive, and loving creatures on this planet. Their ability to create miracles happen when they fall in love with themselves and their brothers and sisters. Circles are potent formations that activates one’s innate power and calls in transformative manifestations.

For many, MAGIC is this mystical component that feels a bit unaccessible and distant, yet exciting and potent.

My role as a Sacred Ceremonialist is to walk with you, hand-in-hand, while you find the magic within.

I have spent years as a student on the path of the Cosmic Warrior Priestess, holding live trainings and retreats all around the world. Now, more than ever, I hear the calling to hold sacred space for women to guide them in remembering their potent medicine in this world.

This can be done through:

  • Sacred Circle

  • Sacred Ceremony

  • Speaking on Stage

  • Group Facilitation

I rejoice in meeting new communities of women and forming deep, meaningful sisterships.

If you desire to invite a Cosmic Warrior Priestess to commune with your tribe and guide them through one or more of these practices and connect with their inner priestess, I would be honored to serve your and your community.  We will access the mystery while also ensuring that your curated experience feels held, accessible, and grounded.


Sacred Circle


Allow me to guide your community through a playful and transformative experience. After listening to the intention of your VIP day, workshop, conference, retreat, or group program, I will craft a sacred experience based on the needs of your group and based on your vision. We will begin with opening sacred space, dive into rituals, tap into the wisdom of the group, connect with the cosmos, learn practices that are grounded and practical, while feeling deeply rooted by the guidance of Mother Earth.

A Sacred Circle can include any of the following experiences:

  • Energy Work

  • Intuition Exercises

  • Indigenous Shamanic practices

  • Singing, Drumming, Dancing, Movement

  • Altar Craft

  • Other Priestess Magick practices

A Sacred Circle can be anywhere from 1-3 hours. 

You know that feeling when exactly what you were looking for pops up on your life? It was Sora’s vulnerability and openness that drew me in. She welcomed me into her community and provided lots of information. The experiential Sacred Circle was exactly that and I was exposed to so many different ways to both heal myself and others. I loved the variety of experiences and learning in an environment where Sora was highly aware that we all process differently and ALL of it is okay. All of us were really there for each other through the weekend on so many levels. Sora is a strong and calm leader which is a wonderful vibe to learn from.
— Christine Hart

Sacred Ceremony


A Sacred Ceremony is a potent journey deep into the mystical realms where we truly witness magic. This is the time that we harness our powers and focus on using them for the greater good whether it's to heal ourselves, raise the vibration of the earth, or to create greater change on a global level. Ceremony unlocks the mysteries that are hidden from logic and instead, is accessed through faith and intuition

It is a great privilege to be a Sacred Ceremonialist for you and your group. There is nothing like witnessing people remember and reunite with their divine gifts. 

The ceremonies that I hold are deeply embedded in connecting with Earth-based Medicine Practices in honor of Mother Earth and the elements. 

Ceremonies can include:

  • Cacao Ceremony to go deep into the belly of your own shadow

  • Fire Ceremony for letting go of or igniting a new vision

  • Water Ceremony for cleaning or rebirth

  • Gratitude Ceremony to help shift your perspective and call in manifestations

  • Clearings to release dense energy and call in the sweet nectar of life

  • Blessingways to bless new beginnings

  • Rites of passage to initiation into the next stage of your ascension

  • Eternal Love Ceremony where one vows to be in a deep, sacred, loving partnership with themselves, their business, or their partner for one year and one day

  • And so many other ceremonies based on your desires or the group's intentions

A Sacred Ceremony can be anywhere from 1/2 a day to a full day. 


Speaking on Stage


I believe in the art of storytelling and creating a dynamic group experience. I believe the audience has the ability to connect with the speaker and other fellow audience members during a talk which will help them integrate the message and the lessons with more grace and ease. 

My talks may be around:

  • The path of a priestess

  • Release and Let Go

  • Healing through sisterhood

  • Falling in love with your divine self through the art of circle

  • Death beyond the body: letting it all go to become whole again

Sora is a unique powerhouse, capable of capturing an entire audience’s attention simply by taking the stage. Her magic is palpable and immediately draws you in, holding your attention in an effortless yet commanding way. Sora’s message is equally as powerful, inviting women to remember that they are magical beings with the innate ability to weave the life of their dreams while being supported by sisterhood and witnessed in the full spectrum of what it means to be a woman. Sora creates an unrivaled environment of acceptance, permission, magic and intention. Without you even realizing it, Sora guides you through a transformation that will stay with you for a lifetime.
— Jenn Lederer

Group Facilitation


I adore weaving magic with badass business strategy while strengthening's one's ability to be powerful and courageous soulful feminine leaders. Let me facilitate your mastermind retreat, host a laser coaching session, intuitive map your group's business vision, develop a more powerful personal brand, and so much more.

Together we may tap into you or your clients' heart’s truest desires. Weave together a life and business that feeds your soul. And create a business filled with abundance, beauty, and grace. Using a series of playful, guided experiences that call upon your intuition and aspiration, we’ll open up to the possibilities and opportunities that are your life’s purpose. 

Together, as a collective, we shall develop clear actionable steps and attainable goals. Channel your ideal client and design a way to connect with them. Design your heart-centered-service and map out a manageable timeline. Synthesize your vision, learn how to let your intuition guide you, and more! 

Facilitation can be around:

  • Soulful Brands

  • Archetypes to support business growth

  • Intuitive Business Mapping

  • Laser coaching

  • Loving hotseats

  • Badass strategy session

  • Magic practices and meditations to deepen your relationship with your business

I have the privilege of being in the hot seat during Tiffany Scott’s Sister Success Live in Los Angeles. As I shared with her my business challenges, she helped me see through a new perspective how I could step into my own power, instead of trying to fit into what works for others. In her coaching Sora has a way of drawing from many layers, from archetypes to mythology and painting a vivid picture of how a person shows up. She is able to combine sacred space-holding with right to the point business talk in a very illuminating way, that is a pleasure to receive. The process allowed me to shift my thinking, or rather let go of aspects that I was not aware of. Thank you Sora, for your deep, insightful and gracious spirit.
— Jordan Wolan
I recently had the pleasure to work with Sora during a hot seat at a weekend workshop. I had no idea what I was in for! Sora’s ability to see through all of the layers I had built around my Self and into the core of what was really needing to be healed and begging for attention was amazing. The minute she said what she saw, I knew it to be true. I didn’t necessarily ‘like’ hearing it and although I thought I was surprised, I realized that I wasn’t. It hurt but was such a relief. And Sora then proceeded to give me tools on how to further work with this on my own. She did this in minutes. I have never experienced such deep healing and coaching on such a spiritual level. Although I had never worked with Sora before, I felt completely safe, seen, and guided. Sora is direct and cuts to the chase and feels at once horrifying but comforting. I wanted to hate her because I felt so exposed (LOL) but could only love her and feel an immense gratitude for her sacred knowledge and abilities. Thank you Sora. You are truly a gift.
— Katherine Nilbrink

If you are interested in inviting me to be a guest at your next workshop, mastermind, retreat, conference, or program, please email me at [email protected]. Sora Surya No HQ is located in Asheville, North Carolina, USA.

I would be so delighted to connect and see if we can work some magic together.

The magical and Divine Sora creates a space at retreats is deep, safe, expansive, and profoundly healing.  She helps participants give themselves permission to dive deeply into that which most scares them and to face that which they have been avoiding, leading to the most powerful transformation possible. Sora knows how to cultivate a space that is both sacred and fun, which makes spirituality and magic so enjoyable.  She also helps everyone feel welcome, so we are all one big family, each person feeling valued and included for their own unique gifts and essence.

She is both fire and water, a catalyst and a nurturer, a sweet safe resting point, and a dance party in motion. She is an expert in the area of retreats, amongst other things, and knows how to guide each participant Home to themselves and their True Power.  Retreats with Sora are miraculous. -Cora, Life and Spiritual Coach.


"Sora's presence in a room is undeniable, no matter what the circumstances may be, but put her in front of an audience and her power is palpable. She commands attention not through brute force but through her ability to read a room within an instant and deliver what is needed. Sora can effortlessly guide an entire audience through a journey of magic and ritual, while creating a space for anyone to come along for the ride...regardless of how familiar you may be with her kind of work. When Sora presents her work, she embodies this idea of stepping into her POWER, while simultaneously inviting her audience to do the same. Sora is magic. It's as simple as that." -Jenn, Leadership + Impact Coach


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