I believe in the power of sisterhood and love to collaborate with other soulful, feminine leaders. Thank you for doing what you do and asking me to be a part of it. It's truly an honor. 


To ensure that I am not overextending myself and creating experiences that are in true alignment with myself, I am a yes to discerning how, when, and why I am taking on a collaborative project. 


With so much love and deep devotion, I say YES to:

  • being interviewed or sharing a ritual via a podcast, video, or live call

  • share my thoughts about soulful feminine leadership, priestess entrepreneurship, and/or about sacred business

  • honoring the divine feminine through sacred rites of passage, rituals and ceremonies

  • speaking about being a priestess and a badass sorceress in life and biz

  • participating in summits/events featuring guests from diverse backgrounds


With a deep bow of gratitude I say NO to:

  • sister, I absolutely love sharing other people's work and if there is space and time in my calendar to do so, I will. At the same time, I am a NO to a requirement of sending stand alone emails to my tribe about a telesummit, podcast, interview, event, or program. I am eager to share you with the world and will do so with love via social media and mention you in newsletters that are sent out with personal content.

  • any collaboration that has a minimum required number of people on my list. My tribe is sacred dear one and I do not believe in seeing them as just a number. So any projects that has this as a requirement is not in alignment with how I hold my space nor my business.

  • amazing projects but are at the wrong time for me. Sometimes there are beautiful collaborations that I desire to be a part of that does not work with my schedule. It hurts my soul to say no to these but I also know when the divine timing is right, magic will occur.

  • projects that are exclusive or do not include people from diverse backgrounds

  • your interest in having me as part of your collaboration stems from filling your quota on representing BIPOC in your marketing


I thank you for honoring the way in which I desire to collaborate. If this still feels in alignment with you, please email me at info @ sorasuryano.com. I look forward to learning more. 

With love,



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