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Imagine knowing the woman that made your clothes. Imagine making them with her. Imagine her craftsmanship with your creativity.

This is what we do and this is what you can do to.

Create, mindfully consume, give back.

All our products are designed to create awareness for social good, female entrepreneurship and connection with indigenous women.

Join us, in your wardrobe, in your home or on retreat.

Create with the women. Connect with your creativity. Consciously Consume.

Featured Mayan Huipil Blouses

Vintage Rainbow White Huipi

This is a beautiful, hand-woven vintage Mayan blouse from Guatemala. Similar to a poncho, there are no sleeves. These intricate pieces are done on recycled cotton, white fabric. Please note this is a vintage piece and was passed down from one woman to another. Round neckline.

Choose with intentionality for there are no returns.

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Chevron Rainbow Huipil

This is a beautiful, hand-woven Mayan blouse from Guatemala. Similar to a poncho, there are no sleeves. These intricate pieces are done on recycled cotton, naturally-dyed fabric.

Button clasp at the rounded neckline.

Choose with intentionality for there are no returns.

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Long Red Huipil Gown

Intricately hand-embroidered woven priestess gown was made by women in Guatemala. These traditional Mayan tops are designed on recycled woven fabric that has been naturally dyed with vegetables or medicinal plants. 

Petal neckline.

Choose with intentionality for there are no returns.

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Featured Sacred Bags

Yellow huipil clutch

Yellow triangle embroidery hand clutch has a velcro closure with an outside front zipper pocket.

This is the perfect clutch to keep your money stored in as you honor an abundance practice. You may also keep your phone, wallet, and keys while hitting the cafe for a caffeinated delight. Recycled huipil, which is a handwoven Mayan design, has been incorporated in this style. The inside as a lining so it's easy to clean.

Height 5 3/4" x Width 10 1/4"

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White Square Leather Medicine Pouch

White Square Leather Medicine Pouch

The perfect medicine bag to keep your sacred tools such as tobacco, sage, palo santo, paper, and any other tools needed for your healing work.

Height 7 1/2" x Width 5 3/4"

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Yellow and green huipil suede wrist bag

Yellow and brown suede wrist bag with inside zippered pocket

This clutch is made with traditional handmade Mayan huipil. It's been embroidered with cotton yarn. The backside is suede and the inside is lined with an inner zippered pocket. This wrist bag is perfect to keep your wallet, cell phone, and other sacred tools needed throughout your day.

Height 8" x Width 6 1/2"

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Featured Travel Bags

Green and navy striped bag

Utz Batz’ Collective Tote

A travel tote that is perfect to use while visiting sacred lands around the world. 

Grey, green and navy striped natural-dyed, hand woven, pouch with inside lining, zipped inside pocket, inside cell phone and pen holder.

asy to pack, simple to clean.

Height 14”, Length 18”, Width 7 1/2”

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Large pink travel pouch

A large pouch by the beautiful Utz Batz’ Collective.

Purple, pink, yellow, green striped natural-dyed, hand woven pouch with inside lining and two inside pockets

Size: Height 7 1/2”, Length 11”, Width 4”

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Small Purple Blue Cosmetic Bag

Utz Batz’ Collective

Purple blue hues natural-dyed, hand woven pouch with inside lining

Size: Height 5 3/4”, Length 7 1/2”, Width 4” 

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Coming Soon...

Priestess clothes, leather accessories, jewelry, medicine bags, sacred home goods, and other Collectively Woven merchandise.

Frequently Asked Questions


Collectively Woven Info

Each piece is unique due to the nature of handmade products. The sizes, colors, patterns, and fabric will be a bit different from one piece to another. This includes all garments, accessories, and home products.

Mayan traditional Huipiles that have been brought back are also not hemmed. They are frayed which provides a natural, charming quality and ensures no two pieces are the same. You will notice how they are not done by a machine and instead be inspired by the time and dedication to create these masterpieces.


We are currently offering free shipping for any purchases that are over $200. 

Additional cost for shipping are: 

  • United States: $12.95
  • Canada: $22.95
  • Europe: $27:95
  • Rest of the World: $34.95

Please allow at least 3 business days for your order to process prior to shipment.
7-10 days of transit time though most sisters will receive their orders faster than that if you live in the U.S. 
International orders will take a little longer. 

Important information for international customers >> Please note that we shall declare all packages, no matter that it includes as a gift valuing $15-20 USD. You are responsible for all duty fees and custom declarations in your own country. We are not responsible for lost or delayed packages. 

Returns and Exchanges

All sales are final every piece has been curated with love and devotion. Sora and Eric have traveled to Guatemala to connect with the women's collectives and picked out pieces that spoke to them. We invite you to please feel into the merchandise and choose with care. We unfortunately cannot exchange or have you return a product because you have have changed your mind. Let us celebrate the artisans by supporting their work, their craft, and the quality of their life.

To ensure that this experience feels sacred and seamless, here are some suggestions:

>> If you have any questions about the items at hand, please reach out to us at [email protected] Share with us what you desire to know and we will be happy to respond with detail information which could even include a little video love note for you sharing the merchandise you are interested in purchasing. 

>> Please remember that no item will look the same because the brilliant artisans are creating unique handmade items. 

>> If there is is any concern with your sacred purchase, we are more than happy to connect. If there is a faulty hardware we may exchange the product for you though please be aware that we may not have the same item in stock.

>> All postal fees for an exchange will be paid by the customer. 

Care Instructions

Loving reminder that our artisans have handmade all of these curated products. Therefore, the frays, imperfections, and recycled materials are what makes these items special. As a cosmic warrior priestess, I invite you to see the beauty, charm, and talent behind each sacred item. 

As a sacred space holder, healer, witch, priestess, retreat guide, teacher, bohemian goddess, and star sister, may we continue to be dedicated to women supporting women.

Create with the women. Connect with your creativity. Consciously Consume.

All our products are designed to create awareness for social good, female entrepreneurship and connection with indigenous women.

How to take care of your merchandise:
>> Use gentle, natural soap and cold water to either hand wash or spot clean.
>> You may notice that your garment or merchandise frays or has loose threads. Please do not pull but instead use scissors to cut any loose strands. 

Trip to Guatemala

Sister, do you desire to join us on a buying trip to Guatemala? We would love to have you! I am more than happy to create a personal shopping trip with you at any time or during a scheduled retreat. Therefore, if the below dates do not work, we simply look at our calendars and carve out 7 days that work for us both. Your private trip can be solo, with another dear girlfriend, or with your partner. 

Women Collectively Woven
A Sacred Awakening Guatemala Design, Shopping + Ceremony Retreat
April 7-14, 2018

Over ten years ago I was called to the sacred land of Guatemala. I spent two beautiful years getting to know the land and her people. Much of my time outside of teaching was spent in Antigua which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and the majestic Lake Atitlan which is the crater of a huge volcano that resides under the water. Many come from all of the world to immerse themselves in the indigenous Mayan culture along with other spiritual practices.

Each village that surrounds the lake has a distinct feel and unique customs which include their deep knowledge in a particular craft that have been passed down from one generation to another.

Let me share a little bit about Guatemala before I share more info regarding an exciting experience I hope you feel the call to participate in.

There are about 24 ethnic groups in Guatemala which counts for 6 million people (60% of the total Guatemalan population) and of that, 22% are affected with extreme poverty. In Lake Atitlan and in several other villages around Guatemala, women have begun women’s collectives or cooperatives. They are run within their community and no woman can join more than one collective ensuring that each have the opportunity to learn a craft, design, create, make and fine-tune their skills as an artisan. This knowledge is then passed along to their children, especially the young girls.

On a good day, a woman may earn 25 quetzales which is about $3.60 USD while a woman who is part of a women’s collective may earn 150 quetzales, approximately $21.43 USD a day. That is an 83% increase in their household earnings. Not only that, the women have expressed to us that they feel empowered and free to support their families and create a life that honors their heritage while also improving their daily lives.

So why do I share this, dear sister?

Over a year ago I sat with Eric, my partner, sharing a dream I had. To return to sacred places that are near and dear to my heart like Guatemala and Peru. I would search for women’s collectives and share their stories, their beautiful handmade merchandise, and learn to be more intentional and conscious around consumption. A month before arriving in Guatemala Eric and I dropped in and vowed to try. To try this out and see what magic would arise from this devotional act.

With so much love, I introduce you to Collectively Woven, a sacred experience that shall open your heart, connect you with inspiring women around the world, and encourage you to consider social conscious consumerism. Collectively Woven will be an experience, but it will now also be a clothing and home goods brand that honors women supporting women.

As your guide, we invite you to join us in April for a Women Collectively Woven Retreat in Guatemala.

Women Collectively Woven
A Sacred Awakening Guatemala Design, Shopping + Ceremony Retreat
April 7-14, 2018

I have always loved merchandise which led me to a previous career in fashion. This along with my love for far and away places, conversing with travelers and locals, exploring new sacred lands, yummy food, magic, rituals and ceremonies, and women supporting women - this project is the divine union of all that I am.


This is for you if…

  • You yearn to know where your products come from: conscious consumption
  • You feel the call to explore Guatemala, specifically Lake Atitlan and Antigua
  • You would love to design your own product for your home, wardrobe, or business
  • You desire to meet the women artisans, hear their stories, and support their businesses
  • You are ready to go on a retreat where you may also rest, slow down, and be nourished
  • You are interested in learning more about cooperatives or how we go from design to product to brand storytelling to final sale as an online conscious business


You will experience:

  • A Mayan Ceremony
  • Massage with an amazing healer
  • Excursions to different villages around the lake
  • Tours and intimate connection time with the women’s collectives
  • Shopping for inspiration
  • Design days where we help you design your personal merchandise that the women will them make specifically for you
  • Beautiful accommodations at a eco-conscious hotel on Lake Atitlan and in Antigua


I personally would be so excited if you joined us. I love you deeply and as a sister, it would be such a gift to share this magical experience with you. Simply email us at [email protected]tivelywoven.com to learn more. You'll be asked to put down a $500 deposit to secure your spot. 


The total cost of the Women Collectively Woven Retreat is $3,999


This includes:

  • 5 nights in Lake Atitlan and 2 nights in Antigua at two beautiful hotels
  • Transport to and from the airport to Lake Atitlan
  • All sacred excursions (ceremonies, massage and tours)
  • Meeting the talented artisans of the women’s collectives where you will purchase and design your goodies. We ensure that you will receive great service and amazing prices.
  • Design support and loving guidance from Sora 
  • Sacred space holding, heavy lifting, warm celebrations, and creative direction from Eric


What this does not include:

  • Your flight from your country to Guatemala City
  • Food, snacks, extra activities you desire to participate in
  • Your shopping purchases from the women’s collectives
  • Other incidentals such as gratuities


Women Collectively Woven
A Sacred Awakening Guatemala Design, Shopping + Ceremony Retreat
April 7-14, 2018
Full amount of $3,999
Or a deposit of $500 with 6 installments of $585


Let the journey begin. Say yes, dear sister.

We are collectively woven in sisterhood and together we can change the world one item at a time.

Stay Sacred,