Frequently Asked Questions

+ Will this be worth the investment?

That is up to you, beautiful. Your openness, flexibility, devotion, and presence is what will show you the invaluable outcomes that this sacred experience provides. You must be willing to meet myself, the group, and the Great Mother as a sovereign, self-responsible being who is ready to be uncomfortable and move through her fears courageously in honor of her business.

+ Can’t I do this alone?

Yes you can. As an entrepreneur, there is much that you must do alone. And, I believe that the people you surround yourself with help mirror your greatness. By being with an incredible circle of sisters who equally are dedicated to their gifts and craft, you will be invited to step up the way in which you walk in the world. How magnificent is that?

+ I’ve worked with business coaches before.

I believe each coach gives you the exact medicine that you need at that moment. Sometimes that feels inspiring and other times constricting. I believe that when we come together, create agreements, and always show up honestly ready to have soulful conversations, our divine union creates magic. I trust you to discern if I am the coach for you at this moment in time.

+ Why does sisterhood matter?

You may moan about how the patriarchy has created an unjust system or that we are far from social equality but what are you actually doing about it? How are you taking responsibility for your own actions, thoughts, feelings, and interpersonal relationships? Sister wounds stem from the patriarchy and so it is time to bravely take a good look at ourselves and notice where we are still guarding our hearts, comparing ourselves, and hiding from the deep shadow work that is required to be aligned business owners. Sisterhood matters. Why? Because it helps us identify the areas we need to work on.

+ What if I don’t have the money?

Breathe sister. I will not be convincing you otherwise. The mastermind is for sisters who feel they currently have the resources, either from their business or because they whole-heartedly know they can create the monetary funds. I honor where you are and know this. The time will come when taking a leap like this feels like a bit of a stretch but not disheartening. I believe in you and trust in divine timing.

For those of you who know you actually do have the money or can create this amount with ease, allow your ego to go there and then release the illusion that you do not have the funds because you do! Could you allow yourself to say yes? What are you scared of? What great transformation can come from this experience that your heart yearns for and yet you are hesitant to embrace? We, as a collective group of spiritual womxn leaders and entrepreneurs are ready for you.

+ I cannot possibly attend all these calls.

What if we held a space and considered the idea that you could attend as many of these calls as possible? Once you have immersed yourself in the group you will notice that it feels even harder to miss a call. They are so deliciously nourishing that your soul will miss them when you cannot attend. If a sister who gave birth and has a toddler attended the calls after her baby was about 25 days old, then I believe you can as well. Don’t worry, as sisters, we will help you create the time and space for this.

+ Do I have to attend the retreat?

You are not required to attend a retreat but I highly encourage you to come. The retreat is fun, informative, and deeply nourishing. Not only do you get to play with your dear sisters in person, but these 3-day experiences are life-changing.

+ Are there other ways to work with you?

I invite you to consider Priestess Temple School or Priestess Mistressmind if you are looking for more guidance on embodying the archetype of the Priestess. You can find information at On occasion I take on 1:1 clients so if that is of interest, please email [email protected] Lastly, I invite you to join our free social platform and meet other Spiritual Womxn Leaders and Entrepreneurs at

+ Contact Us

Do you have another inquiry? If so, email us at [email protected]


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