Enjoy your Sacred Ritual Kit!

Sister, welcome. I am twirling around in delight knowing that you have found your way here. May you experience magic & miracles in your life everyday. And, I hope you share your stories with me.


Catching snowflakes with my tongue.
Hearing a child laugh.
Walking in the woods.
Dancing in front of a fire.
Having a cup of coffee.
Hugging a dear sister.
Creating sacred space.
Cultivating a relationship with women around the world.


These are all things that I just LOVE. My all time favorite activity is crafting rituals and creating unique experiences for women. From my heart to yours, here is the Sacred Ritual Kit. 

May you enjoy it. 
May if feel accessibly.
May you feel the sacredness.
May it spark a light within.

Click the Image
to download your Sacred Ritual Kit


Carve out time to nestle in with the kit. Light a candle, find a cozy spot, sip some warm tea, and enjoy! Once you have read through the guide, will you send me a little love note. You can deliver it to [email protected]

Enter the tribe of global sisters.

Enter the Sacred Circle