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You are worthy of liberating your soul's gifts into the world through cosmic healing, energy clearing, and divine alignment. Once this occurs you are unstoppable and not only do you thrive in life but also in business.

I invite you to journey with me into the outer realms with a magic energy healing session. We shall work with your guides and quickly come into right relation with your blocks, stories, and wounds. Once we do this, intuitively we will know how this relates to your business. Our final act will be to create strategies for your business that is specifically done in honor of your unique business.


To begin your healing, you'll send me an email, a voice recording, or a video sharing information about yourself based on watching a video from me. This will be the personal invitation from you that allows me to enter your field and work the energy prior to our time together.

I shall be sitting with your higher self and your council for at least 30 minutes. You may begin to notice that you are being worked even before we meet virtually. 

In the 30-minute video healing session with me, we shall: 

>>> Ground in together. 

>>> Open space and call in our guides.

>>> Work with your energetic body as I navigate the different realms on your behalf.

>>> Integrate the transmissions.

>>> Create clear business steps that are in alignment with your vision and your business.

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"Sora’s ability to see through all of the layers I had built around my Self and into the core of what was really needing to be healed and begging for attention was amazing. The minute she said what she saw, I knew it to be true. I didn’t necessarily ‘like’ hearing it and although I thought I was surprised, I realized that I wasn’t. Sora then proceeded to give me tools on how to further work with this on my own. She did this in minutes." 

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"Sora has a way of drawing from many layers, from archetypes to mythology and painting a vivid picture of how a person shows up. She is able to combine sacred space-holding with right to the point business talk in a very illuminating way, that is a pleasure to receive. The process allowed me to shift my thinking, or rather let go of aspects that I was not aware of." 


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>>> Are willing to experience magic.

>>> Trust the unseen, the unheard.

>>> Desire to connect with their body in a deeper way.

>>> Excited to be activated by their Celestial council of guides.

>>> Believe healing doesn’t always have to be a mental process.

>>>Honor one’s time and devoted to being prepared and showing up fully.

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>>> Are skeptical.

>>> Need to fact find her way through her healing. 

>>> Desire the "hows".

>>> Look for practices and practical next steps.

>>> Are nonbelievers of magic.

>>> Are unwilling to let your soul guide the process.

>>> Are unable to release expectation or end results.