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Thank you for trusting in your Celestial Council in guiding you here. I am filled with immense gratitude, what a blessing to serve you and your highest self in this sacred way!


Your first step is to watch this video. 
Carve out sacred time when you can drop in and allow your answers to come forth with divine ease and grace.


Your next step is to send me a video, an audio or an email.
Share with me with what’s come forth from you, at least 24 hours before our call. Please drop your audio or video below, or email me at sor[email protected]


The magic will be working through you even before we get on the call. Please find a quiet space where you will not be disturbed. Remembering this is as if you were coming to my healing sanctuary where your phone would be turned off, no family members would be with you, and you are ready to be in communion with your highest self. Since we will be in the field, it is important you are not disturbed.



Please get yourself some water, light a candle, close your eyes, and meditate. I invite you to use this Spotify playlist so you may tune into our frequency.


I ask that you to use your individual zoom link to enter our virtual temple. And, I look forward to seeing you on the other side.