I invite you to join me for a mystical journey
to the center of your soul at a women’s circle intensive training.

Welcome, beautiful soul.

You may be craving sisterhood and deep connection. Possibly you desire to be part of something bigger, juicier, and create more impactful. Maybe your inner voice is telling you that you should be holding circle, but you’re not quite sure what that means or how it looks. You may also be longing to be in community with like-minded women who want to experience mystical rituals.

Enter the Sacred Circle Path and enroll in a 5-day women's circle training. Be a part of a tribe of sisters who hold a safe, inviting, loving and protected space. 

The Sacred Circle LIVE training gives you the tools and the experience to create your own Women’s Circle.

Upon completion of the training, you will not only be confident in running your own circles, you will have an immediate community filled with women who have the same desired purpose as you. This allows you to continue this work with support of other women.

I will support you as you learn to create your Sacred Women’s Circles through a playful and transformative experience.

We begin with opening sacred space, dive into rituals and ceremonies, learn the importance of holding space, understand how to transition from one activity to another, learn the guidelines to creating and experiencing circle, tap into wisdom passed down from women, do energy work, and create circle based on concepts.

From this experience you will be confident in leading your own circle.

You will have a wealth of knowledge, practices and tools to grow your circles. You will have the desire to connect with your community and make a difference. You will be able to see how this can support your life spiritually and financially.
You will be inspired. You will be loved. You will be a leader.


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Sacred Circle Training: Elements Foundation

You are ready to step into being a potent sacred space holder. One that channels the divine and creates transformational experiences that move your tribe members through their shadow and into the light with beauty, grace, and sovereignty. You will connect more deeply with your intuition, your sisters, and Mother Earth. More than you ever thought possible while developing unbreakable bonds that will support you on your path to success and living the life of your dreams.

In this training we will cover:

  • creating rituals
  • holding sacred space
  • clearing and grounding
  • partaking in ceremonies
  • movement and dance
  • diving into inner spiritual work through individual, partner and group exercises
  • the importance of transitions
  • guidelines for circle
  • facilitating with ease and confidence
  • building community
  • honoring the elements 
  • the magic principles of earth, water, air, and fire
  • altarcraft

Sacred Circle Training: Art of Ceremony

It is time to step over the threshold and deepen your relationship with the Goddess. Let us remember and reunite with your divine gift, your circle medicine, and become the devotee of the Great Mother. It is here we become ceremonialists, learning the ancient and sacred ways of a priestess. 

We do this together, in sisterhood.

In this training we will cover:

  • a deeper look of being a space holder
  • what it means to be a ceremonialist
  • sacred ceremonies such as a blessingway, cacao ceremony, a despacho, and a handfasting
  • how to create your own ceremonies
  • navigating through transitions and respecting the in betweens
  • the art of consecrating magic tools
  • honoring your voice through songs and other sacred vocal practices
  • movement and music principles
  • magic energy medicine
  • celebrating the moon and her cycles 
  • learn different rituals in honor of a women's menstrual cycle


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Sora is a wise and gifted facilitator of teachings, ceremony and love. She has this profound ability to hold sacred space, allowing flow and magic to touch every participant. In the Radiant Women’s Circle Intensive Training, I received deep insights around my own healing and also learned how I can expand my medicines to touch more people. I highly recommend this training for those who are new to facilitating circle and to those who are seasoned facilitators. You will leave feeling refreshed, deeply inspired and ready to dream your own magic into being. Chi Meegwetch beautiful Sora, for all that you are and all that you do.
— Asha Frost, Homeopath, First Nations Healer

Sacred Circle Live Training


USA - Oct 2018

Training: Elements Foundation
Place: Scholé
Asheville, NC (accommodations are available at extra cost)
Date: Mon, Oct 29 - Fri, Nov 2, 2018 (5 days)
Time: 10am -  5pm
TUITION: $625 USD / 3 installments of $215

Food and accommodations are not included but you may call Scholé to reserve a shared or private room.
Gorgeous sisters, please note that we do not offer cancellation refunds for the Sacred Circle LIVE trainings.

  • Sora masterfully and magically creates the possibility for deep connections between women in a very short amount of time. I attended her Sacred Women’s Circle not knowing what to really expect. It was a surprising and beautiful experience I’ll never forget. Meeting a room full of women for the first time, we quickly became close friends – somehow. This is the magic that Sora creates wherever she goes. She is a brilliant guide into safe, sacred space where you can feel free to access your deepest held fears and emotions. Once we name these fears out loud, and have them acknowledge without judgment by another, the shame and guilt that built them up so much in your system is dissolved and we are able to release the fear. This is the experience I had on multiple levels, working with Sora in just one evening. Extraordinary, thank you Sora.
    — – Gina Knepell, Founder and Creator of the Nourish Method™, San Francisco Sacred Women’s Circle participant
  • Sora’s Sacred Women’s Circle is an opportunity to experience the power that we have as women to create, explore, and uncover who we are and what we have to offer the world and each other. It’s an honest and unapologetic moment to embrace (and share) our femininity and everything that comes with it. I had an immediate connection to Sora’s warm and open way of being. She has a powerful presence that radiates generosity and compassion. She saw straight to the heart of what was holding me back and within the space of a short period of time opened my eyes to a world of possibility and uncovered some obvious opportunities for me to pursue my passion!
    — -Chara Caruthers, Founder of Bliss Body & Soul
  • I feel connected to the Sacred Women’s Circle community. It’s a loving space where women honor themselves and each other, and that’s exactly what I needed. I was drawn to Sora because she seemed like a woman who would draw a community that I would fit into. She struck me as so generous and loving, I wanted to be around that energy. From being in the Women’s Circle, I felt stronger inside, and more aware that my personal power can alter not only a situation, but how I present myself and what I accept and don’t accept. The Sacred Circle helped me see that I had the right to stand up for myself and how I could do that. I invite women who are introspective and willing to make changes and see where her behavior and feelings can directly impact her physical and emotional well-being to join this training. This is brave work, so it’s not for the faint of heart!
    — -Erin
  • Sora’s Sacred Circle is just that – a circle of divine, radiant, glowing sisterhood that supports, encourages, and co-creates. Sora is our guide and she leads with such purity and light from her heart. As part of the circle, I feel a sense of calm and connectedness when I am able to release my feelings, thoughts, and needs in presence of these other women. But they are now my sisters–a web extending all over the world.
    — -Alia

My name is Sora Surya No.

I am the holder of circles and leader of soul journeys.

Sora Surya No is a sacred space holder, strategy alchemist, transformative business coach, international retreat leader, inspirational speaker, fire igniter, heart whisperer, and world traveler.

She works with sovereign awakened women entrepreneurs to incorporate the art of feeling sacred into their business through rituals, ceremonies, and the divine feminine.

Sora loves to sit in ceremony with sisters and share the art of holding circle. She leads women through powerful experiences in her mastermind, on retreats, and from the stage. Sora blends real world experience with mystical transformation, ritualistic practices, inner reflection, and deepening community to help soulful feminine leaders create great impact while priestessing their life. She is a believer of sisterhood and living a life that is wild, free, and calm.

I believe in the Power of Women’s Circles and the Magic of Sisterhood.

I believe that Circles create a safe place for you to be heard and witnesses, empowered and energized. Where you feel completely supported to express yourself in every way possible without judgement or shame.

I believe that there is endless power in a community that holds intentions for you and creates the space for you to grow into the leader you truly are.

I witness magic at every single Sacred Circle LIVE training. It often looks like:

  • Discovering your own voice and gaining the confidence to stand in your own power;
  • Learning how to hold a circle and how to start circles in your own community;
  • Having a group of women you can call sister – women from your own circle and in our global tribe;
  • Healing old wounds and feeling more deeply connected to others, your own intuition, and Mother Earth;
  • Creating immediate impact and change within yourself by using the collective energy of the circle to get clear about your heart’s desires and manifest what you truly want;
  • Harnessing the power of sisterhood to make the impact you want in the world;
  • Believing in your own inner voice and trusting your intuition to guide you on the right path.

Are you ready to make your own magic?

Then I am calling on you, dear sister, to join me at a

Sacred Circle LIVE training.

This training is for women who feel the urge to step forth as leaders, ready to not only do personal inner work but help transform other women. These are women who have a natural gift as caretakers, listeners, connectors. They are visionaries, luminaries, healers, warriors and lightworkers.

Sacred Circle LIVE training is for you if…

  • You are the type of woman that has a deep desire within you to help other women in your community.
  • You see yourself as a leader – a person whom women can turn to for guidance and support.
  • The ancient ways of living, including the concept of the Red Tent, appeals to you.
  • You have intuitive desires to create sisterhood and, from deep within your soul, crave the chance to do so.
  • More than magic … more than sisterhood … It’s a journey to the center of your heart and a new way of being and teaching.


Sister Testimonials

I entered into your Radiant Woman’s Circle Intensive full of curiosity. I was intrigued by the magic that you create; the burning sage, the crystals, feathers, Goddess cards, candles, essential oils, little statues, the cauldron that helped create the beautiful alter. I trusted in your knowledge and in your wisdom that the weekend would be safe, full of magic, self-care devotion with many laughs, which you exceeded in all categories! I loved the way you made everyone in the room feel at ease, enough so, that you were able to take a room full of strangers, initiate and bind us together in ceremony, only to dive straight into numerous heart-centerd partner work without fear or judgement. I felt really comfortable and welcomed all of the exercises, no matter how awkward they were. Awkward in the sense that I had never done anything like this before in my life but I knew and trusted with your guidance to be felt, be heard and to be loved for who I am, in that moment.

I immensely enjoyed the 3 days. They were intense opportunities for me to let go of fears, things that were blocking my potential and to see them ignite into flames. I saw possibilities for changes to occur but that weekend taught me one important lesson and that I was already a Goddess, a Radiant Woman in my own right; with my own power to put forth into this world, either in my family, myself or in my career. You helped me see that I am a strong, intelligent woman, a wife, care-giver for my children and how blessed my life truly is. I just needed the same devotion for myself, to nurture my soul and that it was ok to do just that. No guilt! Since being with you in circle, I have been living everyday in gratitude and have been able to share more of myself with my family and with other children that I have met along the way.

With deep gratitude for having been able to be in sacred circle with you
— Elizabeth Tse
Sora’s circle foundations training is something I highly recommend any facilitator attend – whether they plan to run circles or not!

Sora is masterful in her leadership and this training not only teaches you how to run Sacred Circles – but also takes you on a deep healing journey of your own. The experience of being seen and held by such incredible women is something I will truly treasure. It has also deepened my desire to work deeply with women so that they too can experience such profound healing and connection through Sacred Circle.

Thank you Sora for such a wonderful experience!
— Amanda :: Melbourne Elements Foundation Training
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I felt the call to circle last year and in particular to Sora - I hadn’t known about her for long but felt an instant pull towards her and her work. I just completed the 5 day Sacred Circle training and it was incredibly powerful. Our comfort zones were expanded gradually, day by day as we challenged ourselves to step into our truth. I am a school teacher who has very much experienced that we learn by doing. This training was masterfully crafted by the Queen of holding space. We were not lectured to or overwhelmed with how to’s but rather experienced the power firsthand - in the fire of circle - and given the freedom to make it our own.

Every woman left with a deep imprint of the power of women who gather with purpose. I feel very confident to begin my journey into holding circle myself and deeply supported by Sora cheering me along. It’s great to know that there are other ways to connect and work with Sora after the training should I need to. I can’t recommend this training highly enough and encourage you to heed the call if you feel drawn but don’t even know why. Trust your instinct - you will not regret it.
— Emma :: Melbourne Elements Foundation Training
The first time I experienced the magic of Sora Surya No in Circle was at the Goddess Road Trip Isis Event.
She walked into the temple space and immediately commanded your full attention with her strong voice and mighty presence. The visions she was receiving were incredible! This woman was powerfully connected and gifted, and in that moment I knew I had to train with her!

The very next month I attended both her Sacred Circle Ceremonialist Training and Sacred Circle Foundations Training, back to back. It was the most DIVINE deep dive into these teachings!

Over those two weeks I experienced and witnessed the profound healing power of women gathering in this way.

I believe wholeheartedly in these practises, but I also believe that the experience was amplified because of Sora’s power as a space holder and Ceremonialist.

She created such beautiful, sacred space and in her presence you felt extremely safe, held and guided, while also having so much fun and plenty of laughs! For such a cosmic being, Sora is very down to earth, always relating the practises back to ‘everyday life’.

One of my treasured memories was watching Sora as she whistled loving intentions into the Cacao Sacrament, as we prepared for the Cacao Ceremony. I could feel and see her deep reverence for this plant medicine, these teachings, this path. The preparation, was a Ceremony in itself. Sora doesn’t just teach the Art of Ceremony, she lives it!

I highly recommend Sora and her Trainings to anyone feeling called to this path.
— Alli Nelson, Sacred Circle Ceremonialist Training and Sacred Circle Foundations Training

Sammie Fleming is a life coach, Reiki practitioner and women's circle facilitator. She loves guiding women who are feeling stuck, stressed or overwhelmed - into a life of calm, ease, connection and clarity. Her mission is to guide women who are feeling disconnected from their true, joy-filled selves, back to that blissful state of knowing that they are absolutely enough, right now, just as they are.

She is obsessed with the moon and weaves her passion of feminine cycles into her coaching, allowing her clients to understand, honour and align with their own rhythms. She strives to live a life of joyful balance, on her own terms – and continually questions what that really means to her.

She has a Bachelor of Communications and is a qualified and certified Beautiful You Life Coach. Sammie believes that we are all worthy of calm, love-filled, beyond our wildest dreams lives and adores nothing more than supporting women back to that sweet, sweet place.


Janelle Crawford speaks of her experience.

What practices from the training have you infused in your life and/or circle?

My life became much more sacred. In a way it actually deepen my relationship with self and it leveled up my devotion to me. I meditate daily, practice yoga almost daily, move my body to music, use palo santo/resin incense to clear myself and create sacred space…but these days I don’t practice self-care just for me. I see it as an obligation to my sisters that I am my most high-viben self so I can invite them to rise with me. 

Within circle, I actually use all of Sora steps for sacred circle. I have danced with my women AND sang (which was terrifying but I committed and did it). Much of what I share is a complete stretch outside my comfort zone, however that’s why I love it. 


What resistance did you have before the training and how did you overcome them? (Travel, time, money, family responsibilities, triggers, initiations, time off from work)

Travel/accommodation was definitely my resistance. I have a fear (we’ll it’s fading) of Melbourne. I overcome this fear by simply trusting my soul had giving me a full body YES to Sora’s training for a reason. And I am SO glad I trusted in that. Stepping right into my fear and trusting my soul would show me to experiencing sacred circle has allowed me to say to my clients: You can do it to. Shit yea it’s scary but when you reach the other side, you’ll wonder why you hadn’t done it sooner - let’s do this yea!? Which is super rewarding to my soul.

What unfolded for you after being in deep sisterhood?

Deep healing of Sister wounds. For SO long I feared the real connection of women, in fact I’d go as far as saying I just couldn’t trust them. Since circle training I have called the most magical, soul aligned women into my life! I feel like my constellation of sisters are just popping up everywhere! And when my sisters reach out to me, instead of hiding I say YES and welcome them into my life with an open heart. And not once have I been hurt or disappointed, the women entering my life, know that I am radiating my light, are my true soul sisters and we are truly on the same vibration in life.

I’ve also expanded my businesses in a way I didn’t expect. I am very open to calling in support now and forming a tribe of amazing women around me to help me rise, instead of believing I should do it all on my own. Which when I look at my business from before circle to know reflects greatly as I truly feel I am thriving! 

What called you to the training?  And what did you leave with?

My soul. I don’t have any other explanation for it. My soul had been calling me to begin holding workshops again but I kept telling her - I want more purpose and depth to my teachings. Within a few months Sora was coming to Melbourne. Which NEVER happens normally amazing training’s like Sora’s are held in Byron or Sydney etc. However Melbourne, we’ll that’s basically my backyard! So for me it was a non-negotiable and i just knew I had to be there. 

I left Sora with the skills, depth + purpose I’d been searching for to hold space for women in a more sacred and magical way. I felt so relieved that what I’d imagine existed DID. I left with this great knowing that I was going to bring this work to my community (which the women are spiritually deprived, yet longing to awaken) and make a BIG difference. I took me nearly 4 months I think of battling my ego to finally step up and do the work my soul was asking - but when I did I was SO rewarded. My first circle sold out a week before it was to be held, the women who joined me ALL needed circle and have experience amazing shifts since and most beautiful have all remained in contact because they were longing for like-minded connections, like me. My life is undoubtedly richer and more rewarding since Sora’s training. 

How do you describe Sora’s teaching style?

It that even possible? I truly think the best way to explain Sora’s training is: hands down, one of a kind - you’ve just gotta experience it! 

But If I had to put words to it, Kickass, Soulful, oh-so magical, powerhouse and feminine. While Sora may appear little she has a power about her that isn’t to be ignored. Her style of teaching is captivating and powerful. What she speaks you know is true. And within moments of being in her presence you feel like you’ve found a long lost sister in her. As I said her sacred circle training is a must experience for all. Even if your not interested in holding circle, you’ll experience deep healing within yourself and the sister wounds you’ve held onto in your life. 


+ Who should attend this training?

If you are a woman yearning to create and be a part of a sisterhood – a community of women who lovingly hold and support each other through life – then you should join us. You may be a mother, a sister, an entrepreneur, a yoga teacher, an academic teacher, a healer, an activist, a leader, a listener, a shape-shifter, an intuitive, or a compassionate spirit. Or maybe you are just feeling called to take on this training. Truth is, if you are still with me this far into the page, then you are meant to join us. Take this as your sign to say yes!

+ What if I am not sure I want to lead women’s circles?

That is completely okay. Come and experience sacred circle and listen to what your heart says. Even if you choose not to facilitate circles, you will reveal so much of yourself from this intensive. You’ll discover what it feels like to lead with your heart and support with your whole being and love with an intensity that breaks all barriers. You’ll know what it is like to stand in your power, listen to your intuition, and trust your inner voice.

+ What should I bring and wear?

Please bring with you a notebook, pen and an open heart. Wear clothes that are beautiful and comfortable to move and sit in.

+ Can you hold a private circle for my clients? Can I request a city for you to hold an upcoming circle?

I would love to bring my magical circle to your city and to your clients. If you are interested in having me host a private circle, then contact me at [email protected] to schedule an inquiry call.
If you would like for me to hold an upcoming circle in your city, all I ask is that you help me find a location to hold the event and assist in marketing and promotions. I’ll even cover the cost of your tuition as a thanks for your help. Keep in mind that I need a minimum of 15 women to attend to cover costs and for everyone to fully experience the power of circle. Email me at [email protected] for more information.

+ Where will the next training be held?

October near Asheville, North Carolina.

+ Who do I contact for more information?

You can reach out to Sora by contacting her at [email protected]

+ How do I register?

Scroll up to the training list and click the register button.

+ Why are circles important?

Experience the Power of Women’s Circle
Sacred. Spiritual. Infinite.
Circles have been used throughout time to represent unlimited possibilities – love with no beginning and no end. A symbol of power, strength, hope, dreams, honor, and community.
Circles are alive – ever expanding and contracting, blending and balancing, loving and inviting.
It is through Circles that you can give and receive, serve and lead, interact and witness, engage and inspire.
Magic happens when we connect at the soul level to hear and support our heart’s desires.

+ What sort of magic happens at a Sacred Circle LIVE training?

I witness magic at every single Sacred Circle LIVE training. It often looks like:

  • Discovering your own voice and gaining the confidence to stand in your own power;
  • Learning how to hold a circle and how to start circles in your own community;
  • Having a group of women you can call sister – women from your own circle and in our global tribe;
  • Healing old wounds and feeling more deeply connected to others, your own intuition, and Mother Earth;
  • Creating immediate impact and change within yourself by using the collective energy of the circle to get clear about your heart’s desires and manifest what you truly want;
  • Harnessing the power of sisterhood to make the impact you want in the world;
  • Believing in your own inner voice and trusting your intuition to guide you on the right path.

+ How do I know if this Sacred Circle LIVE training is for me?

You are the type of woman that has a deep desire within you to help other women in your community.
You see yourself as a leader – a person whom women can turn to for guidance and support.
The ancient ways of living, including the concept of the Red Tent, appeals to you.
You have intuitive desires to create sisterhood and, from deep within your soul, crave the chance to do so.

Please note there is no refund for a course that you have registered for.

Gorgeous sisters, please note that we do not offer cancellation refunds for the Sacred Circle LIVE trainings.  
Payment plans are offered, please email Sora at info @ SoraSuryaNo.com

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