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Magic Within Team

Challenge begins on
Wednesday February 28th

Magic (and business) is better together

Hey you magical being,

The Magic Within Your Business 13-Day Challenge begins soon and I wanted to share a little bit about how I am able to bring to life this special event while running my Sacred Women Circles trainings, traveling, and everything else involved with having a thriving business.

One word: TEAM

I don’t create all of this magic alone. I have surrounded myself with a team of beautiful talented souls who have the same desire as I to bring more connection, freedom, and calm into the world. Some call this a MASTERMIND, others would call it a MISTRESSMIND, or a SISTERMIND. What I have come to realize is that magic brews potently when I commune with powerful women on a weekly basis and it doesn't matter what you label your group.

And let’s face it, doing it all alone is no fun.

In fact, it is damn near impossible. Bad-ass entrepreneurs need kick-ass teams, and now is your opportunity to build your own.

As part of the Magic Within Your Business Challenge, I invite you to gather your own support team to go through each daily practice, celebrate each milestone, hold each other accountable for taking action, and support one another every magical step of the way.

Now sister, you do not have to create a team to participate. If you desire to move through the experience solo, please do so! If you desire to be on a team and need some support, reach out to me in the Facebook group and we shall add you to a group! 

Here’s what you are being asked to do:

  1. Invite 2-4 powerful sisters to join you in the Magic Within Your Business Challenge. You can send them HERE to sign up for free.

  2. Decide on a magical team name and totem that represents what you desire from/of your business.

  3. Ask each team member to join the Facebook group so you can interact with sisters from around the world.

  4. Post your team name and totem in the Facebook group, making sure to tag each team member in the post so we can witness the intention of your group.

  5. Attend a team meeting with Sora (me!) on Thursday, March 4th at 4pm EDT. I will be sharing my practical tips for creating and leading your magical team through the Challenge. (A recording will be added to this page if you cannot attend live.)

  6. Connect with your team throughout the Challenge, encouraging one another to participate completely and fully. Comment on each other’s posts and cheer on everyone playing in this magical space.


MARK YOUR CALENDARS ==> Thursday, March 4th at 4pm EDT



By Telephone:
Dial: +1 646 558 8656 (US Toll) or +1 408 638 0968 (US Toll)
Meeting ID: 159 689 662

(International numbers available:



Starting Wednesday, February 28th, you will receive your first challenge at 6am (EDT).

For 13 days you will receive a simple yet impactful email with a new challenge, the sacred ritual that goes along with it, and the magical action for you to take.

After completing the challenge you will ⇒

Step 1: Post a picture of your completed challenge to Instagram and/or Facebook
Step 2: Tag your post with @sorasuryano - #magicwithin   #realmagic   #makemagic

Muy Importante (very important) ALERT

It is uber important that you tag your photos with @sorasuryano & #magicwithin so that we can revel in the number of delicious women who are engaged in the challenge as well as add you into a drawing for a gift giveaway of my favorite magical tools.

May magic & miracles occur in your life while you live a life that is wild, free & calm.


P.S. Magic becomes much more powerful when experienced alongside other sisters. Send an invitation to women in your tribe and encourage them to participate in this challenge with you. They can join at any time. The more women involved, the more fun it will be! Send them to



February 28th