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Sacred Initiation Podcast

personal stories about initiations, soul journeys, and transformational experiences
by changemakers, healers, trailblazers, visionaries, and entrepreneurs


It would be an honor to have you on as a guest. If you are interested in sharing your Sacred Initiation, please schedule your podcast interview by clicking the button below.

Sacred Initiation Podcast is a soul-led conversation between you and myself, Sora Surya No, in a safe container. I believe in the power of storytelling. This ancient art form has carried important messages from one generation to another for lifetimes. It is through the healing vibrations of words that we help create beautiful shifts on a global level.

There are moments in life when we feel alone, deep in an experience that challenges everything we thought we knew about ourselves, about life, about this world. And it is these moments, when hearing another person’s journey, that can bring forth an opening, a portal that gently invites us into seeing the gifts and the profound lessons that ultimately change the course of our lives for the better. We awaken into the unknown and our courage and curiosity leads us onto a quest of our own becoming. We find our self meeting our soul’s essence and entering the stage of personal awakening.

This. This experience, another cosmic learning opportunity, is a Sacred Initiation.

We have many in our lifetime and it would be an honor to hold space while we hear one Sacred Initiation that you feel called to share.

My Vow

I vow to be

a keeper of sacred stories,

a priestess of initiations,

a sacred space holder for healing,

a sister of love and light,

a warrior for change,

a woman honoring your divine soul

My Vision

I desire for all who feel the call to share their Sacred Initiation to be able to do so through spoken word. May the lessons and wisdom be passed on from one divine being to another so that we honor the individual experience while healing the collective wound. May our truths be heard, may we humbly witness the impact our narratives have had, while reinforcing the understanding that our stories no longer keep us small but rather, help liberate us so we may step into the fullness of who we are - which is pure magic.  


Dear one, would you consider being a guest on the Sacred Initiation Podcast? My soul desires to hear your story, the lesson, and the profound impact it has had on your life.  



If you are a yes, I invite you to use this link to schedule our soul-led conversation. If the times do not work, please email Kayla at [email protected] and she can assist you.  



We will be together in sacred space for about 45 minutes. The actual conversation that will be recorded will only be 20-30 minutes but I do like to ensure we have enough time to drop in and open space in the beginning of our call and then end with gratitude as we close our energetic container.



We will be using zoom. I may ask for you to use your video in the beginning and at the end so we can see each other. The Sacred Initiation conversation will be without video and the recording will only be shared as an audio.

There is no need to get dressed up but I will ask if you are comfortable with me taking a little screenshot. I am typically without any makeup and in the moment with you. I believe it does help our community to feel as if we are curled up on the couch together, having a deep, intimate conversation.

Email reminder + Zoom Link

You will receive a zoom link and a reminder email a week prior and the day before our call. Please give us at least 24 hours if you need to change your appointment.

What we need from you

  • Please send us your bio

  • An image

  • Please choose one Sacred Initiation, it’s lesson, and how it has transformed you

Prior to the call

I invite you to drop in and take a moment with yourself. If possible, find a quiet area for our time together. I know life can happen and your dog may bark or someone may come to the door with a package. I am totally okay with that! (It happens to me all the time.) At the same time, I would ask that you limit the outside noise that is around you.

Please use headphones for our call and remove any earrings or jewelry that may cause additional noise.


Questions I may ask

I will go over what to expect on the call but here are some questions you can drop into if that helps you feel more grounded.

  • At the apex of your initiation, how did you feel?

  • Please share an initiation that you went through.

  • What does a sacred initiation mean to you?

  • How did this change the course of your life?

  • What was the learning from this experience?

  • What is a teaching you desire to share from this initiation for those who are listening?

One - three words that sums up the moral of your narrative?

Thank you.
Thank you for taking the time to feel into this sacred project of mine. Sacred Initiation Podcast has taught me how to create with divine flow - taking the time to truly be present with each experience, with each sister, with each intentional act. This comes from a purely devotional place so thank you for seeing me and seeing this project come to life.