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*Registration is currently closed and will reopen for October, 2018*

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Magic Mentorship for Cosmic Warrior Priestesses

Together we forge a strong foundation and continue to courageously
explore ourselves and our relationship with the world.

We begin on March 15, 2018
together, in sisterhood for 4 months.

For only 27 women.


Cross the Threshold

Do you feel yourself being pulled to go deeper?

Are you even more curious and inquisitive about the path of a priestess? 

Have you been seeking sacred relationships with sisters? 

I invite you to participate in the Cosmic Warrior Priestess Mentorship. Together, in temple space with sacred sisters, we shall continue to un-package ideas, beliefs, misunderstandings, and lessons. We will channel wisdom, divine guidance, and activate our innate magical abilities. 

This isn't an online program where you get loads of material and no real-time with me.

Instead, together we gather online once a week and as a group to explore being a priestess. 


Live Weekly Video Calls on Zoom - Mar 15 - Jul 25, 2018
Every Thursday there will be two call times and each call will be recorded.

  • 10am PT | 1pm ET | 6pm GMT | 5am Fri AEDT
  • 2pm PT | 5pm ET | 10pm GMT | 9am Fri AEDT


During Our Calls...

  • dive into a concept and explore
  • journey with your priestesses
  • move through energy practices
  • discern your truth
  • begin to cultivate your own understanding of being a priestess
  • break out into small group sessions to reflect and practice
  • In our group call, receive 1:1 coaching attention, reflections, feedback, or witnessing by me


Soul Work

  • Every week you will be invited to do some soul work. These will include journaling, earth based practices, meditations, and so much more.

Your Journey

Feel free during our LIVE time together or in our private Facebook Group, to ask questions. This is your time so I may support you with whatever feels true to you. This could include:

  • crafting your circle
  • clearing your energy field
  • challenges in your life
  • deconstructing an idea or practice
  • co-creating a new magical experience
  • support with your business, project, or service
  • exploration of your priestess path


Receive one 1:1 coaching call with Sora within the 4 months you are in the mentorship. 


This is only for 27 Cosmic Warrior Priestesses. 


Join  the  Sacred  Temple

Take the vow and honor the Warrior Priestess within you.

For you are radically responsible for your growth, your healing, your divine magic and inner knowing. You are a seeker, a learner, a teacher and a leader. You desire to go on the journey of deeper self-connection, sisterhood, spiritual unfolding and cosmic transmissions. 

Welcome home sister. Let's walk this path together. 


Cosmic Warrior Priestess Mentorship

March 15 - July 25
4-month journey

27 sisters

Sold Out

Full investment: $990.00 USD

5 monthly installments: $199.00 USD