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Shift Your Money Mindset in a Sacred Way

4-week group course
Tuition: $198USD or 2 installments of $99USD
Last day to join: Feb 28
Journey begins: March 6

Enter a Money in Business Mystery School for Priestess Entrepreneurs.

This is the Emerald Dragon Temple School where you explore Practical Magick alongside Cosmic Mystic Studies to help heal your relationship with money. With the support of sacred archetypes and business strategies, you begin to notice how to find divine harmony with business dreams and spiritual leadership.

As a healer, medicine womxn, shadow walker, alchemist, coach, creative, artist, energy medicine practitioner, lightworker, mother, and sister, it’s time to let go of the idea that being of service means that you need to be struggling financially or asking for less compensation for your divine work. This patriarchal view that our work, our business, is less than others is false.

With a priestess warrior call, I say no more. No more to our lack mentality and feeling of unworthiness; comparing ourselves to others in the entrepreneurial realm, thinking that our services matter less.

Enter Sacred Money Magic in Business. There is power in coming together as a community to shift this collective spiritual wound.

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Personal Truth

Sister, from a place of truth, a place of deep compassion, a place of openness, I share.

It wasn’t long ago when I felt sick to my stomach with fear that I would not be able to pay all my bills. It didn’t matter that I had a virtual assistant, a graphic designer, a marketing manager, a copy writer, a beautiful home, traveled the world, and worked with amazing clients.

No matter where you are in the growth of your business, you can still secretly have a fear that you are not making enough. You fear your bills will exceed the profit you are making. As a result, your debt continues to grow and just thinking about it makes you feel ill.


Yes, I am sharing your pain point AND it is a pain point that we as women feel ashamed about, and find ourselves secretly trying to move through.

No more hiding. No more limiting what we can say to one another and feeling alone in this. We as sisters are here to create more wealth collectively, together.

Sisterhood does not have to be solely about emotions, spirituality, health, love, or family support. One of the most important areas that we do not address in sacred space is money.

What if we changed this paradigm and honored our fears while also deeply sharing our desires for a rich, abundant and wealthy life?

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Currently you are desiring to...

  • Release your money beliefs

  • Transform the negative self-talk

  • Notice how you have been holding yourself back from your full potential in your business

  • Embody your worth so you may confidently charge for your services

  • Create new and empowering money stories so you can begin to transform your current reality

  • Discover your boundaries so you may no longer undervalue or over give but rather be the full expression of yourself unapologetically and courageously

In this 4-week program, I look forward to being your space holder. To guiding you to unlock your fullest potential in a way that allows you to take ownership of your ascension into mastering your money story.

Sacred Money Magic in Business

Shift Your Money Mindset in a Sacred Way
4-week group course
Tuition: $198USD or 2 installments of $99USD
Last day to join: Feb 28
Journey begins: March 6


Sacred Money Magic helped me discover my own spiritual connection to money, that went way beyond what anyone could show or teach me! Learning about my money archetypes was eye-opening and transformative--I finally realized I didn't have to change anything about myself to have a healthy relationship with money! Sora's gentle suggestions, reflections and coaching held a beautiful space for us all to get real and clear, to heal and look deeper when needed, and get practical and get going in others. This course was a beautiful experience of earth medicine, helping me create a more honest relationship with myself and my money manifestation gifts.-Charlotte Elea

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The Emerald Dragon Tablet

The Emerald Dragon Tablet is a magical tool - an interstellar, multidimensional map and system that helps you align with your divine mission here on Earth by engaging with your Dragon, your Star Nation, and your Star Ship. Your Sacred Business links to this guiding system, helping to transmit divine knowledge from other realms, you connect to them through your Spirit, into the way in which you engage with your clients, your community, and your family.

Why is this an important tool in Sacred Money Magic in Business? The Emerald Dragon Tablet has gifted us with specific transmissions around manifestation and abundance. We will be working with these codes to help our energetic body call forth the power of the stars and the sun so we can continue to reinforce our belief in the magic powers of the unseen realms.

As priestesses, simply diving into masculine strategies, or even playing with practical magick can only get us so far. It’s time to jump through portals and really fine tune our cosmic abilities.

Sacred Money Archetype®

As part of the course, we’ll be exploring archetypal energy. Let’s understand your direct relationship with money and how your light and shadow qualities not only play out in your life but also in your business. By deciphering your money archetype, you can begin to recognize your business patterns and focus on shifting your mindset around how you relate to your business. It’s a powerful tool and incredibly fun to dive into.

Let’s find out your Sacred Money Archetype. If you already have done this work, I invite you to consider how weaving in the Emerald Dragon codes, the cosmic mystical work, and the practical magick can create some serious shifts in how you manage your business and your finances.

The Sacred Money Magic in Business (SMMB) course will be LIVE which means that you and your sisters will move through the content together. I shall be with you every week to hold group coaching calls.

Live Online Support

The course will be LIVE which means that you and your sisters will move through the content together. I shall be with you every week to hold group coaching calls.

Course Delivery

  • All course materials including sacred workbooks, audio files, and videos will be accessible through our course platform.

  • Live coaching and Q&A’s will be done in a private group within our Priestessmind online community platform.

During our time together you will experience magic and that is because of the power within you and the potency of being in a circle with other women.

LIVE Q&A with Sora
Each week there will be an opportunity to ask questions and receive support from myself and your fellow SMMB sisters.

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After you have completed this course, you will embody a woman who feels and is

rich, abundant and wealthy.

By the completion of this course you will

  • Unhook from emotional triggers so you can make intuitive decisions with grace and ease

  • See challenges with a fresh perspective so you can make new, powerful, and aligned choices

  • Create heartfelt, intentional action that is motivated from a place of internal knowing

  • Find a deeper devotion to your business which will allow you to reach your goals

  • Release a sense of perfectionism and overwhelm and instead begin to enjoy life outside of your business

Sacred Money Magic in Business

Shift Your Money Mindset in a Sacred Way
4-week group course
Tuition: $198USD or 2 installments of $99USD
Last day to join: Feb 28
Journey begins: March 6


“The most precious element of the Sacred Money Magic in Your Business is the genuine excitement and inspiration that Sora brings in. The way she delivers her guidance and expertise around creating a prosperous business is very comprehensive and precise. Simple practices, yet deep, aiming at uncovering money blocks and beliefs helped me improve my business and attract clients. At the same time, I felt safe and held owing to the SMMB being held in the Sacred circle of sisterhood: abundance vibration amplified for sure!!!”
- Ioanna Margaroni


SMMB Modules

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“I was captivated my Sora’s website after being drawn in by a Facebook ad regarding Women’s Circle training. The way she communicates and invites you in to take responsibility for your own path as she guides with such an openness and strength is truly a gift. It really was a breath of fresh air to work with someone that was so intuitive and yet clear and focused. She knows who she is and what her gifts are and if you are in the presence of her teachings you will be blown away by how well she holds space for every woman with clearly defined boundaries. I truly feel I am a better mother, friend and space holder in my business and personal life because of the circle training I did with Sora over 2 years ago.

After the year-long Circle training I was convinced she was teacher in my life and signed up for a 3month long business mentorship. In our sessions, she is clear, to point and easily sees through the blocks that are in the way of me fully showing up in my business. Not only is she incredibly intuitive but she also practical knowledge to share regarding business. I am grateful for her offerings and encourage anyone who feels drawn to her message, to reach out to her. I trusted my intuition and haven’t looked back since.” - Stacey Huard

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Sisters, I invite you to join us if this feels like a FULL-BODIED YES.

Your entire body, physical and energetic, is tingling with excitement mixed with fear and cosmic delight. My only ask is that you fully show up.

I desire women who:

  • Are ready to be fully sovereign and shall take responsibility for their thoughts, actions, feelings, stories, healing, and personal growth

  • Understand that your investment is for you and not me, therefore you are not looking to be saved or rescued by me or the other sisters in the group

  • Understand divine timing and the work that you do now shall return to you in the way of miracles but may not show up in ways that you expected nor in the time that you choose

  • Are willing to let go and surrender into the magic

  • Are highly involved in the SMMB community and will not hide but rather be seen

  • Are not interested in overanalyzing and “knowing” all the things but trust in the cosmic transmissions

  • Are devoted to doing all the practices and showing up for the LIVE Q&A sessions when they fit in your schedule

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Sacred Money Magic in Business

Shift Your Money Mindset in a Sacred Way
4-week group course
Tuition: $198USD or 2 installments of $99USD
Last day to join: Feb 28
Journey begins: March 6

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Journey with Me

Trust is needed when you are deciding whether or not to take a leap and enter a sacred experience. I totally get it sister. Here is a masterclass that I held to help you drop in and notice if the way in which I hold space during a class feels in alignment with how you desire to move through your money and business challenges.


“I came to work with Sora feeling a fiery determination to get started on making my business a reality but an equally strong fear of not being good enough and needing permission before I could really do my work and show up fully. I knew I wasn't making progress on my own, but I kept feeling like I wasn't truly "ready" to work with a business coach. 

Over the course of my work with her, Sora has held a loving container for my transformation. In this space, I've clarified my beliefs and the values I want to guide my business, and felt myself slowly stepping into my voice and leadership from the heart. I've had many moments along the way where that voice of fear has crept back in, and sometimes it made me feel overwhelmed and paralyzed...but each time,

Sora showed up as a full-on priestess. She honoured the power she saw in me and did not rescue or save me (even if deep down I was waiting for someone to do that!): she witnessed me fully, no matter how I showed up, and held the space for me to come sit back down on my throne and put on my crown. Her guidance has been loving, insightful and powerful. I have felt witnessed in my wholeness, whether I felt motivated and strong or totally insecure and messy - ALL of me has been held and celebrated in this process, leading me to a place of clarity and momentum in my business.” - Stacey Chantal Tsourounis

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"Drop in", says Sora Surya No...and in moments, I am connecting to my grounding cord, to Mama Earth and raising my vibration up and out into the great sky.  Sora has a magical way of holding space for my creative dreams. She sees deeply into the beauty of the sacred and asks the questions of me that allow for intentional pondering. I have learned through Sora that my business is a living, breathing entity that works with me and is a part of me. Taking time to “drop in” and listen has made a profound difference in my life and work.  Sora is a true guide. She has a beautiful gift for creating magic that is grounded in clarity and light.  I am honored to know her, to work with her and to grow my business as a creative entrepreneur with Sora as my cosmic warrior priestess mentor. - Susan Loughrin

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