It's time to return and go even deeper sister. The Goddess invites you to take the next couple months to truly embody the priestess that is YOU and move through the process of ACTIVATION. When I return, I shall midwife you through the next stage of your Sacred Circle Medicine Path. 

I will be inviting you to step into being a potent sacred space holder. One that channels the divine and creates transformational experiences that move your tribe members through their shadow and into the light with beauty, grace, and sovereignty. 

Be ready to remember and reunite with your divine gift - your circle medicine.

Let us do this together.

Sacred Circle LIVE Training Level 2
Monday, Feb 12 - Friday, Feb 16
10am - 5pm
Prana House in Thornbury

Level 2
Tuition: $795 USD
3 Installments: $272 USD

Level 1 + 2
Tuition: $1100 USD
4 Installments: $280 USD


As an initiate, you know that no matter how hard I try to explain what we shall be doing, you will be asked to TRUST that you are being called for a reason and you will learn through the experience. 


We will cover the following and so much more:

  • Creating your own rituals and ceremonies
  • Navigating transitions and the in between
  • Consecration of magic tools
  • Using your voice through song and other sacred practices
  • Additional movement structures and principles
  • Ceremonies such as a Despacho, Cacao, and Blessingway
  • Magic of energy work
  • Moon cycles


As part of this mystical experience, I will be transmitting information from the Goddess for you to support you in your work. You will also be receiving some gorgeous sacred tools that will be used specifically for circle. You really won't want to miss this part. 

  • Sacred Circle Path Initiate Wand - all will look similar to the image on the right
  • Additional Sacred Tools - You won't get it out of me. It's a secret and I cannot wait to share! =)