Introducing you to the high-impact, extraordinary genius Sacred Team here at Sora Surya No HQ. These sisters create the magic that occurs here and with other soulful feminine leaders around the world. If you desire to create beauty, abundance, and grace in your life, our team of badass creatrixes can make this happen. You may desire to hire one of these sisters or possible all of us for a full experience. 

Badass Intuitive Business Coach

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Sora Surya No, founder, 


Clarity is Power. With a clear message you can impact change. Tiffany Scott serves women entrepreneurs and change makers through building powerful messaging and community building. She defines your purpose, crafts your message and builds a powerhouse brand and community that stands for making a difference in the world.

Facebook Ads + Digital Marketing

Sema Erzouki is a digital marketer whose expertise lies in Facebook Ads and Sales Funnels. She specializes in helping businesses generate new leads and convert them into customers.

Sales Funnel + Affiliate

Rachel S. Lee is a millennial digital marketer specializing in online sales funnels, lead generation, social media traffic, and affiliate programs. Her agency, Go Bold Marketing, consists of a team of expert digital marketers offering various services and coaching. 


Graphic Designer + Spiritual Mentor

Elle North is an intuitive mystic, spiritual mentor + teacher, and inspired graphic designer. Elle loves to play in the cosmic realm by combining her love for the sacred with her passion for design to serve as a digital creatrix for spirited entrepreneurs.  Elle tunes into her intuition as she creates websites, ebooks, logos, and promotional graphics that showcase the sacred potency of spiritual offerings.

Storytelling + 

Kristina Shands is a launch strategist and marketing coach that works with ambitious entrepreneurs to create a story, strategy, and step-by-step plan that is as unique as they are so they grow their business with ease.

Priestess + Energy Healer

Maria Kurylo is a weaver of the mysteries, shadow dancer and light bearer, spiritual guide, energy healer, Priestess. She holds your story and your journey with the utmost reverence.  Maria trusts the wisdom of your soul in bringing forth the necessary experiences that propel you forward to heal, grow, evolve and expand.

Your work with Maria is a process of spiritual alchemy -she is here to help you move through out-dated stories, beliefs and patterns that stand in the way of your full range of expression and help you to excavate the gold of truth that lives inside of you. 

Working with your subtle energy systems, Maria can remove the cobwebs to reveal the embodiment of freedom, joy and expansion.  You will stand more firmly rooted to this earth and to who you truly are.  Maira will help you to cultivate and nurture a deep knowing connection to your soul, your power, your intuition and to the mystical divine forces that are here to support you on this path.