What is your Space Holding Archetype?

Are you a HEALER

Do you shine as a MENTOR?

Or maybe a COACH?

Quite possibly you are a TEACHER?

Perhaps your FACILITATOR archetype may be how you rock your biz?



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Understanding and claiming your Space Holding Archetype
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Stats to know*

  • $9.9 Billion personal-development industry

  • $2 Billion coaching industry

  • $27-$73k average coach income

  • $100k+ specialized coach income

  • 12.3 Million women-owned small businesses

    *Statistics from U.S. Small Business Administration, sba.org.


— It’s time —

It’s time for us to claim our space and make $100k+ in a growing industry.

For us to do this, we must disrupt the old way of doing business.

You are part of this growing industry and there are more and more people in search of your medicine. You are a wildly successful business owner so let’s launch and scale your business together. 

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