Sacred Circle Sistermind

You've enrolled!

We begin on the first of the month.

Tiffany and I look forward to seeing you very soon dear sister. 

For now, give yourself time to breathe and feel supported.
Join us in the Facebook Community where I invite you to say hello.


In  this  3-month  sacred  sistermind...

  • you'll connect with other incredible entrepreneurs and influencers
  • you’ll clear resistance to own your true voice, unveil your message, and align with your priestess power
  • you’ll learn how to cultivate a deeper connection with your audience to rise into an industry leader (no more hiding sister)
  • you’ll rise alongside your sisters
  • you'll create and birth offerings that are in alignment with your soul

Each  month  you  will  join  us  for...

  • Monthly Ritual Call - diving deep into energy medicine, the concept for the month, and your vow for the month
  • Monthly Business Jams - a virtual loving hot seat where you will dive into your business
  • Weekly Intimate Sister Call - you will show up and support your sister every week and a guest mentor sister will also be there to hold space once a month
  • Sacred Business Masterclass - monthly class centered around best practices for business, tools, and information based on your needs
  • Sacred Sistermind Facebook Community - to connect and deepen in honor of sisterhood

Virtual  Calls...

  • Monthly Ritual Call - Monday, once a month at 5pm et (New York time zone)
  • Monthly Business Jams - Wednesday, once a month at 5pm et (New York time zone)
  • Weekly Intimate Sister Call - weekly with 2-3 different options for meeting times
  • Sacred Business Masterclass - Wednesday, once a month at 5pm et (New York time zone)
  • All calls will be recorded

Dates  for  the three monthsshall  be  sent  to  you  very  soon. 

Please make sure that [email protected] is in your email contact list. 

I  leave  you  with  this  priestess  invocation...

To the badass cosmic priestess that is has been awakened.
It is time. It is time to rise up and thrive for the planet needs us.
Hear the calling from the Great Mother.
She shall not rest until every single one of us is activated and
walks our path with gratitude, love, and integrity.
She shall not rest until witnesses each of us opening the portal
into our next evolutionary stage.
Here is where we remember that we are courageous.
We are connected to the Great Spirit.
We are powerful manifestors.
We are fucking wise, earth moving beings.
We are freedom.
We are pleasure.
We are grace.
We are divine.
We are sacred.
We are abundant.
We all come from the Goddess.