I am incredibly blessed to have gifted sisters in my life and it is an honor to share with you their magical powers. I am recommending the sisters below because I am a true believer in their work. These women are brilliant at what they do. Please note I am an affiliate to a small number of these offerings. The other sisters and companies I have listed are simply because I love their services and/or products.

Celebrating the Divine Feminine

Alicia Goldberg - Goddess Circles

Becca Piastrellli - Creative Sisterhood

Marla Leigh Goldstein - Sacred Drumming

Shannon Ledford - Honoring the Feminine

Business Resource

Elle North - Design Magician

Kristina Shands - Sorceress of Words

Leonie Dawson - Goddess of Amazing Biz & Life

Rosa Delgado - Photographer: timeless & honest

Sarah Hooker - Photographer: sweet depths of your soul

Magic Tools

Banyan Botanicals - Ayurvedic Goodies

Chestnut School of Herbal Medicine - Herbal Journey

Mountain Rose Herbs - High Quality Herbs

Sage Goddess - Daily Magic

The Sword and Rose - Mystical Shop

Rosewater Gallery - Adorn Your Nest

Sarah Wilder - The Fifth Element Life

Truthfairy - Sacred Malas

Leggings Movement


Daughters of Culture

Emily Hsu Design - 10% discount code for every order: SORA10

Flexi Lexi

Inner Fire

Jala Clothing - 20% discount off 1st purchase

Mika Wear


Bali Malas

Blooming Lotus

Conscious Ink

Flash Tattoos

Mala Collective

Silver & Sage

Tiny Devotions


Amy Palko - Goddess Guidance

Elle North - Magic Maker

Juliana Swanson - Vedic Astrologer

Theresa Reed - The Tarot Lady


Ava Adinolfi - Embodiment Coach

Carina Lyall - Earth Medicine Woman

Jeannine Yoder - The Coaches' Coach

Nishma Shah - Advocate of Families

Tara Tagliaferro - Lover of Stories

Energy Healing

Asha Frost - Homeopath & Native Medicine Healer

Ginny Muir - Body Whisperer

Jody England - Untamed You

Leigh Bowen - Windy Feather

Maria Kurylo - Sacred Alignment

Paula Orozco - Energy Nurturer

Wendy Sheridan - Akashic Mandala


Honoring the Wise Women Within

Alexandra Jamieson - Women, Food & Desire

Annu Tara - Womb Communicator

Christina Bertelli - Yoni Wisdom Keeper

Lisa Lister - The Sassy SHE

Nicole Jardim - Period Fixer



Favorite books, oracle decks, and additional magical tools for circle.