Sister Rise Up Business Accelerator

Our journey begins here…
3-Months of Business Magic from July - Sept
We, as sisters, shall deep dive into business support,
community, and training so that your business RISES UP.

Sister Rise Up Business Accelerator is just that, a movement that causes your business to develop more quickly. This 3-month journey isn't about frantically getting shit done and placing pressure on you to focus on your business with hyper-speed. Rather, this is a sacred container where our collective energy creates inspiration which is the catalyst for personal healing, responsible action, aligned vision, and projects clarity.

No sister is left behind in this circle, we all RISE UP.

Group experience includes:

  • Weekly Intimate Sister Circles - best day + time will be decided as a group because your time matters

  • Monthly Business Jams - laser coaching from me, day + time will be confirmed after receiving input from the group

  • Motivation Monday - a weekly starting point for you and your work

  • Sacred Accountability - honoring your spiritual practice and business intentions weekly

  • Sacred 21-Day Business Practice - to help you hone in on areas that you deeply desire to grow into

  • Individual Support -coaching, guidance, information, and feedback tailored to you

Community Engagement
All the action will happen in a private Facebook Group. Calls will be held on Zoom using video and audio.

My vow to you….
A safe space is being created
You will be warmly welcomed by me and the other members of this community
I will be fully present, grounded and open-hearted on all calls
I shall show up in the Facebook group and share vulnerably, provide support, and witness you
To do my own inner work on a daily basis
I will be self-responsible for my emotions, thoughts, feelings, and lessons

Your vow to me and the sacred group…
You will be responsible in knowing the dates and times of our gatherings
To fully show up as often as you can to all calls
To honor your sovereignty and be radically self-responsible for your actions, thoughts, and feelings
You will be open to transformation and transfiguration
To release expectation and instead move through this experience with curiosity
To honor sacred reciprocity meaning valuing the time, wisdom, and support you are receiving from me and your fellow sisters in the group

Payment Structure
I believe in you. I believe you can call in money. I believe when we work together as a circle of spiritual womxn leaders and entrepreneurs, we all benefit. Sisters will Rise Up and sometimes you just need a little space to do so.

You are invited to pay $200, $250, $300, or $350 per month for three months.

This payment scale is to help ease financial worries while also encouraging you to stretch your edges a bit. The money is in honor of my work but more importantly, the value you place on yourself and your sisters is what creates the magic. What amount will demand, that for 90 days, you to be ALL IN?

Sister Rise Up Biz Accelerator

90-Days of Business Magic from July - Sept
Payment scale: 3 monthly installments of
$200, $250, $300, or $350


3 Word Testimonials

Powerful, Supportive, Individual Responsibility - Thalia
Strength, Fire, Love - Tracy
Supportive, Personal, Exciting - Rachel
Magical, Fast, Relational - Ioanna
Holding Space, Enlightening, Excited Nervousness - Tracey
Immersive, Intense, Aligned - Sherry
Nourishing, Expansive, Sisterhood - Robin
Fun, Transforming, Belonging - Kimberly
Generous, Challenging, Grounded - Elanor
Inquiry, Support, Container - Leah
Inspiring, Connecting, Inquiry - Kate
Invigorating, Affirming, Inspiring - Gwynne
Community, Support, Sharing - Corinne
Activate, Engage, Participate - Erin
Deep, Aligned, Transformative - Raviin
Satisfying, Awakening, Grounding - Lisa
Expansion, Clarity, Opportunity for Growth - Kristi