Stay Sacred in 2017 - a magick class

Date: Sunday, Dec 11th
Time: 3 - 6pm EST (New York)
Tuition: $77.00 USD

Oh dear sister, this isn’t a masterclass but rather a MAGICK class. A class for the priestess, sorceress, witch, healer, shaman, teacher, guide, lightworker, shadow walker, students in the modern mystery school, star seed, and medicine women in our tribe.

How do we Stay in the Sacred when we fast approach holidays, family gatherings, old stories and wounding roaring to be in the forefront of our existence, and numerous amounts of programs and classes around structuring your new year.

Oh how I get it. I was one of those sisters who had offered masterclasses such as “Design Your Year”.

I’ve shifted, I’ve changed, I have the luxurious right as a divinely feminine being to notice how to be in more integrity and in alignment with my essence and how I operate in this world. I’ve turned inward, rooted into the wisdom of Pachamama to be then propelled outward into the cosmos and given deeper understanding to how to be the source of creation for your internal and external world.

In this magick class we will drop into the energetics of it all. Feel into the mysteries and play with our colorful, imaginative mind to support in weaving the threads that will bring forth your desired experiences in 2017. We work from within the mysteries and then construct the foundation and pillars that will support the tangible, focused, steps needed to see your galactic seeds grow.


You will experience:

  • Grounding into the energetics of your essence
  • Rooting deeper in to expand up and out
  • Create a flowing channel that will support your vision
  • Understanding your abundance mechanism so that you feel fully in flow
  • Embodying beauty, abundance, and grace
  • Find clarity for 2017
  • Exploring your year energetically
  • Intuitively mapping out your soul plan
  • Vow to be inspired and take intentional, focused action


Join me in the Star Temple and let’s make magick.

Stay Sacred in 2017 - a magick class
Date: Sunday, Dec 11th
Time: 3 - 6pm EST (New York)
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Tuition: $77.00 USD

If you cannot make it live do not worry, you will receive a recording to support yourself navigating through the experience.

A magick journal will accompany this so you can follow along in class.

Stay Sacred,