You know there is more.

You can feel it in your Soul. Something is off. Life may be good but you want more. You need more. You crave more. You’re ready to unravel the mysteries of your Heart and listen with playful curiosity to what is possible. To decipher the courageous calling of your Soul.

The call for healing, sisterhood, sacred priestess work, magic, alchemy, and the honoring of the divine feminine.


to translate the whispers for you...

To understand your heart's pain and your life's struggle.

To help you meet your shadow and together, walk down into the dark void where nothing creates everything.

To transcend your false belief around your reality and learn the principles of alchemy.

To translate your Soul Essence desires while meeting the vision of your service.

To be in divine reciprocity with Mother Earth, with SHE, and with yourself.

To embody humility and sovereignty as a soulful, feminine leader.

This.  This is not for the faint of hearts.  And yet...

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