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Camp Tuition

Step 1: Pick your payment option

Dear sister, it is our commitment here at Warrior Priestess Camp to ensure that all women who desire to attend can find the financial means to come with grace. Therefore, we are offering a sliding scale with three tiers. Let us change the way in which we connect with money, finding a new relationship that allows us to discern how much abundance is in our lives. 

I invite you to take a moment and drop in before you choose your payment option. 

  • Do you have the financial resources to pay the base price of $840?
  • Are you feeling called to pay a little more to support those sisters who need financial assistance? 
  • Are you needing a little break to help you attend an experience you may otherwise may not have been able to attend? 
  • Do you trust in the magic that has led you here? 
  • Are you willing to have faith and test your limits, including your relationship with money, time, and sisterhood?
  • Will you allow the Great Mother to help guide you in ways to call in investment with ease? 

From this place notice where what payment plan speaks to your heart. Please choose with intentional discernment.

Citrine Tuition

$990.00 USD
4 installments of $250.00
This is for 8 sisters who are helping other sisters rise.
You will be given a dorm room and additional magic goodies for your generosity.
You are paying for yourself and a woman who needs financial assistance.


Amethyst Tuition

$840.00 USD
4 installments of $215.00
This is for 16 sisters who desire to join us with a courageous heart.
Also for sisters who are desiring to be a vendor.
You are paying the standard tuition cost of camp with a wildly warm spirit, thank you.


Rose Quartz Tuition

$680.00 USD
4 installments of $175.00
Receive sister, receive.
This is for 10 tent camping sisters who desire a beautiful experience
while being supported by another sister through their generous donations. 
Also for
10 fellow Asheville commuter sisters.


Registration Form

Step 2: Fill out the registration form.

After making your payment, it is important that you fill out your registration form. This ensures we have all of your up-to-date information and your needs will be met at camp.

Name *
Phone *
Address *
Please add your Facebook and/or Instagram handles so we may follow you and vice versa.
Was it through a friend, Instagram, Facebook, a newsletter, or other means?
Choose a payment option. *
Please select a payment tier or installment plan.
Please let us know if you have food allergies, intolerances, or any other food concerns.
List one emergency contact below. Please provide us with their full name, their relationships to you, their phone number and their email address.
If you have anything else you desire to share with us, please leave us a love note below.


Step 3: Interested in being a vendor at our marketplace, read below.

Warrior Priestess Camp welcomes all women who have products they desire to sell. We are honored that you would consider sharing your works of art, your sacred potions, your favorite elixirs, your handmade products, your extraordinary creations with our camp community. 

There will be a marketplace set up for sisters like yourself to be able to connect, commune, and sell. 

Our mission at Warrior Priestess Camp is that ALL women experience mystery school. Therefore, you will be asked to participate in the full experience as a trainee. You'll attend the classes, the trainings, the meals, the ceremonies with your sister group. 

Your opportunity to showcase your beauties will happen during marketplace hours. This ensures that women will focus on shopping during those times. You will get a chance to sell everyday and a detailed schedule will be provided. 

The cost for you to attend is a base price of $840.00. If you are interested in also providing some free goodies as gifts for the teachers, or desire another way to trade, we are more than happy to invite you to attend and be a vendor for the camp investment of $680. (Please note you may pay in installments. A contract will be created and you are vowing to show up. There will be no refunds unless there is an exceptional circumstance. 

Email us at [email protected] to learn more or fill out the below contact form.  

You, your brand, and your products will be shared on various social media streams. We are looking forward to celebrating your work with our community.



Step 4: Learn more about being a sponsor.

We would be honored to spotlight you and your business at Warrior Priestess Camp. We believe if your mission is in alignment with ours and it would be an honor to have you be a contributor to this amazing event.

We would love to highlight your products as we train our Warrior Priestesses and have them experience the full impact of living a holistic life where your inner temple is nourished.

We invite you to consider working with us to tailor a sponsorship partnership that may be mutually supportive. Please consider being a contributor to this special event for we will give you the fullest of our attention which includes personal shares that will go above and beyond what you may have experienced before.

To learn more email us at [email protected] or please use the below contact form.

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Contact Us

Step 5: Contact us for more information about camp, being a vendor, or sponsorship.

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