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Magic Mystery School Summer Camp

for the warrior priestess
June 12 - 16, 2018


Warrior Priestess Camp

Warrior Priestess Camp is an in-person magic mystery school camp where you are encouraged to release the warrior within. We invite you to join us for five sacred days of training, learning, and doing, in order to deepen into your own vision, access your limitless inner strength, and connect with other divine warrior sisters.

Our cosmic summer camp is a 5-day experience in Marshall, NC, only 25 minutes from downtown Asheville.

An Invitation

Take the vow and honor the Warrior Priestess within you by joining us at Warrior Priestess Camp.

You are radically responsible for your growth, your healing, your divine magic and inner knowing. You are a seeker, a learner, a teacher, and a leader. You desire to go on the journey of deeper self-connection, sisterhood, spiritual unfolding, and cosmic transmissions.   

Warrior Priestesses are not born.

They are forged in battle
awoken in chaos
birthed in times of despair

Warrior Priestesses are not made

They are created with fierce intention
molded through intense dedication
shaped by passionate action

Warrior Priestesses are not taught

They are shown what is already possessed
opened up to their power
introduced to their truest essence

Warrior Priestesses do not journey alone

They gather together in sacred ceremony
journey together to sacred lands
live together in sacred community

The warrior priestess inside, she is waiting to be awakened.


Remember Warrior Priestess...

Full of ancient wisdom and with the resolve of generations that came before her.
Built with fire, full of heart, dancing between the masculine and feminine.
Made for times like these. Ready to make her mark on history.
Warriors are not born. They are released.

It’s time to set her free at Warrior Priestess Camp.

Our Warrior Priestess Vow

I vow to embrace my body,
harness my strength,
trust my intuition,
honor my knowing
and fight for my sisters.



Our Vision

We, as a collective, are committed to our vision of creating a space where 'ALL self-identifying women can access their Warrior Priestess.' We believe that when sisters connect with their truth, learn who they are and how they desire to be of service, and honor their gifts, we can bring infinite healing and love onto this planet.

Our Mission

Our mission is for all women to stand in the power of her inner Warrior and to feel safe, witnessed, and celebrated through deep connection in sacred space. May all sisters soften into love, be held with divine grace, and feel the power of their soul emanating from within.

Love Note


You are powerful. You are divine beauty. You are a potent warrior. You are a magical priestess.

You have arrived and we celebrate your becoming. May the warrior priestess call reverberate from within and encourage you to step into our temple space to be a vessel for the Great Mother.

We all come from the Goddess and to her we shall return to serve.


Our Camp

Our time together will be in communion with the Earth and all she provides us. Our camp will take place at the Prama Institute. 

Warrior Priestess Camp Location
Prama Institute
182 Ananda Girisuta Drive
Marshall, NC 28753


The Prama Institute is located on 150 acres in the beautiful Appalachian Mountains of Western North Carolina. The center borders the scenic French Broad River and is only 25 min from downtown Asheville and 5 min from historic Marshall NC. The scenic and peaceful surroundings at the Prama Institute create the perfect place for Warrior Priestess Camp.

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The land gives us great opportunity to embrace our divineness and practice trusting that we are always taken care of. She offers the gift of a river to provide much relief from the hot Southern summer days. It is in this environment that we discover who we once were, and who we were always meant to be.

Nearest Airport is Asheville, NC. Additional airports include...

  • Greenville, SC - 1 hour away
  • Charlotte, NC - 2 hours away

Please note that once you are a soulful yes and have registered, you will be placed in a private Facebook Group. In this group you'll be able to find other sisters to share rides, tents, and camping gear with. It will be a fun experience and easy to coordinate with others.



How long has it been since you've camped in the wilderness? Get ready to get your tent out of storage and sleep under the stars. You'll be asked to bring a tent, a sleeping bag, and other gear to make this a wonderful and cozy experience. You will receive a detailed packing list and if you don't have any camping gear, your fellow sisters will be able to help you out. In addition, we'll connect you with a company where you may rent a tent.

For those sisters who desire a bit more comfort, there are 2 dorm rooms with single bunk beds available. You will need to register quickly in order to reserve a spot in the dorms. We have room for 16 guests to stay in indoor accommodations.

Training Rooms

There are two geodesic domes where we shall have our indoor classes. These beautifully designed rooms are well lit, air conditioned, and will house our sacred group gatherings. All other magic classes will be taught outdoors in nature.


Prama Institute is well known for serving delicious and nutritious vegetarian meals. In the summer months they will incorporate as much local and organic food from their garden and surrounding farms. They will meet all dietary requirements such as gluten free, vegan and more.

You can expect breakfast to have a fun assortment of choices for your delight.

Lunch will be a vibrant meal with seasonal produce that is easy to put on your plate and in your tummy.

Dinner will be a loving, communal experience where we shall sit around a candle-lit table. 

Our food is intentionally harvested, prepared with joy, cooked with magic, and served with immense amount of love. All sisters at camp will have the opportunity to weave their love into the preparing or cooking process. 


We will also make sure their are healthy snacks that are provided. Being a Warrior Priestess in training takes a lot of energy so we'll make sure your well taken care of. Fed and hydrated. Don't worry, our incredible sponsors have your back...or should I say your tummy.



Warrior Priestess Chores

Being a warrior priestess means learning to live in a communal setting. Each sister will be asked to participate in Seva, the sanskrit word for "an selfless act of service". This means that you will have at least one duty outside of the classroom experience. The types of chores you may be asked to do include anything from chopping vegetables, to cooking, setting up the tables, cleaning the dishes, taking out the garbage, tidying an area, setting up for a ceremony, or being a loving support to those around you. 

120 Acres of Walking Trails

During our time together at Warrior Priestess Camp, we shall connect with Pachamama and journey on the sacred land. Either in class or during your free time, you will have the opportunity to go on scenic hikes and feel the magic of the mountains. 

Evening Ceremonies

The evenings are when the magic of your day weaves in with the mysteries of the night. After dinner expect to experience sacred ceremonies, singing and dancing under the moonlight, and a spectacular Warrior Priestess Talent Show. Don't be shy, we can't wait to see you shine!

What does Camp include?

It's a lot to take in AND isn't it so good?! My divine star sister, your fellow warrior priestesses will make sure that you get to camp. All you have to do is coordinate with others to get yourself there with some gear. After that, we'll take care of the rest.

You will get...

  • All the trainings and magic classes including martial arts, archery, cosmic studies, earth medicine practices, healing rituals, sacred ceremonies, and so much more
  • Three nourishing meals a day and scrumptious snacks
  • A beautiful retreat center with ancient, sacred land where you may set up camp and create a cozy nest for you to rest while feeling Pachamama's warm embrace
  • Warrior Priestess goodies - we are working to curate a bag filled with sacred products from generous sponsors
  • A Warrior Priestess Camp Travel Guide - you'll receive detailed information including more about the teachers, the location, what to bring, directions, and other juicy stuff you should know
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Meet Our Teachers

Our Training

During our time together, you’ll be placed in a small group with other warrior priestesses in training. You’ll move through your training schedule as a group. Our intention is not to have you feel overwhelmed or exhausted, but grounded and open to receiving cosmic transmissions. Therefore, there will be a combination of physical activities along with spiritual, emotional, and mental training.

You do not need to be in the best shape of your life, just willing to step into the circle with courage.

  • We shall sit in circle singing the songs of our ancestor.
  • We shall open our hearts and feel eternal love like we’ve never felt before.
  • We shall lean in and gather support from the women who are journeying with us.
  • We shall hear the wisdom from the Great Mother coaxing us to be and do better.
  • We shall be inspired by the stories women share.
  • We shall be transformed and not only ready but fully willing to be of service.
  • We shall experience beauty, abundance, grace, freedom, and tranquility.

Camp Tuition

Our commitment here at Warrior Priestess Camp is to ensure that all women who desire to attend can find the financial means to come with grace. Therefore, we are offering a sliding scale with three tiers. Let us change the way in which we connect with money, finding a new relationship that allows us to discern how much abundance is in our lives. 

Sisters, we ask that you hold yourself in integrity as you explore the options below.

Regular tuition is $840 USD however, if you feel called to support a fellow Priestess who is feeling the call to attend but cannot manage the financial investment, we lovingly invite you to choose the highest tier tuition of $990 USD, part of which will go towards a sister who needs a little support.

The lowest tier, $680 USD is an offering made in good faith to those sisters who are not able to make the full financial investment and are willing to volunteer during camp in exchange for lower tuition. We may ask for an hour or two of your time to support us with additional camp duties. 

If you have any questions about tuition, please email [email protected] To learn more, click the register button below.

Sliding scale for sisters with three different investment options:



Citrine Tuition

$990.00 USD
4 installments of $250.00
This is for 8 sisters who are helping other sisters rise.
You will be given a dorm room and additional magic goodies for your generosity.
You are paying for yourself and a woman who needs financial assistance.



Amethyst Tuition

$840.00 USD
4 installments of $215.00
This is for 16 sisters who desire to join us with a courageous heart.
Also for sisters who are desiring to be a vendor.
You are paying the standard tuition cost of camp with a wildly warm spirit, thank you.



Rose Quartz Tuition

$680.00 USD
4 installments of $175.00
Receive sister, receive.
This is for 10 tent camping sisters who desire a beautiful experience
while being supported by another sister through their generous donations. 
Also for
10 fellow Asheville commuter sisters.


Your camp tuition includes all activities and three nourishing meals a day. You'll also receive some sacred goodies at our five-day training. In addition, you'll be invited into our Warrior Priestess Camp Facebook Group.

Please note that your travel to and from Prama Institute plus your camping gear is not included in this fee.



Warrior Priestess Camp welcomes all women who have products they desire to sell. We are honored that you would consider sharing your works of art, your sacred potions, your favorite elixirs, your handmade products, your extraordinary creations with our camp community. 

There will be a marketplace set up for sisters like yourself to be able to connect, commune, and sell. 

Our mission at Warrior Priestess Camp is that ALL women experience mystery school. Therefore, you will be asked to participate in the full experience as a trainee. You'll attend the classes, the trainings, the meals, the ceremonies with your sister group. 



We would be honored to spotlight you and your business at Warrior Priestess Camp. We believe if your mission is in alignment with ours and it would be an honor to have you be a contributor to this amazing event.

We would love to highlight your products as we train our Warrior Priestesses and have them experience the full impact of living a holistic life where your inner temple is nourished.

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When is Warrior Priestess Camp? June 12 - 16, 2018

What time do we begin and what time do we end? 
June 12: Reception begins at 3pm
June 13 - June 15: 7am - 10pm
June 16: Activities end at 12pm and campers must leave by 2pm

Please note that if you need to come a little late or leave a little early we understand but we try and encourage you to be fully present for the entire experience. You will also receive a schedule before you arrive and be given a printed schedule when you are at camp.

Where is Warrior Priestess Camp? 
Prama Institute
182 Ananda Girisuta Drive
Marshall, NC 28753

What are the nearest airports?

  • Asheville, NC
  • Greenville, SC
  • Charlotte, NC

How will can I get there?
If you are within driving distance, we invite you to carpool with other sisters or guides. Please use the private Facebook group to communicate with each other and arrange carpools.

If you are flying, you are responsible for booking your flights and ground transportation to camp. Due to how close the retreat center is from Asheville's airport, you can also take a Lyft, Uber or taxi. Please communicate with other priestess sisters to arrange shared rides from the airport. 

Who may attend camp?
All self-identifying as a woman are welcome to attend. Young sisters from the ages of 15+ are also invited to join us with their mothers. 

What do I need to bring?
A detailed packing list will be shared with you after you register. 

What is your refund policy?
Your tuition is non-refundable but if you are unable to attend, your ticket is 100% transferable. 

Where do I sign up for classes?
No sign up is required. We are letting go of any other experiences you may have had at a retreat, gathering, festival or camp. You will be placed in a sister pod and will move through your training with a tailor-made schedule just for you and your group.

May I come solo or with friends? 
Sister, you will be held and supported if you are attending by yourself and feel you do not know anyone. Your journey with us begins as soon as you sign up. You'll also meet your fellow priestesses prior to the in-person experience via a Facebook Group and on many live video calls we'll be having as a community. 

If you desire to come with other friends, please do so! We are more than happy to place you together in a sister pod for your training. 


How do I learn more about being a vendor or sponsor?
If you desire to be a vendor or a sponsor, please email us at [email protected] or take a look at our registration page for more information. 


Can't Join Us in Person?

We would love it if you can join us this July 2018, but we also realize not all sisters may be able to attend this year’s Warrior Priestess Camp.

To ensure you have the access to many of the trainings in a powerful community, you can enroll in our virtual Warrior Priestess Training, an online magic mystery school for Warrior Priestesses. The subscription is only $25/month and includes monthly transmissions and lessons shared in a beautiful magazine, virtual gatherings with an amazing tribe of women, classes taught by Guest Priestess "Profesoras", and access to a private Facebook group.  


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