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Magic Mystery School for Warrior Priestesses
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$25 a month membership or $250 for the year

Our Warrior Priestess Vow

I vow to embrace my body,
harness my strength,
trust my intuition,
honor my knowing
and fight for my sisters.

Join the Movement

Take the vow and honor the Warrior Priestess within you.

You are radically responsible for your growth, your healing, your divine magic and inner knowing. You are a seeker, a learner, a teacher and a leader. You desire to go on the journey of deeper self-connection, sisterhood, spiritual unfolding and cosmic transmissions.   

Our Devotion

We, as a collective, are committed to our vision of creating a space where 'ALL women can access their Warrior Priestess.' We believe that when sisters connect with their truth, learn who they are, how they desire to be of service, and honor their gifts, we can bring healing and love onto this planet.

Our Mission is for all women to feel safe, witnessed, and celebrated through deep connection in sacred space. 

You are powerful. You are divine beauty. You are a potent warrior. You are a magical priestess. 

You have arrived and we celebrate your becoming. May the warrior priestess call reverberate from within and encourages you to step into our temple space to be a vessel for the Great Mother. 

We all come from the Goddess and to her we shall return to serve.

Cross the Threshold

As a Warrior Priestess in training you will receive:

The Great Mother desires for you to be encoded with cosmic information that will support you to be a grounded space holder and divinely feminine leader. These energetic imprints allows you to continue expanding so that more beauty, abundance and grace may enter into your life with ease. 

As a healer, coach, teacher, guide, medicine woman, mother, creatrix, witch, sorceress, mage, crone, warrior and priestess, it is time to create space for your own energetic healing. We are asked to be in full integrity which includes being a clear vessel for divine wisdom. This happens when we take responsibility of our energetic hygiene. 

Witnessing your potent medicine is a gift; one that helps you create alchemy. Allow your sisters to embrace you and love you by being fully seen. The Great Mother will hold you with deep inner knowing so that you may begin to truly believe in yourself and your power. 

Every month gather in a sacred virtual circle where you may create a loving relationship with other sisters. This is a sacred container where you may ask each other questions, practice, and continue your cosmic training. There will be several different call times. 

Every quarter we shall share with you a warrior priestess guidebook. These beautiful ebooks will help you with creating sacred circles, implement engaging local community events, and study guides that help you with the magic mystery school curriculum. 

A council of Cosmic Warrior Priestess Professors will be present to teach you the mysteries of life. Everything from energy anatomy, earth medicine, esoteric studies, tarot, the wheel, breath work, journeying, cosmic strength training, and so much more will be covered. 

Every quarter we invite you to gather with your local tribe. You will receive a Sacred Circle Ritual Kit to support you in creating your circle. In addition, each warrior priestess in training will be invited to hold their circle in honor of each sister who will be doing the same. May we continue to intentionally raise the vibration on this earth by working together. 

We come together in honor of the immense work we do in the world be leaning into our group for support. In this sacred container, we all have the opportunity to ask questions, navigate ideas/concepts/teachings so we each come to our own personal understanding, commune with our sisters, deepen our relationships, vulnerably show up, be fully seen, celebrate our cosmic upgrades, and hold each other's visions with love. 

The Warrior Priestess Training supports all women who desire to be stronger, courageous, heart-led, warriors. This prepares sisters for Warrior Priestess Camp which we will be holding at least once a year. For more information about Warrior Priestess Camp, please go to 

I am a Warrior Priestess

Warrior Priestess Training

year membership: $250.00 USD

monthly membership: $25.00 USD

Your Questions

How will the cosmic transmissions and training materials be shared?
All videos, audios, trainings, guidebooks, and teachings will be recorded and shared in our Sacred Facebook Community. All live calls will be done using the video platform Zoom and each recording will be shared in our FB community. You will also receive a monthly Warrior Priestess Newsletter with important dates, sister shares, and so much more. 

What is the investment?
The investment is either $250.00 USD for the year or monthly payments of $25.00 USD.

May I stop my membership?
If you have paid for the full year, you are encouraged to be present for the time you have committed to. If you are paying monthly, you may end your membership at any time. 

How is this different than any other membership site?
Our vision is to create a movement - to invite women to come together as a collective - to bring forth change in the world through magic and priestessing our life. The Warrior Priestess Training is more than an online course. It is a cosmic training camp where we gather to strengthen our energetic bodies, our mental bodies, our physical bodies, and our soul bodies. 

How is this connected to Warrior Priestess Camp?
Warrior Priestess Camp is an in-person magic mystery school camp. We invite all women to join us for 5 sacred days to deepen into their own vision, access inner strength, and connect with other divine sisters. We would love it if you can join us this July 2018 but we also realize that not all sisters may be able to attend this coming year and therefore desired to ensure you have accessibility to learn and uncover the cosmic information held in mystery school through our virtual Warrior Priestess Training.

Join the Movement

Warrior Priestess Training

monthly membership: $25.00 USD

year membership: $250.00 USD


Warrior Priestess Camp July 2018

This is a sacred gathering for cosmic warrior priestesses